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  1. Kornilov

    ICE Mustang to end by 2028

    Over the years, stupid **** R politicians have been asleep at the wheel or even collaborating in this effort by the marxists to enslave the populace. EV mandates are the new vax mandates. The new crop of R politicians must declare war on EVs and those that push them.
  2. Kornilov

    Drill bit set recomendations

    Buy a set of Cobalt drill bits. Everything else is for amateurs.
  3. Kornilov

    New KCMO member.

    Welcome Bro - that Bullitt is gorgeous! I live in Lees Summit and have an 04 New Edge. Where abouts do you live? Whats the story on the Bullitt? Would love to see it in person. Here' my 04 GT:
  4. Kornilov

    Planet Fitness

    Lol - uh oh - here we go with 'farm strength'. "I tell yew wuhhhhhht boy! My dahdeh is 35% body fat and cant take 5 consecutive steps before hyperventilating. He looks like a tub of shit emptied onto a pile of manure but he's strong as a mule. None of them fancy gym boys got nothin on him!"
  5. Kornilov

    Planet Fitness

    Lol. You are exactly the type that engenders the dislike for the place. If you go to the gym to eat tofu pizza, prance around on an elliptical to get your 'cardio' in, and make prissy faces at the mean loud guys lifting dumb bells you are the prime clientele for Planet Fitness. Also, its...
  6. Kornilov

    Do you have too much money and a crack habit?

    Lol, the display model is a ****ing AUTO. Faggots.
  7. Kornilov

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers out. Praying for a speedy recover.
  8. Kornilov


    Haha. Lotus electric cars.
  9. Kornilov

    Just might put this in my 95

    Hahahaha - what faggots!
  10. Kornilov


    Lol. This fossil hasnt been right about anything in more than a quarter of a century. This is the equivalent of re-incarnating Tom Landry to evaluate the playcalling of a modern NFL offense.
  11. Kornilov

    When will be the time to pull the trigger on building your car

    Literally, the only parts of the globe that are breathlessly spreading their ass cheeks for EVS are Canada, Western europe, and the blue state of the US. Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe encompass about 6 billion of the 7 billion of the world's population and are going to make up an ever...
  12. Kornilov

    When will be the time to pull the trigger on building your car

    Does anything come out of Canada other than insufferable ass eaters? If the major auto makers phase out ICE vehicles they will go out of business. Period. **** Western Europe, **** Canada (and Trudeau) **** the blue states (and Xiden) and **** faggots that advocate for electric cars The fact...
  13. Kornilov

    When will be the time to pull the trigger on building your car

    Lol. I lolled, but then realized you live in gavin newsome's rectum. California leftists can eat an aids infested donkey ****. There are 2.5 Billion screaming Chinamen and Indians on the planet. Not a single one of them has any intention of driving an electric dildo. Every day, these...
  14. Kornilov

    Recommendations needed for BMW performance shop in Midwest

    For what its worth, Im local to them here in KC, andI hear a ton of stuff about Chicane and its all good. By the way, if Nick gives a thumbs up on a place, I have zero hesitation trusting it.
  15. Kornilov

    New Truck

  16. Kornilov

    New Truck

    Why such a hasty decision?
  17. Kornilov

    Retail strangeness

    Well done shitbird. You just blue falconed some old lady and now she is going to get butt****ed in Phil Murphy's marxist shithole. Learn to write. **** NJ. **** nosy bastards that sick the leftist gestapo on people.
  18. Kornilov

    There's no firm timeline, but Ford is 'working toward' selling only EVs in the U.S.

    Rules for radicals - make the other side live by their rules. EVs are disproportionally owned by wealthy white (leftists) who can afford them. More women and people of color should have EVs EVs are bad for the earth in the resources and waste they consume and produce in the manufacture and...
  19. Kornilov

    There's no firm timeline, but Ford is 'working toward' selling only EVs in the U.S.

    'Our' side is too busy choking on leftist **** to be out in front of shit like this. The whole objective of EVs is to strip the average Joe of the ability to move freely. Red states and red jurisdictions should be passing laws to make it difficult for these ****ers to unfurl their plan. In...
  20. Kornilov

    There's no firm timeline, but Ford is 'working toward' selling only EVs in the U.S.

    **** Europe, its environmental mandates, and its putrid populace who are both not breeding themselves into extinction and actively facilitating the modern moorish conquest. In addition **** corporate virtue signaling and **** the leftist lemmings that are 'excited' about electric cars. Has...
  21. Kornilov

    The cross road state Indiana

    Anyone that says you're crazy for considering moving to IN from new york city is an AIDs infested **** turbine.
  22. Kornilov


    On a tangential topic, since you profess expertise in the finance industry, what is your stance on Self Directed IRA's (SDIRA). Are there any SDIRA custodians that are industry leaders?
  23. Kornilov


    For those of you savvy cryptotraders, what is the consensus on eToro - the trading platform?
  24. Kornilov


    **** China and the globalists in the EU and their marxist lackeys in the US. **** china with a syphilitic pigmy mule's flaming ****. Crypto is akin to a revolution in military affairs (RMA) in the way the tank was in 1917. If every dumb mother****er can use crypto to pay for shit - form rice...
  25. Kornilov


    Crypto is on sale. If you believe crypto has a future, you are an absolute fool not be buying right now And by buying I mean hoarding everything you can with every spare dollar that you can afford to lose.