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    2022 EXPLORER ST Rear Axle Bolt Recall

    Has anyone with a `22 Explorer ST received the recall 22S27, rear axle bolt fracture? Ford claims the bolt can fracture during acceleration allowing the rear axle housing to move out of position. One guy at the dealer thought they may de-tune it to provide less ramp-up under boost. Any info...
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    FOR SALE: 2013 Grabber Blue GT500

    Grabber Blue-w-black stripes 12,900 miles Loaded with ever available option. (incl. glass roof) Original owner, always stored indoors and covered Extensive Xpel Ultimate coverage Revan Racing 13-6 kit BPS high flow SC elbow Shelby 1000 heat exchanger-w-dual 11" spal fans JLT oil catch can Barton...
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    2020 GT350 $3K+ OFF

    I know of a 2020 gt350 that stickers out at $65,025 Dealer will sell for $61999. Oxford White -w-blue stripe Tech Package Carbon Fiber I/P Leather sport seats Call or text and I'll pass along the info 585-749-6354
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    Why wait until the new gt500 hits the dealers. Here's your chance to be the first one on your block to own a 2017 FordGT. Looks like John Cena's old car. 2017 Ford Ford GT | eBay
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    2017 FordGT For Sale

    First one Ive seen for sale. Listing on Ebay. Looks like John Cena's old car. 2017 Ford Ford GT | eBay
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    Strut tower brace

    Sorry if this question has been asked before but a buddy just purchased a 2016 EcoBoost Mustang and he was wondering if the strut tower brace from a 2015 GT Mustang would fit his EcoBoost?
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    Heat exchanger

    Does anyone have or had any experience with heat exchangers like the Super Competition Dual pass-w-fans that Van @Revan Racing sells, or any similar HE? I'm thinking that it would be a nice upgrade to beat the summer heat.
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    JLT CF Intake Tube and Airaid Filter

    I'm selling a JLT Carbon Fiber intake, blue Airaid filter, couplings and clamps off my 2013 GT500. This is a direct replacement for the original air silencer that came on the GT500. THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE A TUNE I had it on my car for about a year, approx. 1K miles, before I upgraded to the 13-6...
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    Stay out of rio birddoc

    Hey Birddoc, if you decide to ever vacation in Rio de Janeiro, stay away from Christ the Redeemer.
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    Drivers side oil catch can

    I swapped my stock TB out for the Ford Racing this week and noticed a heavy film of oil inside the supercharger elbow. There was no puddling, just a heavy film. I wiped it out the best I could and ordered the JLT drivers side catch can. I have had a JLT on the pass. side since new, but in 2600...
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    Perfect timing van

    What better way to celebrate the Mustangs 50th (other than being in Vegas or Charlotte) than with one of Vans 13-6 kits and SS brake lines. Came in today. Thanks Van, perfect timing. I'll be in touch once you get back from NC Steve
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    Shelby rear end housing???

    I have an opportunity to pick up an entire rear end housing,(complete with axles) out of a `14 Shelby that has a slight whine in it. I thought it would be nice to have a second "set" of gears around. (3.73-4.10) Would it not be easier to swap out the entire diff when desired versus setting...
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    Trouble filling the fuel tank

    Has anyone experienced or heard of trouble fueling a 2013 Shelby? 2k miles and never had a problem until running the morning session at Watkins Glen. I can only pump about 2tenths of a gallon before the handle shuts off. I tried the pump at the track and two other off track stations and same...
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    Oil & filter

    Trying to help a buddy out with his 2013 Boss. He's not sure what oil he should use for his first oil change and whether he should use the FL500 or the FL820s. What are most going with? Thanks for the advice
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    What needs to be altered on the 2013s to run E85? Does it work best with a mods or can you get HP benefits with the stock motor, and how much?
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    Track key

    I'm sure this subject has been mentioned before. A buddy just purchased a 2013 Boss and was wondering. Does the Track key provide any additional horsepower over the standard key? Had no luck with the search. Thanks
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    Mustang on a dyno
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    Interested in ordering a 2014 shelby ?

    I know of a dealer that will order your 2014 Shelby GT500, any way you want it. Invoice + $2000. Thats invoice, not MSRP. Wants to cover his SVT franchise fee's. I have purchased from him before, a straight shooter. No BS PM me if interested. I'm not on this forum every day so be...
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    2014 shelby gearset

    I was checking out today and noticed that you can build & price the 2014 Mustang now. One interesting standard features with the Shelby is that it comes with 3.55 gear ratio. I wonder if SVT went with the 3.55s because of owners desire for a taller gear? Do you think this will have...
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    How much does the shelby actually weigh?

    I know that everything I've read regarding the weight of the 2013 Shelby, it's always been the same. Coupes-3852 lbs., Verts-3970 lbs. In New York State, your registration fee is calculated by the weight of the vehicle. On my registration, it states the vehicle weight as 3718 lbs. w/ seats...
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    2013 boss 302

    Just thought I would pass along this find for anyone looking for a new 2013 Boss. GHIG with Recaro's, cover, $106 under invoice. (not MSRP) PM if interested and I'll pass along all infor
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    Exactly 8 months to the day

    I ordered the beast on 3-27 and received the call this morning.It has finally arrived. Couldn't believe it, especially after talking to Fords CRC last week and was informed that the car wasn't built yet. I guess the left hand truly doesn't know what the right is doing. Had to go down and check...
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    On the fence with what pony car to buy?

    If it doesn't matter to you if it's a Chevy or Ford you have to own to have fun, you may want to think twice before plunking down a chunk of cash on a ZL1. These ZL1s are having some HUGE quality issues. Many ZL1 owners are having intermittent steering loss issues, engine oil leaks, and I...
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    Trac pack cars

    At one time, I recall seeing on Fords website, (build & price) when the Trac-Pack option has been selected, they would delete the driving lights and install air ducts for the front brakes. Now that we know that didn't do that, my question for the guys with the TP option is, are there any...
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    Will the zl1 live as long or outlive the shelby

    The Shelby GT500, manufactured by Ford, has been selling for six consecutive years, and looks poised to continue beyond that. Does anyone think that the ZL1 will be around for six model years + ? Let me be the first to place my vote: HELL NO