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  1. 20redfire03

    2015 Ford F-150 rear bumper

    So if the bumper, sensors, harness, and other required parts are bought would it all be able to be installed and it work as if it came with back up sensors originally?
  2. 20redfire03

    2015 Ford F-150 rear bumper

    I would lean more towards OEM new, that is what I have been looking for so far.
  3. 20redfire03

    2015 Ford F-150 rear bumper

    Thanks for links. I knew there was a company we could use through the forum but it's been awhile. If I have looked at the diagram right it's about $370 plus shipping for all the parts. Even then I can only assume it is able to plugged into place.
  4. 20redfire03

    2015 Ford F-150 rear bumper

    Is there a place online you can buy an OEM rear bumper for a 2015 F-150 that has the parking sensors? My father backed into a pole and needs to replace his bumper and wants to replace it with one with sensors. I would believe the wiring would be there already but I'm sure there is a possibility...
  5. 20redfire03

    GT500 Mufflers on 2015+ Mustang

    Would the 13-14 GT500 mufflers fit on the S550s? I have a set and a buddy of mine has a '16 and if they fit he may purchase them from me.
  6. 20redfire03

    Super Mario Run

    Downloaded this just for the hell of it got to world 1-4 and was told I had to buy the rest. Few seconds later it was deleted.
  7. 20redfire03

    13-14 Quad tip GT500 mufflers

    For sale: Local only, do not want to ship 13-14 Quad Tip GT500 mufflers, in decent shape, I never got a chance to install them but upon looking them over they have a slight dent on the edge of one time and where the mufflers pipe meets the OAP, clamps included. Both appear easily fixable. $300
  8. 20redfire03

    11-14 Mustang Car cover

    For Sale: Local only, do not want to ship. Car Cover for 11-14 Mustang, has mirror pockets and antenna sleeve. Fit great while in use, only used for a couple weeks or so, spent more time in the trunk than on the car. 125$
  9. 20redfire03

    20x9.5 Bravado Tributes, 15x10 Racestars w/tires, 15x8 no tires

    For Sale: Local Only, Not Willing to ship 20x9.5 Bravado Tributes, 275/35/20 Falken Azenis PT-722 All Seasons (I think), about 7000 miles on them, no rash, hub centric rings, lug nuts with tool, TPMS installed - $1400 15x10 Racestars 275/60/15 Mickey Thompson ET Streets, 3 passes total, about...
  10. 20redfire03

    Flex fuel sensor

    I was talking to a friend recently and E85 came up. He mentioned on the G8s people are installing the flex fuel sensor on their cars so they can switch between E85 and 93 without changing tunes. Is this possible for our cars? He did mention the switch isn't cheap but most mods aren't.
  11. 20redfire03

    15X8 racestar sticking out?

    I test fit one of my 15x8 racestars with a 275/50/15 MT ET Street and it stuck out past the fender, enough to hold my phone flush against the car and sit on the tire. With my 20s the rim/tire is flush with the fender or in a little bit. Is this normal for racestars? Kinda wish I had spent...
  12. 20redfire03

    Which set of lug nuts for direct drill racestar 15x8s?

    Which set of lug nuts do I need for a pair for 15x8 direct drill racestars? AM is out at the moment and only other place I have really looked is beefcakeracing, would it be this set? (10) 1/2" - OPEN 1.38" LONG, 13/16" HEAD LUGS (INCL...
  13. 20redfire03


    Will a 275/40/17 be to small for a '14 A6 car? I will likely mount them on some 10th anny 17x9 wheels from AM. I believe the 275/40/17 is about 26" or should I try to do a 28" set up instead? Mainly seeing how far I can go with the car without a tune and removing interior. So far my best is...
  14. 20redfire03

    Spark ply wells filled with oil/ now cleaned has internment miss

    A friends Mach 1 was eaton swapped, ran great for a few weeks including passes down the 1/4 mile but a week or so ago he discovered his spark wells on his driver side head the back 2 wells at least filled with oil. What would cause this to happen? He has cleaned the oil out...
  15. 20redfire03

    07 f150 5.4 knocking sound

    My father has a 07 f150 5.4 3v and its making a knocking noise. Motor has 78k on it. Doesn't seem to increase with revs, only starts once it's warmed up. Could it be rod knock? Sorta immatates tapping your fingers on a desk going from side to side. Also truck runs and drives fine. A dealership...
  16. 20redfire03

    EZ Pass fine in VA?

    What's the fine for using the EZ pass lane in VA without an EZ pass?
  17. 20redfire03

    Worth changing?

    Is it worth changing Amsoil with 5k on it or just let it ride over winter. Car wont be driven much and about of the miles were highway. Hasnt really been driven in a while as it is.
  18. 20redfire03

    Iphone5 issues/questions

    Since all the new updates my battery life has taken a hit. A settings reset helped once but it went back to crap. I tried it again and now texting certain people it uses my email others my phone number. If I take my email off it won't let me text the one person. Now I'm sure I can delete the...
  19. 20redfire03

    47lb injectors for sale

    A set of 47lb injectors. 210$ shipped. as far as i know 300-400 miles on them.
  20. 20redfire03

    Picking up a DD

    Picking up a DD soon, next few days I hope, as I start a new job on Tuesday and my commute is going from 20 miles round trip to 80-90 miles and I dont want to put those miles on my mustang. Currently, I am between a 05 Focus ZX4 SES w/ 113k for $6000 or a 96 Civic with 138k for $5000. These are...
  21. 20redfire03

    SCT X4 software?

    Where can I get it? The software at SCTFLASH is only the x3. The software wont see the X4, and I couldn't even get the software to install on my windows 8 computer. I am on a windows vista desktop.
  22. 20redfire03

    Paxton coolant line routing and other questions

    Could anyone provide pictures of their Paxton install in regards to their coolant lines and how they look on a 2013? Also, if you could post pictures of where you cut the bumper that would be great as well. And how and what was needed to wire up a Vortech maxflow fuel pump booster? Thanks
  23. 20redfire03

    Ipad mini cases?

    I'm thinking about getting an ipad mini and wanted to know what cases people are using. Such as a lifeproof case or case with an integrated keyboard? I'd mainly use it for websites, videos, email, and messaging. I like the protection of the lifeproof cases but also would like a keyboard. Any...
  24. 20redfire03

    Anyone used this yet? Looks like you could get the benefit of the airaid intake but keep the good parts of the stock airbox.
  25. 20redfire03

    20x9.5 Tributes installed

    Got these in today and slapped them on. Will try for better pictures eventually once its all cleaned up.