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    Teenager Car Insurance.

    I did....the replacement cost they calculated for my house was ridiculous....920k lol I would guess 5-600k even with inflation. I think part of my problem is where I live we are near the top for auto thefts and hail so I'm sure all carriers are jacking up their rates here. Going to get a few...
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    Teenager Car Insurance.

    I got a quote from USAA they were quite a bit higher than my current carrier. If close I would have considered switching since people seem happy with their customer service.
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    Teenager Car Insurance.

    My daughter just got her DL and we are in the process of buying her first car. I'm pretty shocked by the insurance premium increase from my current company. I know insuring teen drivers is expensive just curious if anyone is aware if there are any companies that are better than others. I...
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Interesting they are cancelling police interceptor orders right and left.
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    WANTED: Learn about 2014 GT500 to buy

    I bought a bone stock 14 with under 1000 miles this summer. Nothing stood out I just changed coolant and brake fluid when I got it and started driving the car. I purchased aftermarket wheels and might do some other minor mods but plan to leave the power train stock. You are going to pay up for...
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Just bought a new Expedition everything they had in inventory was missing the auto start stop....which is a good thing.
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    Current New Vehicle Market

    Wholesale Car Club is a pretty good Facebook Group for reaching a wide audience that is a mix of dealers and consumers.
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    1700 Mile Mint 89 Notch on BaT

    Makes this seem like a bargain.
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    1700 Mile Mint 89 Notch on BaT

    Most old cars are more nostalgic than actually being fun to drive. I have to admit though my Dad had an 89 notch back when I was in high school and I wouldn't mind having one in the garage. It's hard to justify though when there are so many great modern cars that are pretty much better in every...
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    Calimer MT82 Transmission reviews

    Anybody dealt with Lashbrook out of Oklahoma? They don't seem to be as talked about online as Calimer but looks like they rebuild a lot of MT82 transmissions.
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    Having a hard time selling the 13’

    I did get a little bored....I just wasn't as into fender flares and cheesey looking Triumph wheels as many in the crowd. I did enjoy the cars I owned though especially for what I paid for them. I didn't buy the hype when they first came out and definitely wouldn't pay anywhere close to what the...
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    Having a hard time selling the 13’

    I've owned a lot of different cars. Just bought my first 13-14 GT500. I've had a 13 Boss 302 for a few years. I think the 13-14 GT500 will be the Mustang to have from the modern era. I've been tempted to buy a new GT500 a few times, but I'm happy with the two cars I have even though they are...
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    Boss 302 Rear Brace

    You can buy the Laguna Seca brace and rear seat delete from several vendors (maybe even local Ford dealer) It's pricey though. I had the Steeda brace in my car when I bought it it's installed the same way as the Ford piece so I would guess it works the same. I think the Steeda brace is under 300...
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    Post most recent pics of your '13-14 GT500

    It was about 36 degrees and foggy this morning. It’s my favorite time of year to drive.
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    Trufiber rear seat delete

    I just installed the Trufiber rear seat delete in my 13 Boss. The car had the Steeda cross brace when I bought it along with a cheap plywood panel. I bought the fiberglass piece and had it coated in LineX. I also put down some sound deadener. They sell it in carbon fiber for about three times...
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    pay cash vs finance 2022

    I try to maintain some liquid cash beyond an emergency fund so I can jump on things in times like this. Inflation is the talk right now. I'm not an economist but feels like a lot of things are about to crash. If I get a chance to buy low whether it be property, vehicles, or other investment...
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    13/14 GT500 Prices?

    The BAT car sold for 56,500
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    13/14 GT500 Prices?

    I would probably sell my Shelby before my Boss 302. I like both but everything has a price. It would take me wanting something out there more....right now not much else I'm interested in but the right restomod classic might change my mind.
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    I always wanted an 89 TTA with the turbo Buick V6.
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    Your Future Hobby Car Purchases

    I like old trucks and newer cars. I might sell my 13 Boss 302 at some point and buy a 67-72 short bed Chevy pickup or maybe a K5 Blazer. I had a 70 K5 and sold it which is the one vehicle I regret selling to this day. The prices have skyrocketed unfortunately so may never happen.
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    13/14 GT500 Prices?

    Here is a low mileage, low optioned car...wonder if it will hit 55k
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    13/14 GT500 Prices?

    I think at this point about the only car that would hit 70 would be a fully loaded glass roof car with almost no miles in a less common color like Grabber Blue. Even then think it would sit for awhile.
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    13/14 GT500 Prices?

    Seems like the market has softened in the last couple of months. I think low mileage stock cars with the performance and track packages are still in the 60s. I've seen a lot of killer modified cars drop into the 50s. I hate that I live in a liberal state with terrible emissions rules would have...
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    WANTED: 1/18 2013 GT500 Red with Black stripes

    Do you have a link? When I search some 2020s come up but don't see a 13/14. Appreciate the help.