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  1. hotcobra03

    Junk yard shopping,

    Was at bone yard today ,lots of new stuff,, Seen 97mark 8 Irs knuckles are the same as ours and that outer tie rod? Lower arm the same? I know the upper isnt..
  2. hotcobra03

    Car alarm clicking causing no start guestions

    guess my turn for issues. Went to go out and car won’t start Found starter fuse 6 isn’t getting power with key on. I noticed When I put on key this alarm box starts clicking I also noticed since new when connecting battery I always had sparks and the alarm would set off. I had to use...
  3. hotcobra03

    updated miles picture

  4. hotcobra03

    intercooler cleaning after 200k pics.

    finally had the chance to clean cooler . car is at 419k,last time in was about 200k ago, pcv hose from under blower is original,
  5. hotcobra03

    locked out of car tricks?

    well, again I close door with keys still in ignition...old age lucky for me its' not the 1st.. I take 6 coat hangers taped together.. go in side of window. across car and hook door handle, pull.. any one else have a trick..
  6. hotcobra03

    Running a newHvac vacuum line thru firewall

    Has anyonever ran a vacuum thru firewall.. My hvac line is blocked causing all air directly out defroster. . I tapped into boost line to confirm it will operate with vacuum . I had done heater core years ago but don't recall how lines came thru ..I can feel them but they don't slide in and...
  7. hotcobra03

    Finally Looking for tuner.

    Any members here in San antiono.. Looking for a place to go .. I went to lethal performance last time but heard of others better..but that was yrs ago..
  8. hotcobra03

    Just started to have fun with car,than bang..

    Just my luck..the last part I needed to replace broke.. Lower pulley.. While I'm searching for a reasonable priced good used.. Has anyone changed to 4lb on LMR .. I'm assuming that would add boost even on stock upper. Would a handheld tune for smaller pulley cover that change?
  9. hotcobra03

    Air inlet tube gasket at throttle body?

    Has anyone gotten a new gasket from ford? I stumbled on this #f7lz-9d634aa Says discontinued on ford site.. I was in junk yard today..stubbed on this.. From 2001 expedition. .fit like a glove..cost 1.50 Than got dfpger sensor with hoses for 7..po402 has been popping up
  10. hotcobra03

    Help with wheel and spacer choice

    Wanting to buy sve cobra replica 17x10.5 Seen many threads with no spacer or must have spacer.. Than oem svt cap fits these and not these.. I had just gotten the new nittos nt555g2 315 35 17. Anyone using this wheel that can chime in.. Lmr has these.. Mm had spacers..
  11. hotcobra03

    Bad alternator symptoms

    Went out yesterday to parts store for a new bosh scanner to work on our tundra..dash is lit like a Christmas tree.. While pulling out the cobra freaked out. All gages swept,all lights on dash came on,and radio went out.. I stopped..checked volts at 14.1-14.4 When driving it's...
  12. hotcobra03

    New format issues

    Having issues when in sticks. Can't open any links.. was looking for the how to rebuild oil cooler for oring kit.. Can't edit or go to last reply New post shows all sections vs before
  13. hotcobra03

    iso lower stock caged pulley

    Anyone have 1 for sale. .
  14. hotcobra03

    another odometer pic

  15. hotcobra03

    replacement radiator Has anyone used this replacement
  16. hotcobra03

    new drivers head design and gasket .cooling issues anyone?

    I had installed the newest head and ford gasket.. it has 175k plus miles since install.. car has ran hot since this was put on.. now summer heat has been 100deg and car will overheat with ac on. with no ac will run 220. ive just started to look into to it today and started with...
  17. hotcobra03

    made it to another mileage mark

  18. hotcobra03

    caged lower pulley bearing

    Im saving number here so I don't loose it I had mine apart again.. 6559469
  19. hotcobra03

    just to crazy

  20. hotcobra03

    manual on cell phone.... Stumbled on on my samsung galaxy note 2..
  21. hotcobra03

    wife gave up on hotcobra03..

    Well its been a blast but wife is done with car..replaced with tundra .. I get the cobra all to myself...
  22. hotcobra03

    boost actuator adjustment tool?

    has antone used this tool? i asked ford..:shrug::shrug:
  23. hotcobra03

    ford tech service,svt training

    came across this ..some reading
  24. hotcobra03

    ANY NJ,NY terminators owners damaged by SANDY?

    when power restores..lets here from you guys who might have gotten damaged by sandy... all my family/friends lives in monmouth/ocean county on shore line..they are fine.. i would hate to lose my cobra over a flood/tree falling on it