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  1. DaBigBone

    WTB 13-14 Hood and Front Bumper

    Looking for a 13-14 hood and front bumper in good condition. Really prefer Sterling Grey. Let me know what you have!
  2. DaBigBone

    Anti Gravity Battery

    Looking at taking advantage of the sales and getting an Anti Gravity battery. Anybody running one? Only weighs 5lbs and stock is around 31lbs. Appreciate the input
  3. DaBigBone

    Braum Racing Seats

    Anybody using them? How do you like them? Want to pick up a set and replace my crazy heavy premium seats but there doesn't seem to be many reviews on them. Pics are appreciated too!
  4. DaBigBone

    CEL Help

    So my car threw a CEL last week. Car is a 2014 M6, Offroad H, Airraid intake, lund tune for the last 500 miles. Car has 6200 miles total. First code was a p0175. I've heard that bad gas can be a cause, I was low anyway, so I filled up and reset it. No issues for a while. Two nights ago light...
  5. DaBigBone

    Tire size with 3.73s

    Curious to see what combo people are running. About to order new wheels and tires for the track Car is a '14 M6 with 3.73s. Obviously I don't want to shift into 5th in the quarter. Was planning on a 28x11.5x15. Anybody with a similar combo able to chime in?? What speeds and rpm are you...
  6. DaBigBone

    Tubular K Member

    How many people are running the BMR Tubular K member? Haven't seen a whole lot of feedback on them for our cars but seem to have mixed reviews as far as comfort, NVH, etc on other cars. My car is not a DD and I understand that NVH will increase some. However, I still would like it to be...
  7. DaBigBone

    Roush Axlebacks

  8. DaBigBone

    Unlocked X4

    Unlocked and unmarried X4. Only thing is I lost the USB cord. Been using the one from my printer. They're like $4 at walmart. sold
  9. DaBigBone

    Airraid Intake

    Airaid Intake Sold
  10. DaBigBone

    MBRP Headers

    Might be picking a set up. Trying to do some research on them but it doesn't seem like hardly anybody runs them. Is there any reason behind this? Anybody chime in with their experiences with them? Fitment, etc... Thanks
  11. DaBigBone

    WTB: Stock Strut Mounts - Urgent!

    Somebody has to have a pair of these laying around. I need them asap! Car is down until I can get them put on. Mine blew up. I know I can get them online but their either too expensive or I'd have to pay a ridiculous amount in shipping. Paypal ready! Text me 614-542-744six Thank you!!!
  12. DaBigBone

    FRPP "K" Springs

  13. DaBigBone

    FRPP Springs Squeak

    I've got a nasty squeak coming from the front passenger side of my car when I go over any change of elevation in the road. The car is lowered on FRPP K Springs and Koni Str.T Oranges. Anybody had any similar issues? I talked to one guy and he said they are notorious for squeaking but I have...
  14. DaBigBone

    Pypes Headers

    Who has any experience with the longtubes and X pipe? I've seen a few people say they had some rattling issues but am wanting some more info about fitment, etc, before I pull the trigger. Thanks!
  15. DaBigBone

    WTB LU47 Injectors and BAP

    Lemme know what you have! Prefer a lightly used set of injectors.
  16. DaBigBone

    DSS Aluminum Driveshaft

  17. DaBigBone

    FS: Vortech V3 BLACK Tuner kit w/ Extras, ID1000s

    FS: Vortech V3 BLACK Tuner kit w/ Extras sold
  18. DaBigBone

    FS: OEM Strut Tower Brace

    Perfect Condition. Off my 2014 GT with only 1500 miles. $75 shipped paypal + 3% fees.
  19. DaBigBone

    FS: Sterling Grey side window louvers

  20. DaBigBone

    Stock Clutch and Boost

    Who's doing it? Curious to see how long the stock clutch will hold up to 550rwhp+. I'd like to be able to get by until next winter if possible. Car is 99% a street car. Just sees the track a handful of times for fun. What kind of power are you making and how many miles on your stock clutch?
  21. DaBigBone

    WTT: Roush A/B for Quad Setup

    WTT/WTS: Roush A/B for Quad Setup Looking to trade my Roush Axle Back for a GT500 quad setup. Will consider other quad setups as well. Axleback has been on the car less than 1000 miles and is in mint condition. Might consider selling outright as well. Cash price is $325. Located in 43235...
  22. DaBigBone

    WTT: My Sterling Grey Trunk with CS Spoiler for your Base trunk

    Looking to do the swap to add a GT500 spoiler and not mess with the extra holes. Car is Sterling Grey Metallic with the CS Spoiler. Only 1400 miles on the car so it's in mint condition. Located in 43235
  23. DaBigBone

    FS: Stock 5.0 Catback

    Stock catback off my 2014 5.0 Removed from my car with less than 300 miles on it. Not shipping. No trades. $150 cash only.
  24. DaBigBone

    Roush TVS Phase 3 Blower Kit