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    Mustang Speed Cal - $100

    Hey guys, I used this for about 2 months. New it is $130 + shipping. I am selling it with all of the parts and wires and connectors that come with it for $90 shipped. Same one as in this link:
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    SN95's at the American Muscle 2014 show

    Over 2,500 cars turned out for the one day car show. It was amazing. I can't wait to go next year! I figured I'd share all of the SN95 pictures I took at the show for you guys. Check out the instagram hashtag #am2014 for a few thousand pictures lol Saved the best for last. It...
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    American Muscle Show Pass

    My car is broken so I wont be entering it in the show. However I still have the pass if anyone needs one. Just give me what I paid for it which is $25. I'll be at the Best Western Friday night into Saturday so drop by and pick it up, or meet up with us when we're out. Sending a PM is the...
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    Hotels for the American Muscle show

    Who here is going to be staying at a hotel for the American Muscle show? What hotel is it? I'm probably driving to the area during the day Friday and am trying to figure out what hotel to stay in. It'd be cool to chill with some other mustang guys and girls and maybe grab some drinks. :beer:
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    Problems getting passanger side of midpipe to seal with stock manifolds

    I had taken off my old X-pipe and reinstalled many times without any issues as long as I changed that gasket. I switched from my old X pipe to a UPR X pipe and now I can't get the damn thing to seal up. I used a new gasket, and it leaked. I took the gasket out and flipped it around so that the...
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    Best method for extracting snapped valve cover bolt

    Ya, a snapped valve cover bolt. I'm pissed. The one time I decide to actually torque something the wrench was wrong. So now half of the bolt is sticking out of the head. I was going to try to put 2 nuts on it and put a wrench of the bottom one in hopes it would bring out the stud, but there is...
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    What powdercoat matches the stock valvecovers / intake manfold?

    I have a set of Continental valve covers for my COP swap, but they are black. I want to powdercoat them the same exact color as stock before I put them on. If I'm not mistaking the stock silver color has some metallic in it? Does anybody know what powder color perfectly matches stock? Thanks...
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    In-car donuts from last weekend

    Did some donuts last weekend and had a friend recording. Just messing around. Enjoy lol. qe8-MEXZsng&list=UULQ3lj08Xj7dRXBiIFk0pHg
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Hell ya man, that's super cool! I can't wait, one of the highlights of this summer for sure.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    That's scary! I'll be going skydiving for the first time ever in August haha.. shit.
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    How should I adjust this rear end gear pattern?

    Well this gear pattern isn't the best, but I am pretty sure the gear pattern isn't correct. Here are some pictures, tell me what you think. -Pinion turning torque is set towards the upper range of the spectrum, right at 28 inch pounds. -Backlash is set at .008 - .009 (right where I want it)...
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    Oil pressure test port sealant?

    I'm replacing all of my oil cooler gaskets and o-rings right now, and I figured while I'm in there I should just replace the pressure sensor and reseal the pressure test port fitting while I'm at it (I assume that's what it is, the pipe thread that is loosened and tightened by an allen socket)...
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    Latemodel Restoration's HARLEM SHAKE!

    Harlem Shake - Mustang Edition - YouTube b7YhRKftGN4 :banana: :pepper: :dancenana:
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Wow that truck is ruined. A used raptor is not something I would purchase lol.
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    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Wtf lol, why would somebody do that to a ZR1
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    Ford Racing 4.30 gears

    ***SOLD*** Asking $150 Here I have a set of Ford Racing 8.8 4.30:1 ring and pinion gears. I believe these are discontinued now actually. These have no chips, marks, gawling, cracks, or anything else. They are a very fun and quick gear set. I had them in my car for a few years before I...
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    J & M Lower Control Arms

    Has anybody heard of these, or is anyone actually using these? I'm changing the lower control arms on my car, all in the name of less bind. My Steeda lowers had 2/3 piece poly bushings on the chassis side and axle side. I'm not sure if they were technically 2 or 3 piece, but both sides were red...
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    T45 builders recommend Merc V but I put in Merc III (good results)

    So whenever I read a thread or post about build T45's or atleast rebuilt ones from all kinds of different builders (The T45 Source, Hanlon, Astro, etc.) they all recommend Mercon 5. It's funny because stock our cars take Merc 3. Now I was thinking maybe they are recommending the more slippery...
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    Putnam Cruise Night

    Does anyone ever go to these? I may go tonight. Sorry I don't have a lot of info on it. It is in Putnam, CT. Let me know any info you or websites about the show because since the CSP cruise was postponed I can't go tomorrow and my car is clean as hell and I need to do something. :beer:
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    A vid of my cobra: flybys, shooting flames, little burnout

    I posted this in the pics and vids section a while ago, but figured I'd share it with you guys too. Sorry for the weak burnout lol 42SnrqRMsh8&
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    Vid of my bolt on SN95 cobra: fly bys, shooting flames, etc.

    42SnrqRMsh8&feature=results_video&lr=1&ob=0 I apologize the weak burnout at the end lol, it was long in distance but eh. There was a better one but not sure why it didn't make the vid.
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    Wont start, no spark on either bank

    So I started my car a week ago and it misfired and died. I started again and gave it a little gas to hold it so it would atleast run. I did that for two seconds and then thought that I would wait till another time to look into it. It seemed to be flooded to me though. Then the other day I...