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    Hurricanes Suck Ass

    OK. most of you know I've lived in this part of Florida for over half of my life. You also might know the crap I just went through with a 18 day stay in the hospital with pneumonia ( I can post pictures info of that nightmare if you want). Today, I wanted the venture out to grab some lunch and a...
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    Anyone else into scanners for local police, fire, rescue and stuff? Just got a Uniden BCD996B2 a week ago. My wife loves this stuff. I’m kind of getting into it also. I have all the local stuff I mentioned above. Still need to add the local airport and Seminole Gulf Rail. I have a temporary...
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    Announcement, This is RS, along with other sections. Not the political section.

    Please keep the political comments in the correct sections. Otherwise your crap will be trashed. I do understand based on the crap going on these days with the replies, but, it seems to overrun with this. Thanks
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    So, why is it so hard for women to use tin foil?

    I have a 500’ roll of commercial grade wide foil I use for ribs, brisket and pull pork butt. Yet my wife every time she does chicken or stuff, basically anything in the oven with cheese and crap she refuse’s to use it. It makes cleaning the baking pans a bitch. I’ve told her at least a million...
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    Old Threads

    Guys, and Biden voters too. Could you please check the dates of threads before replying? The amount of old threads getting bumped is crazy. Thanks
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    Put a catch can on they say

    2018 2.7 EB. So, everyone says you need a catch can. I buy a UPR unit, piece of cake to install. 500 miles later and I check it, not even a single drop of oil.
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    Oil Leak Additive Suggestions

    OK guys, what are you using? I've tried the Lucas stuff with no success. The vehicle, 04 Escape 3L that has a small oil leak. I'm sure it's a main seal, and no way in hell am I pulling it apart to fix it.
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    Pet Peeves

    Should be fun. Let's hear them. Just a few to start with...I have a ton more. Toilet paper and paper towels coming off the bottom, not top. Squeezing toothpaste from the middle, not base. Idiots who stop 3-4 vehicles away from the car in front of them at a light. That includes assholes on the...
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    Time changes suck butt

    That’s all.
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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

    This is a private Poll. I don't want any whys, or why not. Just a simple poll. It you did, please list which brand. If you deviated from my rules on this, enjoy a vacation. This is meant to be serious.
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    Louisiana and Hurricane Ida

    Be safe anyone in this things path. Talked to Barry yesterday afternoon, and I'll check in with him later.
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    Guys, and a few Girls

    Watch the bypassing the profanity filter. I don’t have a ton of time lately to monitor this place, but I’ve seen a ton of it. Be warned, I will start handing out awards moving forward when I see it.
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    Merry Christmas Gang

    What's everyone's plan today?
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    Who makes the best windshield wiper?

    OEM blades lasted a year and a half, and that’s really good here considering how much the sun beats the hell out of stuff. Grabbed some Bosch blades (pretty cheap) off of Amazon, they suck ass. Give me some input guys.
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    Stop Making Multiple Threads, WTB or For Sale.

    This also applies to multiple threads on the same thing in different sections. Thanks
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    The New Driveway Thread

    This cracked ass shit is gone starting Tuesday. I’ve spend way too much trying to make this look good for the last 25 years. This will be a paver drive 2’ wider when done. I put the deposit down in November. Lol They have to replace the culvert too, with concrete culvert. Going to be two weeks...
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    Friday Joke

    A cucumber, pickle and penis meet at a bar. The cucumber says “my life sucks. Whenever I get big and fat, someone cuts me up and eats me.” The pickle says “you think that’s bad; whenever I get big and fat someone throws vinegar and salt on me and traps me in a jar.” The penis shudders...
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    Floor Jack Question

    I'm getting a new paver driveway and I am concerned with my current floor jack with steel wheels damaging it. My question, does anyone make a good floor jack with hard rubber or plastic wheels that will hold up? I guess I could always wrap duct tape around my current one wheels. lol
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    2004 Escape P0443

    108K miles. Just popped up on my wives Escape. I cleared the code, came right back after a 2 mile run to the market. Gas cap, or purge valve?
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    BMR KM761R Drag Racing K-member - Red (2015-2020 Mustang GT / Shelby GT500 / V6)
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    New Netgear R8000 Router

    Total beast. My old R7000 just wasn’t giving good speeds wireless anymore. Wired, it was fine. I was getting around 25ish on the download. I guess between the phones, Roku’s and a few other devices it just wasn’t cutting it. These are all from my phone, and can’t wait to try it on my laptop when...
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    Top Gun 2020

    I know this was posted a few months back, but didn’t see this trailer. I’m all in on this one.
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    Take Away my Man Card

    I bought a EGO string trimmer, and it rocks. I've had their blower and hedge trimmers for a few years, and have zero complaints. So much lighter, especially on the hedge trimmers. I've always run commercial Echo stuff, but this is unreal. I do 4 yards, and this string trimmer is better than the...
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    OK, I’ve been asked about my avatar a bunch

    Just today Ash @OETKB asked if I could change it, as it’s creepy and freaks him out. He’s not the first. So, what do y’all have in mind for Masta03? Gay ideas will not go over well, so let that be a warning, unless y’all need a vacation. It will go back for Halloween though.
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    Getting a bunch of redirects on the phone the last week

    What the title said.