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    2014 Race Red Crew Cab Raptor

    ***NO TRADES PLEASE*** 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT, Supercrew, 6.2L, Race Red, 44,000 miles, 801A luxury package (sun roof, nav, etc) with a couple minor mods. Garage kept, one owner, non-smoker, no issues, never flooded or wrecked. Don't need to sell so please no low balls. Just wanting to move...
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    Back in a Mustang - GT350 Content

    Had the itch for a new ride and my last 3 fun cars were all Z06's so I decided to get back to my roots and get a Mustang. All of 30 miles on it so far, but love everything about it. Future plans are some catch cans to hopefully cut down on oil consumption and some PPF to help with the paint...
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    2014 Raptor

    Figured I'd give this a whirl here. $55,000 obo, no trades 2014 Ford F-150 Raptor SVT, Supercrew, 6.2L, 27k miles, 801A luxury package, one owner with a couple minor mods. Great condition, non-smoker, fell free to hit me up for any questions. BakFlip VP folding Tonneau BakBox2 Tool...
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    2009 Corvette Z06 - Stock

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    2003 Z06 - 706rwhp

    Sold!! NJ people beware of the new kid on the block :)
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    2003 Z06 Supercharged 706rwhp

    $30,000 OBO - No Trades Relisting my 2003 Black/Black Z06 w/ 29k miles. Car is extremely fast and has an awesome stereo. Modification list and pictures below, PM with any questions. Forged 346 Cubic Inch Engine TFS Cylinder Heads with ARP Head Studs A&A Corvette Custom Blower Cam...
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    2003 Z06 706rwhp

    $33,000 obo Debating on going to a C6Z so I'm putting this up for sale. Car is a black on black 25k mile 2003 Z06 making 706rwhp and a killer stereo system. This car is setup for the street, not the track. It won't overheat in traffic, isn't loud in normal driving conditions, AC blows...
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    Unlock BlackBerry 7290

    I have an old Cingular blackberry 7290 I want to give to one of my employees, but we use T-Mobile as a provider. Does anyone know how to unlock one for free? I tried calling Cingular, but since we're not a customer they couldn't help. Thanks in advance.:beer:
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    2003 F-250 7.3 Crew Cab 4x4

    2003 4x4 Ford F-250 Superduty, 7.3 Powerstroke, auto, XLT Sport, FX4, White on Black Leather Captain Chairs. Nitto 295 Terra Grapplers, Extang Saber Tonneau cover, Bedrug liner (no holes drilled for either), New batteries, CPS, fuel filter and brakes with cross drilled & slotted rotors on all...
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    2000 Yamaha R1

    Red/White, never wrecked, dropped or laid down. 15k miles, made 132RWHP and 74TWTQ. I'm not a stunter, so this bike has been extremely well taken care of. Only reason I dyno'd it is because my buddy owns one:) M4 slip-on, LP dark smoke screen, LED rear blinkers in pass foot pegs, carbon...
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    Your Opinion Needed

    I posted this on my hometown mustang site, but this one seems to have a variety different car owners so I thought I'd try it here to compare responses. I have someone highly interested in buying my car. In the past, I was back and forth about selling it. Basically I was in the state of mind...
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    New Bush AWOL Memo

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    RETRY: My Coupe on the Dyno

    Will work this time. I had someone who knows what they're doing do it this time.;-) The quality sucks (old camera) but its only 1MB. Enjoy! VIDEO It made 482HP/474TQ
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    My Coupe on the Dyno

    EDIT, didn't work.:bash:
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    Video Editing Guru's

    I have a video of my Coupe on the dyno I'd like to share. Problem is, I don't know the first thing about editing a video and its 70MB:eek: Anyone out there feel like helping me out and making it smaller and maybe a bit cooler?:)
  18. Spritle

    Dyno'd the Notch

    Didn't quite get what I wanted out of it, but good enough. The last pull was doing better, but the clutch started to slip pretty bad. On this one, the motor saw 17lbs.
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    Sold my L

    Unfortunately I had to sell the Lightning.:( It was a sad day yesterday, but had to pay off some debt. Fortunately she went to a damn good person, who just happens to be a member on here. G-Primo bought my black beauty yesterday and took her home to Louisiana. I loved that truck, and I'll...
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    White 96 Cobra Owner's Inside

    If you own a crystal white with tan leather 1996 Cobra with the VIN#: 1FALP47V8TF100789 Please PM me. I used to own it and have some questions for you. I ran a CARFAX and it came back to Fruitland, NM. Long shot I know but worth a try. Thanks, Rob:thumbsup:
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    Adjusting Headlights

    Anyone know how or have dont this before? I tried to figure it out on my own, but am a little confused. Owner's manual says to take it to Ford. I know they won't warranty it and I'm not about to pay $65/hour to twist some screws. Any help?
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    Check This Crap Out.......

    Got my L for sale. Guy writes me and asks if it is still for sale and I told him yes. He writes me again and asks my bottom price and again, I tell him. Then I get this email. Freakin scammers. I heard about this a while back, but it was setup diffrently. Look out. Email I received...
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    It Might Happen....

    The Lightning might be sold.:( I'm gonna miss it, but I gotta pay off some debt so I can get a house. My Coupe will have to step up and become my daily driver. Gonna be fun with no AC or heat, getting 8-10mpg and getting those ":dw:WTF!!" looks at stoplights.:thumbsup: Will I still be...
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    Got Arrested Today

    On my way to Galveston on the R1 and got arrested for reckless driving. The Cop just straight up put me in handcuffs and into his car. Only later did he ask me for my DL. Apparently the DPS officer followed me from League City to Dickinson and I didn't even know he was behind me. I had my ear...
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    L vs Tiburon

    Ran into a Tiburon (sp?) today. He was running kinda hot thru traffic so I proceeded to follow. Got to a light and asked if he wanted to run. He said he ran 13.9 and asked what I ran. Said I've never taken it to the track, although I have. We found a clear spot and he insisted on running...