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    If you'd like to be confused and like to watch movies 5x to understand what's going on this is for you. Christopher Nolan delivers as usual.
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    Can You Even Punish Appropriately for This??

    I wouldn't have even called the police.... I'm not sure what I would have done but he would have never seen the cops and he would have suffered miserably.... Five-year-old boy is shot dead at point blank range by neighbour, 25, as he rides bike in his own front yard in front of his two sisters...
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    Holy Shit I'm Getting Old and Soft

    Confirmed. Just watched the entire season of Sweet Magnolias on netflix and am hoping for a second season. I'm in line to turn in my man card, it's rainbow colored. Jesus Christ. My daughter has killed all that is man in this 260lb. former rugby animal.
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    When F1 Was F1

    Two of the best drivers to sit in a race car. What a race. Their reaction afterwards and the clean drive is amazing.
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    Some Companies Are Helping While Others Watch You Drown

    This is the company that holds the mortgage on my home. I am laid off indefinitely and applying like crazy for work. I happen to live in NY where basically business has stopped and unemployment is about 34% of my normal income. I'm not looking for free money but the governor ordered...
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    The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix

    Whether you're a parent or not it's a well put together, poignant, and heart wrenching watch. It's incredible how badly the ball was dropped so many times with this child eventually leading to his HORRIBLE death. The LA County DCFS is under fire and deservedly so. And while this was being...
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    Possible Mach 1 Return

    The Ford Mustang Mach 1 Will Return In 2021: Rumor
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    Unnatural Selection

    Unnatural Selection | Netflix Official Site I HIGHLY recommend this limited series on Netflix. The next 1-xxx years are going to be unfathomable with regard to the capabilities CRISPR and where bioengineering is headed. This series gives some insight on the possibilities and brings up the...
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    UFOs Are For Realz?

    The guy actually seems really credible. Former US defense official: We know UFOs are real - here's why that's concerning | Fox News
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    When's Your Day Start?

    We have a variety of hardworking idiots here and I'm just curious what time you all get rolling in the morning? Unfortunately I'm a morning person and am up at 4-4:30 and working (not sipping coffee, working) by 5-530 a.m. depending on the day. I **** myself on the weekends because I can't...
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    G.O.T. !!!

    I'm so ****ing excited to see how this all ends! The writing, acting, and content are unmatched in my opinion. I'm a HUGE Breaking Bad and Sopranos fan but so far without knowing the ending I think GOT blows them out of the water. Any other fans in here? Only 53 minutes until the end...
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    Well, Well, Well.....Raptor to Become More of a Raptor

    Ford Rapter to get Mustang Shelby GT500 engine in two years
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    Will There Be an 'R' or 'KR' Version?

    Everyone was talking about a KR coming along after the GT500....anyone reliable have any thoughts on this?
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    Darwin Didn't Win This Time

    ****ing lunatics.
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    The King

    Not sure if you fellas are into lifting but the Ronnie Coleman documentary on Netflix is incredible. Check it out.... he's an amazing guy imho. So positive all the time, I admire him.
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    67 GT500 SS Sells for Record 2.2 Million

    Unique 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake sold at auction for record $2.2 million
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    So, I gave it a shot and Goddamn it was worth it. Best Transformers movie by FAR. This is the vain all of them should have been in. For those of you that grew up with or enjoyed the 80's cartoon and original movie you'll like it as well. All the 80's characters and their appearance is...
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    Rock Meet Bottom.

    Well, I wasn't going to post this but really have nothing to lose. I asked my sister not to do this but she did anyway. Pretty much at the lowest point in my life with no where to turn and nothing going right. No, it's not a scam, I'm no Taronis. I'm sure there will be questions and...
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    2018 Can't End Soon Enough

    So Sunday morning I leave early to deliver a mower to Massachusetts that I had sold for my uncle. Well I'm getting in my truck to head back home my 11 year old daughter calls me and tells me she had to call nine-one-one cuz there's a problem with my wife. She was very dizzy vomiting but didn't...
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    I streamed this last night on my Firestick.....awesome movie with an ending you won't figure until it's reveal. 10/10.
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    Another Awesome Day....

    So my boat just about sank last week while I was n hour away. And today a cotter pin broke on my trailer hitch lock and this happened to my custom painted gate as I loaded a Jeep. A fist sized hole in my tailgate...FML.
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    My Boat Nearly Sank

    Well I get a call from the camp manager and he tells me my boat is sinking. Being that I'm an our away I hop in my truck and hammer down to get to my dock. Well, 45 white knuckle minutes later I pull up to find my boat up out of the water near the boat launch. (great news considering the last...
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    I Am A Killer

    New doc series on Netflix....I HIGHLY recommend it. Not TOO liberally slanted. The Wife and I are binge watching now....5 episodes deep so far.
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    A Quiet Place

    I finally got around to watching this and if you haven't seen it I recommend it highly. I would call it more of a suspense film rather than horror but it will make you jump a time or two. Great flick, Krasinski did a great job both acting and directing. Two wangs up ;).
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    Reoccurring Nightmare and Dream Paralysis

    I'm posted about sleep paralysis before but never in detail about the dream that has always given it to me. For about 15 years that I can remember I have had sleep paralysis on occasion. The feeling is never short of terrifying for those who haven't experienced. I can only describe it as...