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  1. ThomasL

    My new Comp Orange '16 GT Premium - "The Peel"

    So let's get this out of the way: I'm insane. Ok good. I recently traded in my '14 Shelby with 800rwhp for a '16 GT Premium with an auto. I think way back when I even ragged on a guy on here for doing the same. Anyways, I drove the piss outta my Shelby and after nearly 20k miles I just needed a...
  2. ThomasL

    Clutch issue I can't figure out

    After about 10k miles on my McLeod RXT, I noticed it slipping when I'd accelerate in higher gears. I'd go WOT and even just half throttle and RPMs would shoot up but the car didn't go anywhere. So i figured maybe the clutch was on it's way out. It still cruises around town and shifts just fine...
  3. ThomasL

    Bought a Raptor!

    Joined the Raptor club today! Bought a '12 SCREW with 11k miles on it. Let the games begin.
  4. ThomasL

    '14 Shelby AKA The Hellby at NMRA Bradenton

    I posted up a few weeks ago about knocking out a 10.6 my second time ever at the track. Well some seat time sure helps! At NMRA this past weekend i was able to run some 10.0s and 10.1s. So close to 9s! I hope to hit up a test n tune soon on a "cool" night to get it. Though the good air may be...
  5. ThomasL

    FS: XBOX One 500GB

    ** SOLD ** Selling my 500GB XBOX One. Works perfectly. Comes with HDMI, power cable, rechargeable controller. $315 via PayPal and i'll ship it ASAP. Boxed in original box and ready to go. Add another $40 and i'll throw in 4 games..... Dead Rising 3, COD Ghosts, Forza 5, Battlefield 4.
  6. ThomasL

    2014 GT500 OEM Clutch. Only 200 miles on it.

    Like the title states, 2014 GT500 OEM Clutch. About 200 miles on it. I replaced it with the McLeod RXT. Asking $400 plus shipping via PayPal in US or i can meet up local in Florida.
  7. ThomasL

    10.01 '14 Shelby PICS, VID and STORY inside

    For full disclosure here, I've been to the track 2 other times in my life. Both times were last year with this car at 700rwhp and street tires. :kaboom: Not an ideal combo for your first track experience. Spinning all the way down the track. I managed a 12.1 at 123ish. Fast forward to yesterday...
  8. ThomasL

    My GT500 at Wannagofast 1/2 mile Florida

    Had a great time at the event this weekend! This was my first time doing a 1/2 mile and its definitely a different beast than the 1/4. VMP Tuning and Van Collier helped me out all weekend so big thanks to them. A lot of learning and a brutal crosswind on Saturday got me a best of 159. Then I...
  9. ThomasL

    Forgestar CF5V on '14 GT500

    I posted up my drag pack a couple weeks ago. Decided i needed a new daily setup that would also be good for the half mile event in Ocala later this month. Decided on these Forgestar CF5Vs in 19x10 in rear and 19x9 up front. Very lightweight and the Piano Black finish looks awesome. It's not a...
  10. ThomasL

    Drag pack on my '14 GT500 AKA "The Hellby"

    Been a long time coming but finally got the setup i want. Billet Pro Shop rear brake kit enables me to run the 15s in back. GT brake kit up front to run 17s. Darkstars with custom gloss black finish. Rear tires are 275/60/15 MT ET Street Pros. Recently got a taller front tire because my headers...
  11. ThomasL

    British pop star finds SPIDER living in her ear!

  12. ThomasL

    Tire Shop in New Orleans

    Figured i'd post in here as the regional threads tend to take forever for a response. I have a leak in one of my rear MPSS. Not sure how bad i just know it keeps losing air. I'm new to New Orleans and would like to find a reputable place to diagnose the issue and either fix it or help me with...
  13. ThomasL

    '14 GT500 SVTPP Wheels with MPSS tires and bonus rear DRs too

    !!!SOLD!!! I've got a set of stock SVT Performance Pack wheels for sale off my '14 GT500. 19" fronts with 275/40/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires on AND 20" rears with 295/35/20 MPSS on. The MPSS only have a couple thousand miles on them and are typically good for 30,000 miles. Located in...
  14. ThomasL

    True Detective season 2 starring.....

    Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. I think the directing/writing could make them shine, but still a bit of an odd couple. I absolutely loved season 1 so hopefully season 2 lives up to the hype. What do you guys think?
  15. ThomasL

    2016 GT500 Spied? Pics/link inside...
  16. ThomasL

    Black 2014 Shelby Pics

    Finally came across some good pics of my car. Usually all i have are my own crappy iPhone pics. These are from a local Cars & Coffee event the other day. No new mods really, just a clean car for once. Threw in a bonus pic of what my drag setup will look like when i get around to picking up some...
  17. ThomasL

    Jacksonville Cars & Coffee

    The meet is this saturday 9-11. Just curious if any of you have been and if it's worth checking out? Thinking about going but it's a little bit of a drive for me. Let me know!
  18. ThomasL

    Spiders Responsible for Suzuki Recall

    God help us all. Spider webs in fuel lines prompt Suzuki to recall 19k cars. Also some random pics of my encounters with spiders around my house. Happy Friday!
  19. ThomasL

    Foo Fighters' new album announced!

    New album 'Sonic Highways' is due November 10th! I expect this album to be a bit different than a straightforward rock album. Very excited for it as Foo Fighters have always been one of my favorite bands and Grohl is in my top 5 people i'd like to sit and have a beer with. Link below with all...
  20. ThomasL

    Tony Stewart hits driver Kevin Ward in sprint car incident....

    Details and Stewart's intentions are sketchy/non-existent at this time. It sounds like the two got their cars tangled up in a race in up state NY, and then Ward got out of his car to confront Stewart and was struck by Stewart's car. Again, whether intentional or not, we don't know yet. Crazy...
  21. ThomasL

    2016 SVT Mustang with a close call at the 'Ring

    Only pics, but you can see how close it came to smacking the wall....
  22. ThomasL

    2014 Black on Black GT500: Fresh detail pics

    Had it detailed today by VIP Detailing Services in Tampa. They did an outstanding job! Love black when it's clean! :coolman: Excuse the poor iPhone photos. A proper photo shoot will be done soon.
  23. ThomasL

    Fastest 20inch wheel and street tire Shelby?

    I'm bored. Kids are up early. So i got to thinking, what's the fastest 1/4 pass made with a 20in rear wheel in a Shelby? Also, what is the fastest pass made on a true street tire (not drag radial)in a Shelby?
  24. ThomasL

    Dynatech Headers and Off Road X Pipe installed!

    Doing some cool things with the car in the coming weeks. The exhaust was finished today and i just wanted to say I'm very happy with how the new setup turned out. Gained some serious power and i am just in love with the raw sound. Somewhat tame but noticeable at idle and then the hounds of hell...
  25. ThomasL

    13/14 Shelby spotted in Tampa....

    Anyone on here have a black/black 13/14 Shelby and cruise on North Dale Mabry often?? Seen this car a half dozen times and can hear an aftermarket exhaust on it. Nice car. Sounds sick. Just thought i'd see if it was anyone on here. Would post this in the Florida region forum but that's dead...