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    Maf count troubles

    99 GT Vortech V3 Si with CXRacing FMIC. Ford Lightning 90mm MAF and 42lb injectors. 1st problem at the dyno: MAF counts jumping by 100 counts? IDK what this means. Tuner tuned it anyway. I runs like crap. Tuner said to change to a blow through MAF. So I did. Had a bung welded on the intake...
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    WTB Vortech 6-Rib 3.33 Pulley

    Looking for a Vortech 6-Rib 3.33 Pulley. Anyone have one sitting around?
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    Start up before tune stumble. Normal or not?

    Installed a Vortech V3 Si on my 99 GT. Started the car and everything is good until 1500 RPM when the motor starts to stumble as if missing when gradually applying throttle. It does not clear up with more throttle. It will stall out if I give it more throttle. If I blip the throttle it will...
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    Need help finding a Hydroboost Return Hose for 1999 GT

    The hose I have been looking for and can't find is the hydroboost return line. It runs from the brake hydroboost down to a "T" fitting below the reservoir. One outlet of the "T" connects to the bottom of the reservoir, the other goes to the cooler in front of the radiator. Please help with a...
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    Magic Drifted my 99 GT

    I had been looking at the Magic Drift Chin Spoiler, and Rocker Panel Extension Lips for a while. Never could decide if I liked them or if they are Ricer. Ended up buying them and installing over the weekend. Pics aren't great, but to bad. A before pic with Mach1 chin spoiler and after with the...
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    WTB Comp Cams Stage 2 for (2V)

    Looking for a good used set of Comp Cams Stage 2 for my 99 GT.
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    WTB SCT X3

    Looking for a unmarried SCT X3 to use on my 99 GT.
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    Vortech V2 kit for 99-01 Cobra 03-04 Mach1

    Vortech V2 Kit with powercooler for 99-01 Cobra 03-04 Mach1. I bought it used along with all the new parts and never got around to installing it. Has 3.60, and 3.33 pulley with belt for each. New SCT big air 3000 MAF with new filter. New Seaman Deka 60lbs injectors. Has brackets for the shaker...
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    Ford Racing timing chain set info

    I read somewhere that the stock timing chains on the Terminator are polished for less friction. Is that true? Is the Ford Racing kit also polished? I searched. The SVTP search never works for me. It All ways says to long, to short, to blah blah blah. Thanks for any info, VA-MACH1
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    Help identify this part please.

    There is no transmission area on this site so it gets post here. I dropped the pan today on the 4R70W that I bought. It came out of a 03 Marauder. Found this yellow plastic item. What is it? Why is it laying in the pan? What does it mean for the condition of the trans. I'm worried, and can not...
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    4R70W Full Manual VB daily driver

    Been buying all the necessary parts to convert my 03 Mach1 5 speed to a 4R70W. I wanted to hear from anyone that daily or very frequently drives a 4R70W full manual Mustang. Do you like it? Any experience stories would be nice. After seeing the price of a aftermarket trans controller I have...
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    03-04 Mercury Marauder Intake, Coolant Crossover, Exhaust Manifolds and more.........

    All prices include PP fee's and shipping to the lower 48 states, and open to offers so if you don't like the price please make a offer. I want these parts gone. 03-04 Mercury Marauder intake (upper and lower) with throttle body and everything shown in the pictures. $100 obo. No injectors...
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    WTB Baumann Controller for 4R70W

    I'm looking to save a few dollars by buying used. If you have a Baumann Controller or other brand of controller in the same price range that you are not using I am interested in buying it.
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    Aeromotive Stealth 325LPH fuel Pump (NEW)

    Brand new in open box Aeromotive Stealth 325LPH fuel pump #11165. Never installed or used, but the box has been opened. $100 shipped to the lower 48. PP, and shipping included.
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    TIME-SERT Spark Plug Tread Repair Kit (For Sale)

    It's for sale. No feeler, not gauging interest, or thinking about selling it. It is actually for sale. Time-Sert M14 x 1.25 Spark Plug Repair Kit #5553. I bought it used after one of my spark plugs shot out taking all of the treads with it. The reamer tool shows some finish scratches from...
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    WTB 99-04 Right Front Fender Black.

    Looking for a black right front fender for my 03 Mach 1. My paint code is BRK 4. The clear coat on mine is peaking so I would like to replace it with a matching fender vs having it repainted. I guess any 99-04 fender would be the same?
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    Bad Rack & Pinion?

    I picked up a second Mustang. Apparently I didn't learn from the first lol. It is a 1999 GT all stock. The steering feels heavy when driving. Almost as if the power steering pump is not working. Also after making a turn the steering wheel does not want to return to center like it should. I...
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    WTB Vortech Power Cooler for 01 Cobra/03-04 Mach1

    I'm looking for a Vortech Power Cooler for a 01 Cobra/03-04 Mach 1. Please PM or post in this thread if you have one for sale at a blue collar price.
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    99-04 Fuel Tank Baffle

    Does anyone make a aftermarket baffle that will go in my existing 03 Mach 1 fuel tank? I read over and over with a high lph fuel pump and no baffle that fuel starvation can happen. But come on, realistically at what extreme does this happen? Is it 800hp with 500lph pump at the drag strip...
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    New 03 Mach1 owner

    Bought a 2003 Mach 1 about 3 weeks ago. Its all stock as far as a know. Repairs so far have been: Replace the oil filter adapter gasket Rear Diff gasket Renew the head light and fog light surfaces Figure out why the reverse lights don't work (its the switch) Ordered new upholstery from...