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  1. merc lover

    WTB: ABS Delete Block

    Hey guys, Looking for an ABS delete block, I need this to get car back together. I will pay top dollar for one with line lock or without. Need pics to make sure no stripped threads though. Please let me know what you have, thank you!
  2. merc lover

    WTB: '96-'98 Cobra fuel rail

    Looking for stock '96-'98 Cobra fuel rail. Must be good to great condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks guys.
  3. merc lover

    testin sheeeit

    testin shitut
  4. merc lover

    Old Timer's

  5. merc lover

    Quick question for MA LEOs...

    I know that at some point it was not legal in MA for an LEO to pull somebody over unless the parking lights were on in the pursuit vehicle. In NH at the time this was not the case and NH State Troopers could lie low in the weeds and just pull over violators. Is this still the case in MA or did...
  6. merc lover

    Just wondering Listen man, you've been keeping me in limbo for well over a month. If you don't want to sell the parts to me, than at least have the common courtesy to at least tell me that they are no longer for sale. Otherwise it will result in...
  7. merc lover

    WTB: '03 ehaust manifolds

    Just looking to see if anyone has stock '03 exhaust manifolds they were thinking of selling. Thanks.
  8. merc lover


    My account on a certain local forum has been deleted. Anyone know anything about that? -Thanks.
  9. merc lover

    Blackout's fastest member?

    Am I mistaken, or does blackout have a new fastest member?
  10. merc lover

    H/b Matt

    That is all. faget
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  14. merc lover

    WTB: 96-98 Cobra TB

    Yeah just looking for a stock '96-'98 Cobra throttle body. Don't need any spacers, zip tubes or MAFs, IAC valves or gaskets even. Just the throttle body - Thank You.
  15. merc lover

    WTB 24 lb injectors cheap.

    Just like the title says. I need injectors and if anyone knows of any or is selling any please feel free to PM me. Thank you.
  16. merc lover

    Has anyone seen this yet?

    Sorry if this is a repost but I couldn't help laughing out loud about this.... It's from Opie and Anthony.
  17. merc lover

    A/C Eliminator Question

    OK, this is actually a MarkVIII motor but I know that the '96-'98 Cobra motor is pretty much the same except for the intake and a few other things. I am swapping the motor, and I do not want to run the A/C compressor/lines and all that crap. I know they make the A/C eliminator, just a bracket...