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    Towing review for new EV Lightning (vid)

    L O L
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    Dismounting tires at home: Who's done it?

    I picked up a set of polished 17x9/10.5 AFS Cobra wheels and they have junk tires. I've gone to the tire shops 10s of times, but I wanted to try it at home just for shits and giggles. I got 1 tire off in about 20 minutes, but the next ones I think I could do in about 10 min/each. I took my...
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    Camastang? Mustaro?

    Not so sure I'm a fan of this one, but I admire the craftsmanship none the less.
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    FOR SALE: ATS Brembo Big Brake Kit for SN95

    EDIT: SOLD I pieced this kit together for my Cobra, but I'm going with a different route. This is a tried and true upgrade. Included in the kit are both Cadillac ATS Brembo 4 piston calipers, the required hardware to install them (it's a separate $175 kit I had to purchase), and the correct...
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    FOR SALE: WTT: BNIB Black 03 Cobra 17x9/10.5 wheels

    I have a brand new (still in the boxes) set of American Muscle 03/04 Cobra 17x9 and 17x10.5 wheels. They are gloss black. Looking to see what others may have for trade. I'd love to find a set of '00 Cobra wheels, but let me know what you have. I don't mind adding a little cash if the right set...
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    Mustang Mania @ Budweiser plant in Merrimac, NH

    Anyone going to the show at the Bud plant. It's on July 24 this year. I've never been, but my sister went a few years ago and said it was a great show. Her and I are going this year, as long as the weather is good. Anyone else going? I dont have Bookface, so here's the only info I could find...
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    FOR SALE: Ford Racing 96-98 plug wires (old school ones)

    I'm selling this set of FR 96-98 Cobra plug wires. These are easily 10 years old, but only have about 12k miles on them. I know the newer FR stuff has been crap, but not these.They have a few greasy fingerprints, but other than that they are in great shape. Already has some wire dividers...
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    Considering taking a look at this 92 Coupe

    I'm wondering what you guys think this could be worth. I know it needs a little work, but looks like a pretty clean car overall. It's only 1 town over from me. He lists the car as: "Stock 302, 5 speed, 58k miles, black interior. No rust/rot. Car was previously converted to carburetor by last...
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    WANTED: WTB: 94-98 Trunk lid liner

    I'm looking for the trim piece for the trunk. I know Grand Design Mat still makes some, but I was hoping for something plain. I contacted them and they said they won't do it without some sort of logo in it. Anyone have one for sale? Or know of any that still make them.
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    Fog light wiring woes (pics)

    This is a different dilemma than you may think. I put an 04 console in my 98, and was looking to buy an 01-04 fog light switch to wire it in. However, they seem to be Iike hen's teeth. I went to a local boneyard a couple days ago and found a couple of Ford Escape fog light switches. They are...
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    Installing sound deadener in my 98 and found this under the rear package shelf

    Ok, well apparently I can't post the pic because it's "too large", but it's not. I am currently dismantling my interior and trunk to install sound deadener and some CCF. I pulled the rear package shelf cover off (the piece with the speaker grills) and underneath it there is a white vacuum...
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    Does anyone make a replacement 94-04 rear headrest?

    I'm referring to the padded piece above the back of the rear seat. I'm curious if anyone makes these. I'm on the process of adding sound deadener and ccf in some spots. When I pulled the rear seat I saw that 2 of the tabs for the headrest are broken. Even most of the ones on eBay that people...
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    SOLD: 94-98 (99-04?) Exterior A pillar pieces DS & PS

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find the exterior "A" pillar pieces for my 98. I need bother sides. Let me know what you guys have.
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    Rotella T6 5w30 Anyone running it in their Turbo/SC cars?

    Spring is well on its way and I'm prepping for an oil change on my turbo'ed Cobra. I'm thinking of going with the Rotella T6 rather than Mobil 1. Any nay sayers? It's supposed to be great with high heat, and lubing the turbo as well.
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    What happened to the NSFW funny pics/vids/memes thread?

    Am I just missing it when I search? Where's all the funnies?
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    How to spot clean a car cover?

    I have a nice Covercraft - Noah car cover that I have been using for the last couple years. The car is stored under an attached carport. Unfortunately, during the last snow storm I fired up the snow blower a little too close to the car. Now I have a 4" round soot stain on my car cover. Any idea...
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    WANTED: 94-04 JL Audio Stealthbox

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for a JL Audio Stealthbox for my 98. Hard to find these days, but I may get lucky. Could also use a custom fiberglass speaker box if someone has one laying around
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    Ford's street legal race cars of the 60s

    Thought this was an interesting vid
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    Anyone have a Redline shift boot/e-brake boot?

    I recently picked up an 01-04 console for my 98. I need to dye the console to match my black interior. The emergency brake boot is also graphite color so I'm just going to buy one through Redline. I figure if I'm buying the e-brake, I may as well go with the shifter boot as well. When checking...
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    FOR SALE: RIDGE Wallets and gear, Knife, Bolt Action Pen

    I have a bunch of Ridge gear that I'd like to sell off. The first pic shows 3 of their wallets. Note: All 3 of these use a cash strap rather than a traditional money clip. My wallet has a cash strap and I prefer it over the money clip. Refer to the bottom 2 pics to see my wallet with the cash...
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    Who does custom fiberglass speaker enclosures?

    I'm looking to find someone that builds custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosures. I keep telling myself I'm gonna do it myself, but it's been 2 years and I just haven't found the time. Is there anyone online that has a good reputation? I'm looking for something very basic for my 98. Just one 10"...
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    Drag Radials and winter storage

    This winter, I will be storing my car under a carport that is attached to my house. The driveway is paved asphalt. I'm wondering how susceptible MT E/T Streets are to flat spotting. I usually air up my tires to max PSI for storage, but this is my first year with DRs. I considered some...
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    AC leak help (all you 96-04 guys)

    I tried filling my AC a few weeks ago and noticed it's leaking a the low side port.. I finally got around to buy a kit that has the proper Schrader valves in it, and when I went to install it I noticed there is no valve visible. It's a rubber boot type thing over the inside of the port. Do I...
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    Adding Accufab throttle body on a turbo car require a new tune?

    I have a 98 Cobra with a 67mm turbo. I have a good safe tune, but my throttle is sticking around 1800-2000 RPMs pretty frequently. I have an Accufab single blade throttle body I want to throw on the car, and I'm wondering if I can safely do it without a new tune? I'm assuming yes, but want to...
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    The Meteor Interceptor (2500hp?)

    This thing is a real cool project going on over in Sweden. Twin turbo Rolls Royce V12 tank engine in a Crown Vic. I'm hoping to see more updates on this one.,liter%20(1.647%20cui)%20V12.