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  1. HillbillyHotRod

    Need a new farm truck

    So wrecked my farm truck (79GMC 4x4) and need a replacement. Does not have to be anything fancy as it is not used all that often. Only thing I really need is has to be 4x4. Looking at something in the years prior to 2010. I know certain years of Fords have problems but have no idea about any...
  2. HillbillyHotRod

    It’s back - XFL

    Bwaaaahaha. Wonder if it will be as goofy as last time? XFL 2020 team names, schedule, rules, players & more: A guide to Vince McMahon's football reboot
  3. HillbillyHotRod

    ForScan question?

    I downloaded FORScan to try and find out why our 2016 Edge is acting up. So got a Juta ELM327 connector that apparently does not work as when I connect it to laptop ForScan says no ELM connected. So what connector will work since this one does not. This is version 2.3.28 running on windows 7...
  4. HillbillyHotRod

    Aeroforce not reading IAT2

    I have a dual aeroforce gauge setup. Had to send on in to get fixed. So I get it back and it does not read IAT2. It is not the gauge as I set the other one to IAT2 and it also does not get a reading. Both gauges show IAT2 but no reading. So where does the IAT2 signal come from on a 08GT500?
  5. HillbillyHotRod

    Strange electrical blip on 16 Edge

    So we have a 16 Ford Edge. Yesterday after having sat for 3 days went out to start it. Inadvertently while putting the fob in my pocket hit the emergency button and started the horn blaring. So hit a bunch of buttons to try and get it to stop till finally had to push the start button to get it...
  6. HillbillyHotRod

    Washington DC in the spring

    So wife has never been to DC and wants to go this spring. Will not go during the cherry blossom thing as do not like crowds. Anyway where would be the best areas to stay? Plan on using the metro going to and from as have heard traffic is terrible. Was not bad when I went but that was back in the...
  7. HillbillyHotRod

    Shelbyfest May 2-4

    Shelbyfest in Jefferson City, Mo on May 2-4. Does anyone go to this? I will be there with others.
  8. HillbillyHotRod

    TPMS giving me fits

    So got the sensors installed on the wheels and now it is throwing a sensor error. Weird part is I can program them and everything is fine for about 15-20 miles. Then it starts flashing and finally going solid. Took the car in to the tire shop and they test them and everything is working. So they...
  9. HillbillyHotRod

    Replaceing upper control arm on jack stands?

    Has anyone do this? All the videos I find are using a lift and pole jack. Can this be done using jack stands? I also can get the car up on ramps but then the rear would be loaded and do not know if doable like that. Thanks.
  10. HillbillyHotRod

    No more Nike’s

    just saw on the news that Nike newest star is craponick. I guess I can cross them off any buying list.
  11. HillbillyHotRod

    Who has Netflix

    You soon can enjoy obumma movies. Barack and Michelle Obama Sign Netflix Production Deal
  12. HillbillyHotRod

    Weird noise from the rear?

    Today I noticed a new noise coming from I think the rear. What happens is if I put the car in neutral when coming to a stop just before it gets to stop there appears to be a slight clicking coming from the rear or back portion of the car. Sounds a bit like a ratchet wrench going in reverse. I...
  13. HillbillyHotRod

    Possible rear end problem

    So was changing out the tires on the back of my 08. Noticed that when I turned on tire the tire on the opposite side went in the opposite direction. Now in the old days this would tell me that it has a open differential. Is the something different on the GT500 or has the posi taken a dump? Thanks
  14. HillbillyHotRod


    so whos gonna watch the liberal snob movie star mutual appreciation show? I think I will just watch the grass grow as it is more exciting. They probably name another ghey movie as best pic anyway.
  15. HillbillyHotRod

    Adjustable shock question

    So will be replacing my shocks on my 08, 36,000 miles. May not really have to but with the mileage and planning on lowering figure why not now. Anyway looking at adjustable shocks because would like to have the performance but also better ride. The wife has plates and pins in her back so cannot...
  16. HillbillyHotRod

    Using the emeergency tire kit as a inflater only?

    Anyone do this? I have used up the sealant on a project car and really did not want to use it on the good wheels. Is there some way to disconnect the sealant side from the inflater side.
  17. HillbillyHotRod

    Where is user cp?

    Trying to change the title under my user name and it says to go to cp but I cannot find the cp anywhere.
  18. HillbillyHotRod

    Oasis report

    Wife wrecked our DD and we are looking at a replacement. Is there anyone on here who car get a Oasis report on the vehicle? 2016 Ford Edge Thanks.
  19. HillbillyHotRod

    BMR UCA mount question

    I have a BMR UCA control arm mount and adjustable arm,. The mount has two hole for the arm to mount to. Which hole do you use? The one closest to the mounting surface or the one on the outer end? Thanks
  20. HillbillyHotRod

    Dry air filter adapter question

    I am running a Airaid 703-496 blue dry air filter on my 08 with a JLT123 CAI and it fits right. Problem is they have discontinued making this filter. There are others but the inside diameter of the intake flange is 5.625" as opposed to the 5" that I need. Is there anyone who makes a 5/16" rubber...
  21. HillbillyHotRod

    Not new but,

    Not really new but do not think I have done this yet. Anyway been a big poster over on but will be over here for various reasons. Somewhat of a goof ball as I will say some really off the wall things in good natured fun. Have a 08 with 704 rwhp and enjoy doing shows. Have not raced it...
  22. HillbillyHotRod

    Forum rules

    Yeah I know this is way off topic but where does one find the forum rules? I have not found a like to them anywhere. Can someone point out where to find those? Thanks
  23. HillbillyHotRod

    2008 Raxiom Navigation Install

    So bought the American Muscle raxiom navigation unit. Get it here and there is no way I can figure out which cable go to where. Has anyone installed one of these? The instructions that came with it are useless to the point I am thinking about sending it back. Thanks.
  24. HillbillyHotRod

    American Muscle discount code?

    American Muscle ho longer has a discount code? Tried ordering from them using a discount code I got here a while back and it no longer works. Do they not have a code anymore?
  25. HillbillyHotRod

    Warning about possible sleazy seller

    Over on another forum ( there is a seller (What'sNext) who sold a member a set of wheels claimed to be HRE wheels that would fit a GT500. After the buyer got the wheels he found out they would in no way fit a Shelby. The seller agreed to take them back at the buyers shipping...