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  1. Ande99SVT

    2003 Kenne Bell Cobra (69k) 17K - SoCal

  2. Ande99SVT

    Got a kill today - STi

    So I was taking a buddy out to get a hair cut and he wanted to get a ride and has been bothering me about it for a few weeks. Sure enough as we are driving down a long stretch of road I see a nice, clean, lowered 08+ STi about 100 meters back from me. So in order to initiate the "lets run" and...
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    Great Way to Start the Morning... NOT

    So on top of someone killing our resident road runner we named Jeffrey this morning, I go to start the car today and it starts perfectly fine. Out of nowhere about five seconds in I begin hearing a high pressure hiss so I get out to investigate and I see this. So I get under the car and I...
  4. Ande99SVT

    Reviewing a gun while being speech jammed

    I laughed my ass off, haha. oU9EGeMP5n4
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    Feeler: 2.2 Kenne Bell Vert for Coupe? (Cali)

    I'm on the fence with this one. I love my car, she runs great, looks great, and is all around a fantastic, fun car to cruise in. I got the vert for California, and which I have recently found out, isn't much of a use unless you want to get fried (Especially out here in 29 Palms) while driving...
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    Next big meet?

    Hey guys, when is the next big meet? I'm here in 29 Palms and my Terminator needs to breathe and I need to get out of this hell hole. Anything coming up? If not, should we plan something?
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    Getting the "Sell It" Feeling

    I've had my car since October of 2012, didn't get to lay eyes on her till December when I got back from deployment. Had an issue with the first tune, got it retuned and everything ran great until I got her on the dyno and it showed a little lean. So I got the car retuned yet again and she is...
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    I don't know about you guys, but it seems like every 5.0 that has an exhaust/mods and likes to roll hard when I'm in my wife's jeep never wants to play when I'm in the Cobra. Two occurrences for me. There is a black 5.0 that lives about 10 minutes away from me but always travels the same...
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    New tune and numbers

    So if anyone remembers my last thread about how my tune was all over the place. I recently just got a new one from a different shop and I got to say I'm very happy with it. My first tune was this: A/F all over and 19 Degrees of timing. Like most of you said, I am EXTREMELY lucky nothing blew...
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    Gauging Interest: SVT Garage Banners

    Just trying to get an idea of who may be interested in one of these and what people may pay for it. I made this design last year and printed one out for myself and it turned out quite well. I can get the exact measurements today after work but as you can tell it's a decent size and will...
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    This is why I'm getting a new tune

    Not sure if you guys remember but awhile back I began having problems with the car after a new and "improved" tune was put on it. So after a month or so of losing gas mileage and the car dying after hard WOT pulls, I finally took it in to get it dyno'd by another shop. Check out the...
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    03 KB Vert V.S. Murdered G8 GT

    So over the weekend I was on my way up to Virginia to see some old friends. About three hours in I notice a clean looking G8 GT that was completely murdered and lowered. I love these cars, they are practically a sleeper considering they are a four door "sedan". Sure enough as I leave it pulls...
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    Two runs from today

    Today turned out to be decent weather, I think we topped out at around 60 today. Lots of cars and bikes out so I had a feeling I was going to run I to something. First race was against two bikes. Now I know I have a decently fast car but no match for a bike. We were at a stop light on an...
  14. Ande99SVT

    03 KB Vert VS "454" WS6

    I was on my way home from work yesterday and noticed a clean WS6 trailing me and slowly closing the gap. I finally get into a clear lane and drop her down to fourth and give it a little gas. By this time he is about three cars behind and can see me clearly. We both turn off of the main bypass...
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    Issues with my 03 Kenne Bell Vert

    Hey guys, I had a thread going in the Terminator Talk section about some issues I'm having but I've now datalogged some parameters and would love if someone could kindly take a look at them and tell me what they think. Lately I have been having some issues with a slight miss around 1200-2100...
  16. Ande99SVT

    What's causing misfire at 1200-2100 when warm?

    So I've been having an issue lately with a bit of a stutter/misfire/popping at 1200-2100 RPM's but the car runs strong when I bring it into high RPM's. I've read quite a bit about this problem and followed most of the steps for resolving it. So far I've cleaned my IAC, checked my COP wiring...
  17. Ande99SVT

    The Official "I'm Drunk" Thread

    It's 11:17 P.M. and I am drunk. Beer of choice: (3) (Bottled) Budweiser Black Crowns, (7) (Canned) Bud Lights. Post your times and choice of brew.
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    WTB: Radiator Fan

    Hey everyone, I just snapped my fan on my 03 about two hours ago. Before picking up a new one I'd like to see if anyone here has one laying around. If not I'm looking to pick up a dorman so no worries. Thanks
  19. Ande99SVT

    *SNAP* and now steadily overheating

    Need some BIG help guys. Was driving today normally and stopped at a store. Before I turned the car off I heard a loud "SNAP" and the motor began making a horrible knocking sound. At first I thought I threw a rod but it sounds like a pulley. It goes away when the fan isn't on but now the car...
  20. Ande99SVT

    402 GTO/Kenne Bell Cobra Shoot

    These are the same cars in the "Predictions: 03 KB Vert V.S. Built 402 GTO" thread, the weather was good today so we went out to get some shots, first time using the D3000. Let me know what you guys think. The race will be coming soon, don't worry.
  21. Ande99SVT

    How well documented is your Cobra?

    Figured I'd ask this questions as I was going through my binders today. As for mine, I have practically everything and anything related to this car and it's life documented. The previous owners put every single piece of paper pertaining to this vehicle and maintenance in binders. I have a...
  22. Ande99SVT

    What's up with my torque?

    So I had the car dyno'd the other day and she made 575/501 with 15#'s on mods in the sig. I'm trying to find out why my torque is so low, I understand I'm running low boost and I have stock headers and stock lower pulley, but what else issues could there be?
  23. Ande99SVT

    Question about my dyno graph

    My car just finished the dyno today and it made a fair amount of power with the mods it has. The tuner shot me a screenshot of the dyno sheet and the numbers are pretty good. Though my question was in why my torque band has a waviness to it rather than a slow and steady decline. The tuner is...
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    Predictions: 03 KB Vert V.S. Built 402 GTO

    Well my buddy and I will be returning from deployment here within the next month(Hopefully, extended once already!) and he wants to run his newly built 402 stroker against my 03 Kenne Bell Vert. Numbers are a bit lower than mine, I'm running 548/504 and him 510/468. He had his built by RPM...
  25. Ande99SVT

    Cars and Coffee Wilmington, NC

    Hey gents, December 1st Cars and Coffee meet at Shaeffer BMW in Wilmington NC. Usually has a huge turnout and awesome cars. Myself an my buddy with be there, car in sig and him with a built 402 GTO. Anyone wanna come down? Down for drinks and grilling at my place in Jacksonville after. We...