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  1. 03cobra#2

    Fluctuating / Vibrating Fuel Gauge And Pressure Drop Across Injectors

    I worked on a little project that I wanted to share. I noticed that after I got my fuel system together the liquid filled gauge on my fuel rail vibrated like crazy when the engine was running...same thing with the electric gauge in my cabin that used a sender on the fuel rail as well. When the...
  2. 03cobra#2

    Time For An Investment Manager?

    At what point is it a good idea to pay someone to manage your investments? I'm fairly hands off with my money with pretty much everything I have in mutual funds with Fidelity. I seem to be doing ok but I'm wondering if it's time to have a professional get involved and take a look at things...
  3. 03cobra#2

    Jetta GTL

    Anyone own one of these cars? I'm thinking of trading in my Fusion sport for one. Carmax is offering me a very good value on the sport and I can get 15% off msrp on the VW because of employee purchase. I've had the Fusion for 4 years and would like to have a new car again. Smaller sedan...
  4. 03cobra#2

    Dipstick Leaking

    Took the car out today for a little cruise since it was a nice cool morning. When I got home I noticed a drop of oil on the driveway. Jacked up the car and looks like it is coming from the dipstick tube where is meets the block. Is it worth the aggravation of trying to pull it (goes through...
  5. 03cobra#2

    Re-Enable Shift Light

    I would like to get the shift light in my car working again. In SCT Pro racer, can someone tell me how to do this? I think all I need to do is change the trans type and or trans load switch from 0 to say 1? Not sure on this. Also if I change the trans type will this affect anything else in the...
  6. 03cobra#2

    Hyundai N Line Sonata

    I'm going to be in the market eventually to replace my 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. I don't need AWD as I work only 1 mile from home. Think this may be a cool sedan for $30k range. 2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line First Drive: Simply The Best
  7. 03cobra#2

    Car overheated advice needed

    Driving home from work and the car overheated. It was fine on the highway, and as soon as I got on the side streets (just putzing along) the temp gauge drifted to red. I immediately pulled over and shut down. Popped the hood and everything looked OK. Started the car just for a few seconds to...
  8. 03cobra#2

    S550 Whipple as a daily

    I am starting to plan my next vehicle purchase. Right now I daily drive a 2017 Fusion Sport. I really like the car and I feel it makes a nice compliment to my Whippled 03 Cobra that sits in the garage mostly. For my next daily car I want to step up my game. Since I put a ton of $$$ into my 03...
  9. 03cobra#2

    WTB Whipple 4" pulley

    Looking for a Whipple 4" pulley
  10. 03cobra#2

    Timing tables

    I'm starting to learn about the timing tables for the 03/04 Cobra. What is the best way to set them up? Should mbt and knock tables be the same? For E85 can I just use the SCT race gas timing value file and insert it into the tables? What should I pay attention to? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL...
  11. 03cobra#2

    Cams amd short term fuel trims

    I wanted to start up a discussion for thoes who have replaced the cams in their cars. How do your short term fuel trims look? I see a lot of recommendation to make sure you degree your cams. Most people say you need to degree cams to maximize the money spent on them. If you don't degree them I...
  12. 03cobra#2

    Self Tuning With SCT Pro Racer

    Hello all, Some of you may be familiar with my Whipple build I have been doing the last couple months. A couple weeks ago I transitioned to the tuning phase of my project. I decided to use a remote tuner and have...
  13. 03cobra#2

    Long Term Fuel Trim 03 Cobra logging

    Does anyone know what the parameter is in SCT live link II? I have the short-term readings just trying to see long term trims. Thanks!
  14. 03cobra#2

    WTB: 3.4 Whipple Crusher Inlet setup

    Looking to upgrade my standard 3.4 to a crusher setup. Thank You!
  15. 03cobra#2

    2003cobra#2's 3.4 Whipple Build

    A little background for thoes that don't know me. I've always been under the radar here. I purchased my vert Cobra slightly used back around 2005. I later found out it was previously a Ford corporate vehicle and build #2! My first build on this car I had a shop do. It was a 2.2 Kenne Bell 1st...
  16. 03cobra#2

    3.4 Whipple

    Was planning on doing a 2.9 but I can get a great deal on a 3.4. Stock long block, and plan on doing a 93 tune and E85. Anything I need to watch out for? Can I run the stock lower and still maximize this combo on E85? Will the stock lower be OK? Don't plan on racing it. Just a fun weekend toy...
  17. 03cobra#2

    Gen 1 KB 2.2

    Time to part ways with my baby. 1st gen Kenne Bell 2.2. Includes billet flow 2.93 pulley. Has Been installed on my car since 2007. Has about 10k miles total on the blower. Never seen the track. Very nice condition. Cosmetically only 1 small mark under the braided line that can be touched up...
  18. 03cobra#2

    Siemens Deka 60lb injectors

    Set of 8, they all work just pulled off my 03 cobra. O rings are all in nice shape. Selling because I need to go bigger for my next build. $175 plus shipping.
  19. 03cobra#2

    Kenne Bell 2.2l Gen 1 Value

    Cosmetically in great scratches or nicks. Has the catch can, and about 15k miles on it. Never raced and as far as I know should be in fine shape and no rebuilding needed. As long as the lobes are in good shape and no rebuild needed what do you think it would be worth? it's black in...
  20. 03cobra#2

    Which Robot Vacuum?

    I have a ranch house with a step down to the family room, and a step down to the master bedroom. House is about 2,000 square feet. Any one have one of these? Trying to spend between $200-300. Thanks!
  21. 03cobra#2

    Buying jewelry online

    I'm looking for a pair of diamond hoop earrings for my wife for her birthday. I really hate going into jewelry stores because stuff is so over priced and I don't trust any of the stores or the employees. Looking to spend $600-1,000. Any good places online? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL
  22. 03cobra#2

    2000 Cobra Wheels

    Do you think silver finish 2000 Cobra R wheels would look good in a black 03 Cobra vert? SVE Mustang 2000 Cobra R Style Wheel - 18x9.5 Silver (94-04) Sent from my Pixel 2 XL
  23. 03cobra#2

    Seat issue

    Drove my car for the first time this year and I noticed my drivers side seat kind of rocks back and fourth slightly. It looks like the seat frame is bolted down tight to the frame but the seat wobbles / moves / rocks slightly. Anyone else experience this?
  24. 03cobra#2

    Opinion on paying off Mortgage / financial opinion

    Here's my scenario....i came across a inheritance about 2 years ago. Sold my house and bought another.... Then had it completely renovated. House is worth about $250k and I owe $107k. %3.4 Apr adjustable rate. 2 cars paid off, one I owe $28k on with a payment of $439 per month. I have a 5yr old...
  25. 03cobra#2

    Sports car for $40k or less

    I want a new toy. I want to keep it under $40k. I'm wide open on what to get. It just need to be on the sporty side....convertible is ok too.