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    New Edge Carnage...Totalled?

    Happened in the snow Tuesday. I was either going into oncoming traffic or off the road. I am glad I chose off the road. Unfortunately there was a telephone pole there. Think it's totaled? RIP Ramona :(
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    Need some troubleshooting Assistance

    My '01 Cobra is up for sale, but I want to take care of some issues for the next owner before selling/trading in: The transmission is leaking fluid from the shifter area I already replaced the oil seal. The leak is coming from where the shifter bolts to the top of the transmission How does...
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    True Blue '01 Cobra for Sale

    I just don't have the resources to take good care of this car. I kind of bought it as a daily driver / project car. But that commute is killing me and her. She deserves better. Bought the car September 30th of '08. Lost my Job in April. Got a new job in December. It has about 93K on...
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    Mach 1 150 shot Carnage

    I've had this for a few years Mach 1 150 shot Here are some stills of the carnage
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    Finally got a Job...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

    Eight months to the day that I got laid off I accepted a position with a great company close to home. Just thought I would share. I can't think of a better Christmas gift. :banana::pepper::D:thumbsup: Maybe now I can get back to taking better care of Ramona. She needs a paint job like you...
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    Getting Layed.........................................OFF! !!!!

    As in "turn in your stuff and don't bother showing up tomorrow" :burn: . April 3rd was my last day and I am still really struggling with it. I kind of saw it coming. Revenue was way down last year, and they started hiring heavy hitters recently. No room for a guy with a measly 7 years of...
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    Need help picking brake rotors

    Tired of researching this... Baer, EBC, Power Slot, OEM, Crager, and on and on and on...Sheesh. my 01 is a daily driver. I am interested in performance and durability for Brakes and Pads. I don't have ANY patience for squeeking brakes. Can you guys just recommend me some rotors and...
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    Garage Mural...Pics

    A friend of mine agreed to trade the fridge I had in my garage for a mural. His medium of choice is spray cans. Monday, in about 4 hours he turned my garage into the coolest one in the none. First I painted the beckground. I got as close as I could to the Blue in the...
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    Questions for You... Pics

    I just bought a great '01 Cobra and I am finding various things that I don't know about. I thought maybe you guys could help out. It looks like I have some lowering springs! Now which springs are they? (I know they are are Eibachs, how can I tell the rate/weight etc.) Are these OEM...
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    First Time Caller, Long Time Listener

    I registered back in 2005 to watch the SN65 build never thinking I would ever actually own a Cobra. Well, after an unfortunate, but thankfully non-injuring accident, I stumbled on a True Blue 2001 Cobra and had to have it. So new here I am saying hello to y'all again! It's not perfect...