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    FOR SALE: 99-04 2 valve Mustang Vortech v2 Si Trim kit

    Vortech V2 Si Supercharger with bracket for 3 bolt tensioner should fit single bolt tensioner timing covers, no difference in Vortech brackets. I owned this Vortech since 2005 and upgraded from S to Si in 2011 with around 3k miles. $2499 Included: - Vortech V2 Si - 3.6” and 3.125” Vortech 6...
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    Those of you on septic, question

    What is the consensus on having garbage disposal for small food waste going into septic tank? Wrapping up kitchen remodel on a second home and I don't want one but wife is insistent on putting one in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2011-2017 Ford Explorer exhaust leak into cabin investigation by NHTSA

    Any real world knowledge with this issue? I heard that police explorer had some issues with this but those are modified. Also, does this cover all engine options? Sent from my...
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    Mesh router

    Anyone use mesh routers? Looking to have coverage fora 3200 sqft home. I'm looking at this system here: I know better has another system and google has one as well but I'm looking for user experience and to know if it's worth...
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    Ordered remanufactured Cobra calipers

    My cobra calipers were dragging a little on the passenger side and with the amount of time my car has sat over the years I figure it was time for a rebuild. I heard that we could get these for a decent price from auto parts stores with core returns. I gave it a try. I was actually tired of...
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    Rebate question

    I'm trying to order 275/40/17 Nitto NT05 and 315/35/17 Nitto NT05R. I noticed that they have different amounts for the mail in rebate. I've called my local store and I was told they would try to work with me on matching the price and said they would call me back to see when the tires would be...
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    Anyone feeling guilty handwashing their car during this drought?

    I lived in an apartment forever and just bought a house and I feel like an asshole when I wash 3 cars in my driveway. I wash them 1 time a month at the same time. I should really buy a cover for my mustang to keep the dust off of it and then ill only have 2 to wash but still...
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    I just bought this HF 3 ton jack

    Anything I should do before I first use it? It's heavy but I didn't like the build quality of the aluminum jacks in this price range. So far looks like you have to put weight on the saddle to get the 2 ⅞ height. It's resting height is around 3 ⅛. I read that basically all jacks these days...
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    Plastic intake manifold and too much boost

    My Mustang has been running bad at WOT. I did everything that was easy like pull plugs re-gap and change fuel filter. Today I had time to pull the manifold. I found this big ass crack on 1 runner.
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    Compression test

    I ran a compression check on my motor today. I got it up to operating temp and pulled the plugs as fast as I could and tested each cylinder. 1. 148 5. 140 2. 150 6. 105 <----Did this one a couple times and 105 was the best it would do. 3. 150 7. 145 4. 150 8. 140 I have...
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    WTB rear eibach sportline or H&R SS springs

    If anyone has any laying around I'll buy them from you. I will pick up if located around the bay area.
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    Heard the loudest detonation yet

    I had some old gas in my tank and went WOT and when the tires broke it instantly hit 7k rpms. Heard a gun shot from under the hood... I thought the worst and shut it down as fast I could. Checked plugs the next day. Here is what I found: 5-8 1-4 Excuse the micro fiber abuse...
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    Upgrading a returnless system to -8 feed and id1000's for E-85 but...

    I plan on running E-85. With 91 octane on AED's dyncom dyno my motor made 614hp at the wheel. I am going to upgrade my injectors from 60lb to id1000's and upgrade the feed line but will keep the stock rails. As with other combos most people have picked up around 50-60hp switching to corn fuel...
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    After you applied for a job. How long did you wait before your start date?

    I've had 3 different jobs in the past 10 years. I am turning 30 in Jan. I waited for a guaranteed job in the AF so I was delayed for 8 months. My 2nd job took 3 months. I was hired in July with a tentative deployment date of October. I didnt get my first pay check from them until...
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    How much oil does your breather tank or catch can collect?

    Since this sub-forum gets more traffic I am asking this question here. I have an aluminator with 2valve TF heads bolted on it with TF valve covers that have baffles to reduce blow-by. I have both valve covers connected to a Moroso breather tank. After 1k miles I drained the tank and...
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    A quick pull in my auto 2 valve

    Did this to show what my ECU does if it doesn't shift before a certain rpm. I locked the transmission in 2nd gear. The car hooked up. It's just a aluminator with 9.4:1 compression, Vortech V2 Si, 3.125 pulley, 10% overdrive crank, 44cc TFS heads, TFS stage 2 cam, BC 4R75W 3300 stall, Mac long...
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    Vortech V2 input seal replaced

    Since most of the new edge 2 valves with vortechs post here I will throw this in here. I had a total of 4 shredded belts and the last one that shredded must of dug its way into the seal. I had a SKF 25mm 40mm 7mm viton double lipped seal sitting in a tool box for the past 4-5 years and I...
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    Tapatalk and photobuck IMG tags

    Not all threads but some that have IMG photobucket tags direct me to safari and then bring up photobucket website instead of just bringing the photoup in my tapatalk app. Why does this happen? Are some people not using the correct IMG tags? This is not the only forum that has this problem...
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    Vortech outer seal starting to fail

    Found this under my hood after I did a couple WOT pulls. I just installed a thump racing tensioner too. Damn I hate taking this blower off. I have a seal that I bought a few years ago and I will make my first attempt at taking the case apart.
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    FS: 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6-R Bay Area

    Selling my bike. I used it for commuting. I bought it with 29k miles on it and it currently has 34,1xx miles. I serviced it in October 2012 with Mobil 1 oil, kawasaki filter and cleaned lubed the chain. The battery is new as I let the bike sit for too long without a battery tender. The...
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    3.100" Reichard Racing Ultra Grip Pulley

    No longer needed. This pulley created 11psi at 6k rpms on a stock 2 valve long block with power pipe and intercooler. $100.00 OBO
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    Mustang broke down called insurance for roadside assistance

    When the tow truck arrived they driver denied towing my mustang. He said that my 'custom' A-arms would break if he winched it onto the flat bed. I have UPR K-member with tubular A-arms and the whole time this guy was explaining why he couldnt do it I was just thinking that these 'tiny' A-arms...
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    Reichard Racing Ultra Grip pulley belt abuse

    Shredded a belt. I'm new to 3 bolt tensioner timing covers and had to remove the blower to figure out the routing. This is the amount of belt dust that has built up in less than 1k miles since my blower and motor were installed. This is also the second belt to be killed by this pulley. This...
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    Track-Lok chatter

    In 2009 I had a ford explorer carrier installed with 03-04 cobra carbon clutch kit. Everything was installed correctly never had any noise even have about 20-30 1/4 mile passes. I have an auto so it wast badly abused on launches or shifts. I only had a 3200 stall that flashed around 3500. Fast...
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    Just a plain ol' 2 valve engine

    Pretty basic scheme under the hood. Was checking the oil level since I have been getting some blow-by figured I would snap some pics.