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    S650 Mustang Images Leaked Early - A Few Specs As Well

    Yeah, it looking like a Camaro was the first thing that popped into my mind with the last photo posted. And holy hell, 500 HP. They aren't kidding around. I wonder how much it is going to weigh.
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    2023 Cadillac Escalade V

    Does it print money????
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    Could Ford be testing Godzilla in a Mustang?

    They could also be showing us the new hood lineup for the new production Mustang too! ;-)
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    Worlds FIRST 2022 Ford Lightning EV Dyno Test

    I I think Duracell came out with an upgraded battery recently that could boost some numbers. I would have to do some digging but I believe the proper installation of them is to open the hood and toss in 20 to 30 of them in wherever you see space. You may or may not have to use duct tape...
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    Need an H or X Pipe for a Cobra - What's New

    Yeah will do. After listening to some old videos I am set on going with an H pipe. It's just a matter of what brand and where to order it from.
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    Cars from today's Lincoln Tech Car Show

    That paint scheme is quite mysterious, one could say it's quite "mystical." ;-)
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    It was between a C7Z06 and a Gen 3 Viper.Came home with this

    A possible ban the thread starter for only posting one pic. ;-)
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    Need an H or X Pipe for a Cobra - What's New

    Thanks for the heads up. It has been awhile since I've posted on here and completely forgot about the Terminator/Exhaust forum. Thanks for the feedback guys. I've always used H pipes in the past so it's nice to hear everyone's feed back on the X's. Good to know, I will have to keep a look...
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    Need an H or X Pipe for a Cobra - What's New

    It has been awhile since I've kept up with the exhaust market and just wanted to know what would be a good choice. It's for an 03 Cobra and will be going into a MAC 3" catback system. Where is a good place to buy it from, good deals... Wants: -Catted -nice sounding, of course -somewhat loud but...
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    My new '22 GT500

    I bet that was a great feeling seeing that truck pulled up in front of house. It's a killer car, congrats!
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    Tesla Plaid goes 216mph unrestricted

    Yes indeed, that is how I have been looking at it. A lot of different nuances have been taken out of the driving experience since the Model T's inception. The evolution of driving is taking the human factor out more and more over the years and looks like the end goal is to have it almost...
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    Changing out Fluids

    Thanks for the input and posting a pic of the stuff, it's pretty helpful to me to see exactly what people are referring to (a picture is worth a thousand words). I've always heard great things about Amsoil too. I will have to see about using it in the future since I've already pulled the trigger...
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    Spy Shots: '23 Ford Escape ST-Line undisguised in Dearborn

    Yeah that is a blah looking car.
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    James Webb Telescope Launch and updates

    Yeah, it blows my mind that it takes years for light to reach us from distant stars. It is insane how massive the universe is and how many planets are in it.
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    Michiganders - A music video made by the Ron St. Germain Band

    Ha, very cool. I was born in Lansing too but don't know much about it. When I was 4 or 5 my family moved to SC. My mom's side of the family still lives near that area though.
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    Tesla Plaid goes 216mph unrestricted

    And a 200 hundred years from now there will be anti gravity cars that will go from 0 to OMG in 0.5 seconds ;-). Those future humans will have no idea what they are missing with the old gasoline 'planet killing' cars, and the EV crowd will complain the new anti gravity vehicles take away the...
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    2002 Acura RSX | Retro Review

    I liked those cars back in the day.
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    2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S with Lightweight Package | MotorWeek Quick Spin

    Not my favorite looking 911 Turbo S.......but I would still take one if it was given to me. ;-)
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    Michiganders - A music video made by the Ron St. Germain Band

    My aunt is a big Spartan fan but I fall on the Wolverine side, ha. I have no real reason in becoming Wolverine fan. When I was a kid I just thought the Wolverine mascot was "cooler" and decided to side with that team, which ended up sticking with me. I haven't followed football in a long time...
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    Michiganders - A music video made by the Ron St. Germain Band

    Ha, I'm from Michigan and the Wolverine/Spartans rivalry mention resonated with me.
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    Someone blew up the Georgia Guide Stones.

    Yeah, 5 million barrels from our oil reserves were sent off to Europe and China. From that Tim Cast show they said flood lights and cameras were just recently put in to cover the stones, and then this happens. Crazy times we are living in. We are right in the middle of a very impactful moment...
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    Someone blew up the Georgia Guide Stones.

    Things are crazy out there. Some quick notes on the event. At 8:54 they start to talk about the phrases on the stones.
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    Changing out Fluids

    In case this helps anyone else out there, I made a change on the transmission oil front and went with Pennzoil Synchromesh instead of the Royal Purple. I found some great feedback on the Pennzoil stuff.