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    $30 Million Dollar Car Wreck

    Holy crap, can you even fathom the amount of money this car is worth? And to wreck it? World's most expensive car crash. Thirty mil....OUCH!! :nonono: "...many 250 GTO owners regularly drive them in public -- and last week, the one pictured above worth about $30 million was hit in what...
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    Bath Salts

    WTF is up with this stuff? I just heard about this insanity on the news yesterday. Newest household high? It is a synthetic stimulant said to cause a meth/cocaine like euphoria with the added effect of LSD like hallucinations, psychosis and apparently superhuman strength and pain endurance...
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    FS: SCT X3 Tuner w/ VMP Tunes for 07-09

    ***SOLD*** For sale I have an unmarried/unlocked SCT X3 tuner pre-loaded with 3 custom VMP tunes for 07-09 GT500s. Comes with all cords and factory packaging including VMP Tune Details sheet. Basic details of tunes are as follows: Mods FRPP 113mm Intake **I have this for sale here also ($450...
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    FS: Stock 07-09 Panhard Bar

    For sale I have an OEM panhard bar for 07-09 GT500s. It may fit other years but I can't guarantee it. I will post pics when I get home. $60 shipped
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    FS: OEM Front Strut Mounts

    For sale I have a set (2) of STOCK front strut mounts. These will fit any year Shelby (07-12) or Mustang (05+). These are not the upgraded Ford Racing strut mounts, as far as I know. They did however work just fine and made NO noises or problems whatsoever. I will post pics when I get home...
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    FS: 07-09 Engine Coil Covers

    FS: 07-09 Engine Coil Covers **SOLD** **sold**
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    FS: 07-09 Ford Racing 113mm Intake

    ***SOLD*** For sale I have a Ford Racing 113mm intake for 07-09 GT500s. Filter will be freshly cleaned and oiled before shipping. I will post pictures when I get home from work today. **I also have the SCT tuner with preloaded VMP tunes for this intake ($450 for intake & tuner) FYI**...
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    Rally Stripe Knob & Shelby Shifter Stick (07-09)

    For sale is an MGW Rally Stripe Knob (White w/ Red Stripes) on a Shelby Performace Parts shifter Stick. The threads match perfectly and the knob screws directly on the shifter with no adapters. These are in excellent condition with no scratches or marks. *NOTE: This shifter stick will slightly...
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    FS: Stock 07-09 springs

    I have a set of OEM springs for an 07-09 GT500 for sale. Two front, two rear. I can provide pics if needed. $50 plus shipping
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    Dyno'd lean....should I be worried?

    Had the GT500 dyno'd on Saturday. The pulls were looking ok in the high 11, low 12 range. Then towards the very top end, it hit about 12.8-12.9 :uh oh: I also thought it dyno'd kind of lean stock (can't remember exact #s). Both stock and Saturday's A/F curves were identical, peaking up top, with...
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    H&R Block Deluxe Tax Software (Federal+State) *Free e-file

    For sale is a brand new H&R Block At Home Deluxe tax preparation software. This includes 2011 FEDERAL AND STATE returns. You will not get your taxes filed easier or cheaper than this. I've used tax prep software for as long as they have been out and will never go to any tax prep office again...
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    VMP Goes Above and Beyond with Outstanding Customer Service

    I wanted to thank BJ at VMP for helping me out when he really didn't have to. I am a VMP customer and have purchased their tune and a few other things in the past. I recently purchased a used part from a member here, a competitor's part. Because I didn't buy it from VMP I was not guaranteed the...
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    L&M Throttle Body Tune

    I hope I'm not out of line by asking this question in spite of the TB/Plenum drama. I was gonna go with the VMP TB and plenum but I found a used L&M TB for a good price from a member here that I couldn't pass up. Justin, I currently have your tune (100, 93, 91) for a FRPP intake and your 2.65"...
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    X-Pipe Reducers to Plug Exhaust Leak

    I bought a used Lethal catless x-pipe from someone and I'm told it was supposed to come with reducers to help fit the ends to the manifold. Well I guess the guy didn't send them with the pipe. Any way I can purchase those separately to get the pipe to fit properly? I currently have a pretty bad...
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    Exhaust leak with X-Pipe

    I just installed a used catless X-pipe. But after firing her up it was apparent I had an exhaust leak. It is leaking where the X-Pipe bolts to the headers. I think it is due to the flange being bent from over torquing of the bolts by the previous owner, preventing a good seal. Any ideas for...
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    Am I safe with only a pulley (no tune)?

    I needed to remove the tune on my car for it to go through emissions inspection (VA :kaboom:). So I needed to put on the stock airbox as well. But I left the smaller pulley on there cause it's such a PITA to swap, even with the puller tool. I'm just driving it around for a few miles to make sure...
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    Set of GT500 Emblems for Sale

    ***SOLD*** Thanks!
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    GT500 vs. GT500

    Me and my buddy. Both 2008 GT500s with pulley, intake and tune but my buddy also has 4.10s and an off-road X-pipe. Car in video is mine, camera car is my buddy's. 60-140 roll. He definitely pulled on me in the beginning but toward the end I was at his bumper and we were pretty dead even till we...
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    '08 GT500 vs. Supercharged GTO 6.0

    On the way to a local car meet with a couple guys from a local group we just met decided to do a friendly highway roll. GT500 (not me) mods are: springs, O/R X-pipe, 4.10 gears, canned tune and Borla axle-back. GTO is supercharged 6.0L running 7.5 lbs. of boost (not sure about other mods)...
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    Getting Gears. Wanna make sure I cover everything (**Bonus** Kill Vid inside)

    After seeing my buddy's GT500, stock aside from 4.10's and an O/R X-Pipe, pull on another buddy's supercharged GTO the other night I was convinced I wanted (needed) gears. Gonna go with 3.73s and all other related components. My question is whether to get the SVT bearing kit, that costs as much...
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    Something is slipping....badly. Clutch? HELP, PLEASE!!

    Car drives OK just putting around but when I go WOT in any gear the RPMs just rev all the way up. This used to just happen in 1st and 2nd gear from wheel spin. Well, it's not wheel spin cause it happens in every gear at any RPM, even in 6th gear cruising down the highway. Press the gas, the car...
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    12x1.75 Knob on Stock Shifter or Aftermarket Stick only??

    I really want an MGW Rally Series Shifter Ball which is a 12x1.75 coarse thread and it seems like the only way to get a knob with that thread is to buy a whole new shifter assembly :nonono: Does anybody know of a way to get a knob with 12x1.75 threads on the stock shifter or an aftermarket...
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    Any GT500s with Wheel Spacers out there?

    I'm looking for GT500s with wheel spacers, preferably lowered with stock wheels & tires but stock suspension and other wheel/tire combos are fine too. I currently have stock wheels & tires lowered on Eibach Pros. I will not be getting wider wheels anytime soon as I really like the stock...