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  1. shurur

    CHE rear shock tower braces.

    It appears that CHE is still making their rear shock tower braces. If so, maybe they would be willing to make a rear swaybar as well..dunno.
  2. shurur

    Roll-on epoxy paint primers. Eastwood has a roll-on epoxy primer, but it is back ordered until September. I am looking at Speedokote Epoxy Fast Dry 2.1 low voc DTM Primer & Sealer Primer. Based on Amazon reviews, It appears to have been used as a roll-on. I know painting is not really show-and-shine, but hope...
  3. shurur

    Sergio the turtle on Hotwheels.
  4. shurur

    Automotive Oscilloscopes

    Ok..I am starting to look at getting an O'scope for automotive. I have a LT for my Audi VCDS, so if O'scope uses a LT for display, that is fine. I would like to stay in the $400 or less range. Would like something that will not get burnt by 500V spikes and doesn't need 9V batteries. Looking...
  5. shurur

    You're still on meth, Cheryl

    If this has already been posted, I apologize. I know I am a horrible person, because I can't stop laughing..
  6. shurur

    Looking at solid motor mounts

    Well I was crawling around under the car and noticed chunks of red poly on my k member. Sure enough, it looks like my prothane motor mounts are either melting or breaking apart. I found some threads in some Corvette forums from years ago that talked about this problem with the prothanes. I...
  7. shurur

    Castle Law or SYG?

    Media has dead Librarian painted in a corner on this one....IMO. Only side to the story is the "injured" biker and his friend...who both followed her to her home. There are other more detailed articles on line and police videos... Though no arrest was made....I am watching for an...
  8. shurur

    Coolant level sensor info

    So I posted this in the newedge forum and found out that only the 99 has the coolant level sensor. I took my broken sensor apart by scoring the bottom of the sheathing..the dorman part just pulls off. I desoldered the old reed switch and resoldered a new reed switch on. The original sheath...
  9. shurur

    coolant reservoir level sensor needed I was trying to get the coolant level sensor connector off and the sensor pulled out of the tank. The slender sleeve that protects the resistor pulled off and broke the wiring. I have had no luck finding a replacement or finding electrical part number a repair video. I would try...
  10. shurur

    Overheats by aux coolant gauge only

    Ok I pretty much know what is wrong and how to fix it, so this is more about what tester to buy. Recently... 1. Oem coolant temp is rock solid. 2. Aftermarket coolant temp goes up quite a bit (250) when I get on it, steadying out at cruise and idle to about 190. 3. After I come in for a landing...
  11. shurur

    Speedometer bouncing and car bucking I plan to start troubleshooting this weekend. I need our backup car running!! I plan is to fix speedo problem and see what goes from there. Problem is intermittent...and speedo working makes bucking go problems appear to be related. 1. Run torque app to see if speedo works...
  12. shurur

    1994-2004 SN95, New Edge, Terminator phone mount

    Panavise 1994-2004 mustang cell phone mount 75107-795 Adding this for pics: Panavise hard phone mount installed. Note: I found post this from Scottydsntknow and in no way am I putting this panavise mount down. It can be bought here...
  13. shurur

    ZOOM app putting a new face on their security snafu

    Ex-Facebook security chief, now Zoom advisor, says he still trusts Zoom for his video meetings Considering the legendary Swiss cheese security of Facebook, I'm not sure putting the facebook security guy in charge is such a good idea for Zoom. This is not the face Zoom should be putting on...
  14. shurur

    Liqui Moly Cera Tec Friction Modifier

    Anybody know anything about this stuff? good, bad, indifferent..anecdotal or otherwise. reviews seem pretty good... Thanks all.
  15. shurur

    new mach 2021?

    Rumor: Mach 1 Mustang (Finally) Coming in 2021, Replaces Bullitt | 2015+ Mustang Forum News Blog (S550 GT, GT350, GT500, I4, V6) – Mustang6G | The Ultimate 6th Generation Mustang (S550) Enthusiast Site
  16. shurur

    hydroboost connection question

    Ok..I got a hydroboost off of Amazon. The body has 464A-4 cast number My original hydroboost has 464A-7 cast number There is a threaded barbed hose fitting that goes in my original. It does not thread into the new hydoboost and the new one is not threaded at all. The new hydroboost also seems...
  17. shurur

    MMR top Head cooling mod lower intake clearancing pics

    I just wanted to post up pics of lower intake clearancing for MMR HCM. I probably removed more material than was really necessary, but i did what I did. I found that a file and hack saw worked best for me. Depth of intake space above freeze plug is ~10mm. Height of MMR fixture is...
  18. shurur

    stuck freeze plug.. plug did not flip

    ok freeze plug did not flip with the screwdriver/pliers method of removal. instead it it just went in deeper. it is on the top intake rests, where the HCM goes; so at least it will not get lost in the channels. idea 1: slice the center open with a sharp wood chisel and then pry it out with a...
  19. shurur

    1999 vs mach 1 lower intake runner pics

    I just thought I would post up a couple of pics of the two intakes. The real difference has to be felt with your hands. The AL Flashing shows a bit in the first pic. 1999 cobra "unfixed" (XR3E-BF 12-05-98) 1999 Pre Ford "Fix" lower intake manifold = 230 CFM Ford part # XR3E-9S455-AC 2004...
  20. shurur

    Fire sparks after car slams into FHP patrol vehicle, trooper saves driver

    Ok..I'm impressed. Salute. VIDEO: Fire sparks after car slams into FHP patrol vehicle, trooper saves driver
  21. shurur

    HVAC airbox what?

    OK. I've removed the Airbox to replace the AC evaporator that I snapped off..dohh.. The AC was never blowing out of the center vents. By looking this up, it appears to be a main (black) vac line problem from the bay. I'm redoing the entire firewall with sound deadener, instead of the rat's wool...
  22. shurur

    Ford Fiesta, & Ford Taurus To Be Discontinued.....??? This may be old news..but news to me...
  23. shurur

    MRT hood strut replacement MRT hood struts are 10 years old and fail when it's FL cold. I've done a cursory thread search and haven't found a replacement strut solution yet. I have found that the originals are 80# and that Cervini recommends 120# struts. Admittedly, I haven't even measured the MRT strut lengths...
  24. shurur

    Chicago police shooting video

    No more tip-toeing. -Time for LE reform. -Time for proper vetting, with real background checks and lie detector tests that actually check for crimes, not just truthfulness about committing past crimes. . -Time for repeated psyche and drug evals, random and often. -Time for open SOPs. -Time for...
  25. shurur

    steering wheel slop..roundup

    I just recently fixed my steering wheel slop. First I was convinced that it was my steering shaft. I based this on my having had a shop check it for me. They indicated that it was my lower steering shaft and not my rag joint. After removing the steering shaft, it was apparent that the shaft...