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  1. *TK*

    68 Shelby GT350 photo shoot.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but thought you guys would appreciate the photos. This is my 68 with 38,000 original miles, original interior, original paint (except for the hood and deck lid.) I bought the car 5 years ago now and finally got around to getting high quality pictures taken.
  2. *TK*

    1970 Boss 302 with NA 5.4L Mod Motor & 00 Cobra R intake making 700hp

    From the Detroit Speed Facebook Page: “Let's check out what Larry's 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 hides underneath the hood. How do you make a unique pony car even more unique? You call John over at Accufab, Inc. and get your hands on the Hot Rod Magazine Engine Masters winning 406ci 32v 5.4L...
  3. *TK*

    GT500 v. Hellcat Redeye v. ZL1

  4. *TK*

    Ford v Ferrari - Trailer 3

  5. *TK*

    Ford v Ferrari, trailer #2.

  6. *TK*

    Ford vs. Ferrari the movie

    *edit trailer added* “Set against the backdrop of 1966’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France, the film follows fearless British racer Ken Miles (Bale) and maverick American car designer Carroll Shelby’s (Damon) mission to build a revolutionary car that would allow Ford to challenge the...
  7. *TK*

    Any Vintage Harley Experts out there?

    I’m looking to possibly purchase a flat head 1940’s Harley WLA/WLC. Does anyone have any advice of things I should look for on the bike? Or do you know a friend or someone who could point me in the right direction and provide me some help? I’m trying to determine if the frame motor are...
  8. *TK*

    New Ford 7.0 DOHC Motor in the works.

    Initially its planned for introduction in the Raptor and/or Platinum F150 models. Could this be the base for the new GT500 as well? .
  9. *TK*

    Welcome to 1984. Thoughts?

  10. *TK*

    68 Fastback Restomod project thread

    I bought this 68 Fastback a few years back, it's was a stock 289 C code. Very clean, straight and recently had the Acapulco blue paint laid down after it was taken down to bare metal. After a few years of kicking around the idea of restomodding it, I finally decided to pull the trigger. It pains...
  11. *TK*

    The Mountains of Afghanistan this past winter

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  12. *TK*

    Hauled home a 68 GT350

    I literally hauled this thing out of a barn. It's a 37k mile original GT350 car, I did a ton of homework on the car before the purchase. Including contacting the SAAC. The car was barely running when I found it. The previous owner told me he had driven 200 miles in the last 15 years and it's...
  13. *TK*

    Picked up a 68 Fastback

    A few months back I sold my 04 TR Cobra, and last month my replacement finally arrived.. Its a 1968 Fastback Original Numbers matching 289 4 speed car. It was repainted just a few years ago and has zero rust. It was originally a California car and purchased by a guy from Delaware in 2000, he had...
  14. *TK*

    I feel for you guys in California

    [/URL] California lawmakers pass expanded semi-automatic weapons ban By Sharon Bernstein SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - New sales of semi-automatic rifles with removable magazines would be banned in California under a bill passed by the Democratic-led state legislature on Tuesday, and those...
  15. *TK*

    Ebay: 2002 CLK GTR Roadster 1.4 Million

    For a cool $1.4 Million. It says its the only one in the US, with only 70 miles. Mercedes-Benz : CLK-Class ROADSTER in Mercedes-Benz | eBay Motors .
  16. *TK*

    Want all the options on your 458? Will cost you roughly $150,000

    I thought this was interesting, with the current exchange rate it would cost you about 150K to option out your 458. t0UeRFGt-HU <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Yahoo Article on the video...
  17. *TK*

    Quick and Dirty youtube lesson on Jet Engines

    I posted this in Snover's thread but I figured I would make an individual thread for you guys who are interested.:beer: Ramjet Engine: Primarily used for cruise missile's THE - YouTube Scramjet: Experimental The first 3 minutes will suffice to understand the concept. Scramjet -...
  18. *TK*

    Has anyone taken the SIFT flight exam? Im scheduled to take it Tuesday

    Has anyone recently taken the Army SIFT Flight Exam. I am trying to go active duty WOFT and am scheduled to take it tuesday. Can anyone give me any recommendations, as of right now there are not any prep books since the Army recently switched from the AFAST to the SIFT. I've been studying the...
  19. *TK*

    Machete Attack in London, video taken of attacker right after killing a soldier..

    Alleged attacker talks to a man with a phone camera with bloody hands while holding what looks to be a kitchen knife and meat cleaver. Un-edited video of the attacker, he goes on to explain he is Muslim and that is the reason why he committed the murder. Thanks to WireEater for finding it...
  20. *TK*

    Syrian Rebel cuts open the chest of a Syrian Army Soldier and eats his heart

    Wow. 2qCSgit-w40 Article Link: Is This the Most Disgusting Atrocity Filmed in the Syrian Civil War? - By Peter Bouckaert | Foreign Policy Copy and Paste from the article link: Is This the Most Digusting Atrocity Filmed in the Syrian War? Even by the standards of Syria's ever-worsening...
  21. *TK*

    Awesome couple on Pumpcast News Skit - Jay Leno. I couldn't stop laughing.

    ZNM0ENUCO5I <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> .
  22. *TK*

    Man Builds real Dark Knight Batmobile (Tumbler)

    Now this is cool. Says he plans on racing it in this years Gumball 3000. Batman fans build real-life Dark Knight Tumbler - Yahoo! Autos .
  23. *TK*

    Watertown may be setting a dangerous precedent

    This video was taken by a man who woke up to SWAT searching his garage without his consent and without a warrant. Some have said that these searches were voluntary, from this video I think not. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Would you be ok with the FBI,ATF,DHS,SWAT,Police searching your...
  24. *TK*

    Video of Watertown shootout

    796UFHldHM4#! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> .
  25. *TK*

    Guy makes a homemade functional Ironman Helmet

    This is incredible! And look at the first comment about the video on Youtube. VAOBnDWN8Y4 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> .