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  1. torchanniv03

    Custom cams

    What is the ballpark everyone is paying to have cams ground? I have a set of blank sticks and was thinking of having Bullet get me some numbers.
  2. torchanniv03

    H.I.D.'s for my F-250

    I know a lot of guys on here use hidguys for the cobras, but I saw nowhere on there for my truck.. Anyways, what is another good/reputable company to get some for my '06 F-250? I've seen some places online for cheap, but my brother just got some for his '12 ecoboost F-150 and he's had nothing...
  3. torchanniv03

    Need help finding a video...

    I was telling a buddy at work the other day about I believe it was a sn95 doing a wheelie at the track and shifting gears (manual) while in mid air. I've been looking for it, but I can't find it for the life of me lol!!! I know you guys can find it, which is why I am turning to y'all for help...
  4. torchanniv03

    Internet speeds??

    I just switched to Charter about a month ago now and holy DL speeds batman!!! What is everyone elses look like? See my sig below... 12-ping 132-download 5.2-upload
  5. torchanniv03

    Coilover spring rate for DRAG RACING!!

    Just getting some ideas on what others are using.. I was thinking about running 14" 150lb in the front, but thats what my brother runs on his fox bady.. I figured our cars are a little more nose heavy so maybe 175lb? My buddy told me 150s all the way but he knows only fox body.. I want it to get...
  6. torchanniv03

    Slow Car Cash Days 2012

    This past weekend we had our second slow car "street" race in Vernon, Tx. I had an absolute blast! This race is put on by and and the class consisted you just had to be slower than a 6.50 in the 1/8th mile or 110 mph trap speed. There were three radar guns at the...
  7. torchanniv03

    Best place to find JW Bell??

    I recently purchased a built c4 for the cobra, but I need to find a Jw Bellhousing as well as a flexplate. Summit has them, but I'm looking for some options. I know a few people on here have gone c4 and I'm trying to see where everyone found there's, or if anyone has any hookups... Also...
  8. torchanniv03

    Purchasing rings and bearings

    I know the members of svtp have lots of connections to lots of different vendors, along with input on the best place to buy from. Im just trying to find the best deal!! Im going to use Total Seal SS rings... I assume Clevite bearings are the way to go?? If not, please inform me!
  9. torchanniv03

    Cattle Roundup RC Style!!!

    Who needs cowboys anymore!? lol NA-ST8nXl4U&feature=player_embedded
  10. torchanniv03

    Coilover spring rate for drag?

    I know on the fox body, 14" - 150lb springs in the front, but not sure if the same goes for ours... I know we are a little heavier so I didnt know what the gurus are running? 175lb?
  11. torchanniv03

    Transbrake ??

    Has anyone ever tried to incorporate the clutch pedal and use it as their transbrake button? If so, does anyone have pics??
  12. torchanniv03

    So many GIF possibilities! lol

    Im sure some good ones can be made out of these! :banana: World face-pulling championship. [VIDEO]
  13. torchanniv03

    FS 2009 28' Continental Cargo Trailer

    I am helping a friend sell this trailer. This thing is damn near in brand new condition!! Here is the laundry list of add-ons and options: · 102" Wide Body Design · Ramp Door with Spring Assist · No-Show Beavertail · 48" Side Door with Flushlock and Steel Step · (4) 12-Volt Dome...
  14. torchanniv03

    FS/Trade 03 IRS w/ Level 5s and more......

    Well i have decided that im going solid, so i am selling my irs from my car. Its an 03 with ~48k. Parts list: DSS Level 5 racing Halfshafts Billetflow irs brace Ford Racing 3.73s w/ carbon fiber clutch pack Moroso racing wheel studs H&R sport springs stock bilsteins...
  15. torchanniv03

    For the gamers!!

    Wouldnt it be sweet to have one of these! Formula 1 simulator. [VIDEO] :banana:
  16. torchanniv03

    FS T-56 Trans, ds, clutch

    I am selling my t-56 out of my 03. The trans has 48k with no issues and has only had 4 track passes on it. I am going auto and i have a c4 in mind, but the guy wants ALL of my stuff for just his trans, so im just going to sell my stuff and buy his outright. Here is the list of parts i have...
  17. torchanniv03


    Ok, i fail at using the search button and i know this should be in the drivetrain section, but there is not near the traffic as in here.... Anyways, I am going the c4 route and was needing to know either where to get the adapter for the bellhousing, or buy a new bell that bolts directly to...
  18. torchanniv03

    One of the best jobs EVER!

    Watch Till End: Best job ever. [VIDEO] :banana:
  19. torchanniv03

    Vinegar Water??

    Just curious i have a bunch of hard water spots on my car is it ok to mix it with water and put in on the paint?? And what would be the best way to apply to the paint?? I have tried to clay bar it and clean it that way but the spots will not go away.
  20. torchanniv03

    Which rings??

    I am just curious of everyones choice on the best rings to use?? Its a .30 over teksid block with a 5.0 stroker kit. It has Manley pistons with the tops and sides ceramic coated. Right now it has a ported blower and will have nitrous as well. I am thinking that the Hellfire rings are the ones to...
  21. torchanniv03

    Some help please!!

    I feel like an absolute retard for having to ask this, but obviously i cant put in the right keywords to find the track list for the fastest terminators..... Can someone point me in the right direction so i can sub' it!!! I found bits and pieces, but im looking for the whole list. Thanks :beer:
  22. torchanniv03

    Fox body a-arms

    Has anyone run a fox body a-arm on the 03/04 cobras? one of the guys at HPP recommended me doing it. it will keep the tire more inside the fenderwell. if anyone has done it, can i see some pics...... i have the aje k-member and will be getting a-arms for christmas, but just not sure whcih...
  23. torchanniv03

    need pistons.....

    where is the best place to find stroker pistons? i have a 3.75 stroker crank with eagle h-beams, and i need some new pistons. i just picked up this motor for my car, but they are 10.5-1 CR manleys in there which are not gonna work for boost and spray!!
  24. torchanniv03

    knock sensor grinding??

    i have a '98 cobra teksid block, and i am not sure how far i have to grind down the two knock sensors. if anyone has some info or even better, pics, that woukd be greatly appreciated!! :beer: