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    ISO 03-04 Shift Knob

    Looking for a mint or NOS factory shit knob. 8647231804
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    My COBRA in 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords

    So pumped, dream come true, thanks to Steve and Micheal for an awesome job!!! Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More Can someone post the picture for me? Thanks!
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    DSLR Pro's come on in

    Those of you that make all these great photos; what camera are you using? I am looking to buy one, but I need to get something that's under $700 bucks that's not a piece of crap...Thanks!!!
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    3" Catback System

    I have a 3" collector on some AR Headers and a 3" x-pipe going on my '04 cobra motor swap. Here's where I need some big help...where can I find a stainless steel 3" Catback????????
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    Advice about fuel system on Termy motor swap

    Ok I have a 98 Cobra with the weird fuel tank. I am swapping an 04 Cobra motor and trans. The car is going to have headers, ported blower, pulleys (2.8 upper and 4lbs lower), JLT cold air, and etc. Shooting for 550-600 RWHP. Here's the question, should I swap an 03/04 tank and lines, or put...
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    I bought a new car

    Well, I've been wanting an '03-04 I bought a foxbody with a cobra swap, which I'm swapping into my car this winter. I have a few questions tho... 1. Which K-member should I buy to install the swap? 2. Which LONG tube header works best for an '03-04 swap into a sn95: a. American...
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    1998 BAB Cobra

    1998 Bright Alantic Blue Cobra: 85,xxx miles $12,500 OBO (NEW PRICE) 4.10 motive gears Bassani Mid-length headers and offroad x-pipe H&R lowering springs with Bilstein shocks and struts Steeda Caster Chamber plates B&M Ripper Shifter Recent repaint (faded-never wrecked)...
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    After market stereos what y'all running

    Other than the mach 460 what are you guys running for head units and speakers and amps???
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    Power package

    I need some help guys. Here's the skinny-98 BAB Cobra: Bassani mids, catless x, welded in magna flows 4:10's H&R springs Bilsteins Steeda Caster Chambers (new in the box-wolfe racecraft double adj. upper and lowers without spring perch and double anti-roll bar and sper. bushing) I...
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    Car Show in Forsyth, IL

    Our Church is putting on it's 3rd Annual Car Show tomorrow. We are located 15 miles from Anderson Ford in Clinton, IL. 144 E. Cox Street Forsyth, IL 62535 (217) 855-1736 I'll have the pics up tomorrow afternoon, but if you are local come and join us from 10am-2pm! Free...
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    Anyone going to NMRA this Saturday in Joilet, IL?

    My wife and I are going to drive the Cobra to the Car Show to particpate, anyone going?
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    2002 Acura RSX

    $7,300 OBO 2002 Acura RSX base model. Automatic with select-a-shift, leather, cd player, power moonroof, new BF Goodrich G-force tires, power windows and locks, cold a/c, no mechical issues at all. 98,023 miles. The car's paint is a 7 out of 10 with a few nicks and dings, but overall a very...
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    Door panels

    Ok so getting ready to do some stuff to the interior, a-pillar guages, shift light in a/c vent, led lights in dash. One big problem is a little split in the passenger door panel and from what says you can't get those anymore...any ideas???
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    1998 Bright Atlantic Blue Cobra

    Price reduced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1998 BAB COBRA: I am the third owner of this car. It was originally purchased by Pro-Golfer Jay Haas. It has never been in a wreck of any kind. The car has been repainted only to prepare it to be in high end car shows. The paint work was performed by...
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    4:30 Gear question

    So I grenaded my ring and pinion at the track Saturday night! So I threw a set of Motive 4:10's to get by, but I have a question: I am going to build the rear end this winter and need to know how to get my mechanical speedo to work with 4:30's? I have a 23 tooth gear in the tranny now (which is...
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    Need your help picking out a truck

    Ok my budget allows for these: 1994-1998 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 auto diesel ex. cab Pros: -able to pull my Cobra with ease -fast and roomy -easy to work on and upgrade (all mech. not electric) Cons: -Dodge -price of fuel -price of oil changes 1998-2003 Ford F150 4x4 auto 4.6 auto...
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    O/R H-pipe for 96-98 Cobra or GT with 5 speed

    Used H-pipe no leaks in good shape first $100 bucks takes it! Mustang offroad H-pipe96 97 98 gt or cobra
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    Bassani X-pipe with mid lengths

    OK so for the last week I've been laying under my cobra installing Bassani Mid-Length headers only to find out yesterday that the x-pipe that I ordered (bassani o/r) doesn't fit my my headers??? Where can I find the ends that work with my headers? I bought the headers used so I'm screwed because...
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    Header Install

    I live in Central IL and need to have some header I am buying installed... Bassani Midlengths, does anyone here live close enough and want to earn some extra cash let me know!
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    Project Thristy: 98 BAB Cobra

    This morning I'm putting the Cobra on jack stands for a little freshing up. Going to drop the gas tank detail the back half of the underside, paint the gas tank shield, and replace the stock pump with an aviator unit. First things first, though, gotta see if my tank has the retarded basket or...
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    WTB: LT headers or Bassani Mids good shape

    Looking for kooks or bassani or some kind of LT in nice shape for a good in hand!
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    Help with fuel pump

    OK I have done a lot of reading and need some advice. I have a srock 98 cobra that I am going to build the motor (mild) and use forced induction (twin turbos-low boost) and need help picking a fuel pump. I am dropping the tank this week end and need to know what to do... Many of you say go with...
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    2002 Acura RSX

    Ok been trying to sell my sport trac with no luck and need to get rid of a car payment bad...So wife's RSX up for sell. 2002 Black RSX 92,000 miles Black leather Moon Roof Auto with select-a-shift New BFG G-Force tires New gatorback s. belt All options loaded NON-TYPE S Great...
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    98 BAB Cobra Dyno Video

    Ok, so here's my Cobra video done by Hawks Third Generation. Yes they are a GM Performance shop, but the owner Bruce Hawkins is a good friend of mine and he dynoed the car for me. This car is stock and needs some gears badly!!! LOL 269hp/274tq not bad for a stock car. Schroll to bottom of...
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    Lighting Mass Air Meter *help*

    Got a chance to pick up a lighting mass air meter, will it help a stock 98 cobra? And will it work with stock injectors? Thanks