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  1. sur_real1

    Upgraded to GT350 front brakes on my 2011 Gt

    So, I don't know how many people have done this, but it's a borderline affordable way to get amazing front brakes on the front of our cars. However, for me, it was a pretty good deal. Before I upgraded, I was running the 4 piston Brembos, stainless lines and stoptech z23 brake pads. The car...
  2. sur_real1

    Re-painting "Ford Racing" emblem on Cobrajet manifold

    Hey everyone, The Ford and Racing emblem paint started to peel on my CobraJet manifold, so I went ahead and scraped it completely off. It's looked fine in all black for a little while now, but I'm kind of thinking I'd like to add a "splash" of color back to the manifold by painting the Ford...
  3. sur_real1

    Best MAF for blow through boost setups 11-14

    Hey everyone, I've recently done a procharger stage II D1sc install and dyno tune on my 2011 Mustang GT and the signal for the MAF in the intercooler isn't amazingly awesome. With that being said, are there aftermarket MAF's that handle this better?
  4. sur_real1

    Lightly Used Twin 65 FRPP Throttle Body $500

    I have a twin 65mm throttle body that I purchased from American Muscle last year for my CobraJet build on my 2011 Mustang GT. I put maybe 150 miles and 5 hours of dyno tuning time on it before I found a working used monoblade that I swapped in its place. The car ran great and the drivability...
  5. sur_real1

    Anyone know this procharged 2011?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking into procharging my 2011 GT with CJ manifold and monoblade. I know that people have done some interesting things with rubber elbows and what not, HOWEVER, I came across a video on YouTube and it would appear that this car has a custom one piece tube which then...
  6. sur_real1

    ABS Non-Compatible Software Error

    Hey everyone, So, we recently swapped in a new PCM into my 2011 GT after a transmission swap. Along with that, we also installed a new ABS module that I "thought" was a match for the PCM. After verifying the car ran with the new PCM, we attempted to program the ABS module. It claims it took...
  7. sur_real1

    Used 2014 GT500 Calipers | Opinion Needed | How much would you pay?

    Hey everyone, I've got a buddy who is getting ready to sell his 6 piston gt500 calipers off of a 2014 with around 50k miles. I believe they come with the brake lines. We're doing some digging to figure out how much he should list them for. What would you pay?
  8. sur_real1

    Odd Mis-Fire on freeway, but went away on its own, and SCT doesn't show any DTC's

    Hey everyone, I just recently did an auto to manual swap in my 2011 Mustang GT and so far the car has been running great. I probably have 30 miles on the swap so far. Well, I've been babying it, and keeping it under 4k RPM while I break in the clutch, but something odd just happened on my...
  9. sur_real1

    WTB: Slave Cylinder Bolts | 2012 GT MT82 | ASAP

    Hey SvtPerformance! I'm right at the end of my 6r80 to MT82 swap and I've found that I don't have the bolts for the slave cylinder, so I cannot install the transmission. I'm in need of these asap. These: I've ordered...
  10. sur_real1

    Auto to Manual Swap, How much brake fluid do I need?

    Hey everyone, I finally have 99.99% of all I need for my transmission swap, BUT the brake fluid. Since I'm planning on emptying the entire system anyhow, I figure I would swap in some Motul RBF 600 to do it right. Here is a link to what I'm planning to order...
  11. sur_real1

    Mustang is to crowds as Jeep is to celebrities o_O

    No more Chekov :(
  12. sur_real1

    Strange drivetrain noise

    Hey everyone, I just got my mustang back from the shop after having a new rearend installed (housing and all) and now I've got a strange dull noise coming from the drivetrain around two different speeds. I'm running the stock 2 piece driveshaft to note. The speeds I'm having the sound are...
  13. sur_real1

    Rear Axle Off Center, Stock Suspension

    Hey everyone, Long story short, my mustang took a bump on the noggin and it needed some suspension work. But when the shop tried to give me my car back today, the axle was off by a good half inch to the driver's side. Of note, my suspension is 100% stock, and before the incident it was dead...
  14. sur_real1

    New Wheels and Tires on the 11'

    Hey guys, Just got back from Discount tire with my GT500 Style wheels and hankook V12's mounted. Front: 19x8.5 / 245 45 19 Rear: 19x10 / 275 40 19
  15. sur_real1

    Car won't start

    I'm sitting at the brown bear carwash waiting for a tow. The car won't even turn over. I started it after washing the car, moved it from the wash bay to the outside to detail, and now the car won't turn over or even attempt to turn over. Checked all fuses and relays and they are good...
  16. sur_real1

    Latest Dyno Run

    300rwhp, 292rwtq... Mustang dyno, Tuned by HP Ranch. Mods in sig.
  17. sur_real1

    Deleting EGR Question

    If I go to delete my EGR, a) will the car throw a code? b) will the car even idle? Thanks.
  18. sur_real1

    E-Green Cobra W/ Cobra R Hood

    So, after the weekend, I got a few more pictures of the car with the new hood. They aren't great but at least they are more than the teasers I sent out earlier. This one is a little menacing like coming out of the shadows
  19. sur_real1

    Electric Green with Cobra R Hood

    I've done a ton of searches and I have only found one E-green cobra with the cobra r hood, but it also has the R bumper. Does anyone have any pictures of an e green with the cobra r hood and stock 99 bumper? Thanks.
  20. sur_real1

    Breaking lug studs (Rear)

    So, this is really starting to chap my hide! 2 wheel studs broke off on the driver and passenger side a couple months back. So on the drivers side, I had all 5 replaced and only 2 on the passenger side. AND now this morning, another passenger side stud broke off! WTH! So, here is what I...
  21. sur_real1

    Will 3/8" spacer be enough?

    I ordered a set of Goodyear GS D3's and they came earlier than expected. I just measured them and they seem very huge. I have heard that most people get away with 3/8" spacers but I am concerned. These tires seem wider than most 315's I have run into. Right now I am running the FR500 10.5's...
  22. sur_real1

    September 1st Cruise is on second page. Should be a good long one. Let me know if anyone is game, I'll add you to the list. :thumbsup: -Corey
  23. sur_real1

    New Wheels On E-Green :)

    Hey Guys, I just got my FR500's on my E-Green Cobra. 17x10.5 and 17x9. Here are some pics.
  24. sur_real1

    What do you think about these?...

    I have been thinking about upgrading my rotors for a decently affordable price and ran accross these baer rotors. Does anyone have any experience with these? Thanks.
  25. sur_real1

    Hiccup at 3k

    When I am on the freeway doing 80MPH, I am rolling around 3k. I have noticed that when I maintain this particular speed for about 3-4 minutes, I get a hiccup in the car. It is small, but you can definitely feel it. What could be causing this? Thanks.