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  1. 1raresnake

    F/S ID1300 injectors

    I am selling a set of used ID1300’s off of my 2004 cobra. Since I am changing up my combo, I will be needing bigger injectors for my new set up. These have roughly 3k miles of usage. Looking to get $1200 shipped obo. Add 3% for PayPal.
  2. 1raresnake

    WTB 13/14 5.8L engine

    like the title says. Would prefer without supercharger(longblock with timing cover.
  3. 1raresnake

    5.4/5.8 crank

    Do both these engines share the same crankshaft?
  4. 1raresnake

    F/S 04 stock rods with ARP bolts

    Up for sale are my stock rods from my 04 cobra. They have roughly around 15k miles. Went with Manley I Beams for my new build. Looking to get $400 OBO shipped. Thanks
  5. 1raresnake

    WTB GT500 heads

    Looking for a set. Cash ready. Lance
  6. 1raresnake

    ISO: 2004 cobra 9 thread heads

    Let me know what you got! Ready to purchase !
  7. 1raresnake

    FS 2001 cobra timing cover powder coated red

    Looking to get $200 obo. Tensioner is also included.
  8. 1raresnake

    Wtb Weld Pro Stat Xp

    Looking to buy Weld Pro Star Xp's. Let me know what you have.
  9. 1raresnake

    FS JLT 110mm slot style housing

    Like the title says. Lightly used. Went different route. Looking to get $110 shipped. Only picture I currently have.
  10. 1raresnake

    GT500 oil pan

    Looking for a stock GT500 oil pan with oil pick up tube. Let me know what you have Lance
  11. 1raresnake

    Wtb Moroso oil pan

    Like the title says. Let me know what you have. Really looking for the Moroso 20555 oil pan.
  12. 1raresnake

    Neal Chance Torque Converter/TH400

    Looking to sell my Neal Chance torque converter. I bought it from Dan(PSR) when I purchased the TH400. According to him, it is set up for a Single Turbo car. I thought it would work for my TT set but it did not. The converter was freshly rebuilt. Had all new bearings. Looking to get $600 shipped...
  13. 1raresnake

    Wtb 03/04 cobra catch can set up

    Like the title states. Anyone have one Laying around with valve cover fittings, let me know. Cash ready.
  14. 1raresnake

    F/S 03-04&99-01 cobra coolant cross over tube

    Like the title says. Looking to unload these. Was going to use one of these for my TT build but decided to go with the MMR coolant crossover delete. 03-04: $175 shipped 99-01: $140 shipped
  15. 1raresnake

    Voltage loss

    Since I went from a 2.9 whipple set up/battery and fuse box stock location to a TT set up/Relocated battery to trunk and fuse box inside fender well, I have been having a voltage issue. Initially I thought I was the belt. Found out it was a bit big then swapped it out. Voltage went from12.9-13.2...
  16. 1raresnake

    WTS Ford racing oil cooler delete and Whipple 3.75

    Like the title says. Add 3% for PayPal. Oil cooler delete: $200 shipped Whipple 3.75 pulley: $90 shipped
  17. 1raresnake

    Afco shocks

    Have any of you had any experience with afco rear shocks? I have read excellent reviews about the from others on different forums. Only thing I can't find is which part number to use. If anyone has the particular part number and overall experience, I would highly appreciate it. -Lance
  18. 1raresnake

    TT start up issue Doesn't sound good. Did swap out 04 cobra timing cover to 01 cobra if that matters. Any idea will help.
  19. 1raresnake

    F/S PA Super Comp C4 modular swap

    Like the title says. Since I went twin turbo, I decided to upgrade my trans to a TH400. Trans was rebuilt in July. Here is what is included. -Super Comp C4 - PTC 10 inch, 3000ish stall, 245 core. Street/strip with excellent coupling in high gear. -UCC 10.5 inch Mac daddy torque converter...
  20. 1raresnake

    TT vacuum routing

    Just finishing up my TT set up and was wondering how are you guys routing your vacuum lines? I will be using the Boost Leash boost controller as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Lance
  21. 1raresnake

    WTB 03-04 cobra coolant crossover tube

    Like the title says. Cash ready. Let me know.
  22. 1raresnake

    Wtb ABS delete block

    Like the title says! Cash in handb let me know! Need one ASAP! Lance
  23. 1raresnake

    WTB 99-01 cobra conversion front accessories

    Looking to purchase all the front accessories for a 01 cobra. Going twin turbo on my 04 cobra. Cash ready.
  24. 1raresnake

    Wtb 4v modular TH400 bell housing and crank adapter

    Like the title says. Cash ready.
  25. 1raresnake

    F/S 99/01 Cobra complete upper and lower intake

    Looking to sell my shaved and black wrinkle coated 99/01 cobra intake. It has BBK twin 65mm TB.... Looking to get $650 shipped plus PayPal fees.