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  1. IronSnake

    DiabloSport Makes Major Investment in EPA Compliant Performance Tuning

    Currently, replacement ECU/Harnesses are purely designed for offroad applications being universal outside of a specific engine design. When and if they are designed to perfectly replace OEM systems with little to no work is when I would worry.
  2. IronSnake

    DiabloSport Makes Major Investment in EPA Compliant Performance Tuning

    It will be big dawg only club for stock ECU tuning, absolutely. Then you will have the big dawg/boutique aftermarket ECU options since they're not considered as "defeating" emissions devices.
  3. IronSnake

    O'Reilly's lost me forever as a costumer

    You're leaving a review regarding the service of the purchase on the product. Nuking a review on the product page only hurts the part/thing you bought. Not the seller. Go blow them out on google etc
  4. IronSnake

    O'Reilly's lost me forever as a costumer

    Advance Carquest, despite having the worst stores, took the COVID economy and dumped vast amounts of cash into their E-comm platform. What they've lost in wholesale/retail walk-in, they gained back in direct sales. My direct sales thru them doubled shortly before the first stimulus.
  5. IronSnake

    Garage storage system recommendations

    I've had a good experience with my Gladiator stuff from whirlpool
  6. IronSnake

    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage?

    I reply to this with an emphatic yes, as I just ordered another 3 pack of 5qt 5w30 castrol for 43 bucks. I will now have 30 qts on hand
  7. IronSnake

    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage? You're looking at the small potatoes. Purolator is owned by Mann+Hummel, who also owns Wix and others. Motorcraft is in contract with Mann+Hummel, not purolator. They may have been made at a purolator facility in the US prior, but if Motorcraft states...
  8. IronSnake

    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage?

    Just stick the water hose down in it for a bit. She will come out clean as a whistle (lol) Just got my 5 Yota filters and 5W30 last night. Got at least two oil changes for the truck, or 1 for the truck, 1 for the mustang. And then the expensive Euro oil which I had to go Valvoline for. 5W40...
  9. IronSnake

    Anyone else noticing a motor oil shortage?

    Just got a good deal on 3 5qt jugs of Castrol 5W30 High Mileage. 43 bucks for the three of them. I use it in the Sequoia 281k and the Mustang at 187k. Jumped on it and a 5 box of Yota OE filters that were on sale too. Good to have spares these days/buy it when you can. Fluids are hard to get...
  10. IronSnake

    O'Reilly's lost me forever as a costumer

    In the automotive aftermarket What's going on is not specific to O'Reilly. You could've ordered it from elsewhere, and dealt with the same scenario. Being a retail customer as well, most E-commerce departments won't hold back orders. Especially when products are unpredictable. Your oil could be...
  11. IronSnake

    EV Propaganda

    NGL LS swapped vehicles are more common than their OE powered equivalents. I like LS's, and I like cars, but JFC are they so boring and over done now. It's just way to blah now to do an LS swap. No soul in it. And as far as I'm concerned, if I could walk everywhere and not have to sit in 1...
  12. IronSnake

    Black Friday purchases - what’re you getting and where?

    Bought a new microwave since we are doing a full redo on the kitchen. Some smaller parts for the procharger setup on the GT. Nothing crazy really
  13. IronSnake

    What did you do to your Ford today?

    About to pulley this thing down to a 3.4 from the 3.6, throw on a 200amp Alt, and Coyote starter.
  14. IronSnake

    Need a knife for my son, ideas?

    Bear Edge off Amazon is actually a decent knife. Says it's made in the USA. Been decent so far
  15. IronSnake

    It’s not a Mustang….

  16. IronSnake

    At what point do you think you'll stop caring about having stuff?

    Wife and I both had a significant bump in pay this year. We splurged for a month and a half. Shortly thereafter we saw all the crap we bought and gauged its impact. Some of which was worth it. Some of it not so much. Gave us a lot to think about. Now we basically buy little man whatever we want...
  17. IronSnake

    C8Z06 unveiled today

    Unobtanium. I don't waste my time with these types of cars anymore. Not like it'll be obtainable by anyone that isn't willing to drop major cash for ADM markups AND wait years to get it.
  18. IronSnake

    What Would You Do? Fox Body

    That's a little high on the TKO pricing. I've bought a few of them for 1500-2k before. Buy a new 26 spline clutch and let it rip with the stock bell Personally I'd throw a TKO in it. On3 kit. Good fuel system and an MS3pro. As long as you don't ring it out up top with RPM's they'll hold up...
  19. IronSnake

    Anyone in the Greensboro, NC area?

    It's purple. Tends to be chill.
  20. IronSnake

    FOR SALE: 03 Cobra Parts

    Kyle, any idea what shipped would be to 29414 on the rear brackets/calipers?
  21. IronSnake

    Any Tundra peeps in here?

    Toytec Quality and support is hard to beat. I'm a Toyota truck/SUV kind of guy and I can't think of a better brand to run
  22. IronSnake

    Centri MS3PNP Temp Sensor Placement

    This is exactly what I did. MS3Pro pnp, LS IAT style sensor/pigtail with a 3/8" NPT bung welded into the charge pipe. Right about where the MAF/stock IAT would sit
  23. IronSnake

    AZ Title BS

    This. Immediately my go-to. I did that a while back. Sold a truck on bill of sale 3. I had paperwork from the junkyard to car lot, to me, and then bill to the guy who bought it from me. Whoever ends up titling that thing is going to have fun.
  24. IronSnake

    Truck tires

    I've had really good success with Grabber ATX