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  1. Catmonkey

    Whipple Gen 5 3.0

    I did a search in both GT500 sections and I don't see any threads regarding the installation of new 3.0 Whipple on a GT500. I'm kicking around either going to a 3R and this popped up on my radar, but I don't see much information about it, so I'm calling you out if you've done it. What I've...
  2. Catmonkey

    J2 GT500 flow mod - who's done it?

    I've doing some research on this mod and I've been unable to see any pics of how the hose ends are supposed to snake around the belts and idlers. If you have pics, please post them. Otherwise, please tell me what you did to make it work. J2 has this pic on their website, but I can't tell if...
  3. Catmonkey

    WTB: 07-14 GT500 Valve Covers

    The powder coating on the valve covers is flaking, so I'm looking for a set I could get powder coated. If you've got a set in good shape, I may take those if the price is right.
  4. Catmonkey

    Lockpick help

    I attempted to hook up my Lockpick this past weekend, but as of now I have a question for those of you that have done this successfully. On some install threads I see they used the supplied GPS antenna splice for the lockpick, which Coastal says is optional. On other threads there is no...
  5. Catmonkey

    Adventures in Intercooling

    After Tob began his thread about installing the 13-14 Pierburg intercooler pump in an earlier model in this thread, I’ve been slowing working toward making this one of the mods for my 2012. This write-up is a compilation what I did, my findings regarding the factory intercooler system and what...
  6. Catmonkey

    Lockpick installs

    While I've seen a few write ups on these, I can't say I've ever seen where people are putting the module. Do you locate it behind the radio, or does it remain inside the confines of the console?
  7. Catmonkey

    OEM Battery

    I'm coming to the realization that my original battery is almost 7 years old. While I do see signs of it not holding a charge as well as it once did, I'm paranoid to not change it due to age. Anyone run one longer than this without issue? While this is a testament to Motorcraft, what other...
  8. Catmonkey

    Link titles

    Is there a way to get a link to show a title as opposed to the URL? I seeing posts where these are displayed like they used to, but the link icon doesn't seem to allow me to do anything but display the URL as the link.
  9. Catmonkey

    Ambient air temp sensor location

    I've had mine disconnected for a while and don't remember where it goes. Anyone with a 2012 have any idea?
  10. Catmonkey

    Crazy tire info

    So yesterday, I mounted the TF Competitions on my car I purchased from Cotten waiting on some wider hoops from TF. I will be mounting the 325/30-20s I had on 11" wide OEM STVPP wheels in what will end up being 11.5" wide TFs. Reason for the wider hoop is to get to the same offset I was...
  11. Catmonkey

    Brake booster clevis pin

    Anyone got any tips to take this thing apart? I've been fighting with it for over an hour now with no luck. The service manual leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, it's worthless.
  12. Catmonkey

    AFCO Dual Fan Heat Exchanger

    I upgraded to VMP's triple pass, so this low mile AFCO, dual fan, dual pass is up for sale. Has the upgraded fan harness (note dual relays). $450 shipped to lower 48. This will fit any 07-12 GT500. SOLD! Mods, my post it note doesn't show up in the second pic, but does in...
  13. Catmonkey

    11th Day Sale

    Will the 15% discount apply to Whipple throttle bodies or only to superchargers?
  14. Catmonkey

    Cloye's nine position secondary cam gear

    Can someone give me better instructions on how these work? The packaged instructions are worthless.
  15. Catmonkey

    Poly bushing on top differential link

    Anyone replace the bushing on top of your 8.8 differential with a polyurethane bushing? Since I pulled my rear end to install a Truetrac and a crush sleeve eliminator, I went ahead and burned out my rubber bushing and replaced it with an Energy Suspension bushing. My car is not back together...
  16. Catmonkey

    F/S - VMP Gen I TVS

    SOLD - No longer available.
  17. Catmonkey

    Injector Dynamics 725s

  18. Catmonkey

    Bad O2 sensor

    Yesterday on my way to work, my Shelby was acting up. I didn't notice it, but when I went to run an errand later in the morning, I saw that it threw an MIL. It had 2 codes that I didn't write down, but both were related to the bank 2, upper oxygen sensor. My car is a little over 2.5 years old...
  19. Catmonkey

    RXT grief

    I bought a McLoed RXT twin disc for the 11+ GT500. The pilot shaft tool sent had the wrong pilot shaft bushing diameter, so I've spent countless hours bringing it to the right dimension with emery cloth. The bolts included were the wrong size as well. Luckily I had ordered some ARP bolts...
  20. Catmonkey

    Header bolts or studs

    What are most of you guys running headers using to bolt them to the head?
  21. Catmonkey

    Houston machine shops

    I know there are several of you guys in and around the Houston area. I need to have my heads resurfaced and if I have to go that far I figured I'd get a 3 angle valve job. Any experience or recommendations with any shops that know their way around Ford DOHC heads? I've had Houston Engine and...
  22. Catmonkey

    Niche Team Screwup?

    I'm in the process of changing out my short block from what ended up being a blown head gasket. After a loss in compression in the 7 and 8 cylinders, I knew the engine had to come out and it was going to go back together with better components. When FRPP announced the part number for the '13...
  23. Catmonkey

    FRPP 65mm CJ throttle body

  24. Catmonkey

    Catted Kooks

    I'm looking for some feedback from those of you running Kooks headers and either their catted x or h pipe. I'm running Borla Tourings right now and ran an off-road h for a short while and it's way too loud for me. Just what will the Kooks and cats do for the noise level. I'm really not...