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  1. 8oh4terminator

    Wtb:black or CO big blower coupe

    I’m looking to get back in a cobra and am being very picky but willing to pay for the perfect car. Looking for a black or CO coupe that’s has a big blower. Never had a turbo setup but willing to consider it as well. This is where I want to be picky because I’m looking for a big power car that I...
  2. 8oh4terminator

    GT 500 front bumper conversion for 13-14 mustang

    I am selling my front bumper conversion I was planning on putting on my old 13 mustang, but of course the car was totaled thanks to our local wildlife. The conversion has everything needed including an impact bar and extra air bag (figured I'd throw those in since I don't have a car they fit on...
  3. 8oh4terminator

    Parting out sale. 2013 MT-82, GT500 front bumper conversion. Headlights etc

    I've got a few extra things I'm looking to sell that are just now taking up room in my garage. Parts include... -MT-82 with less than 10k miles. No whines or grinds. Has MGW shifter installed. $800 - Full GT 500 front bumper conversion. Everything was ordered from Tasca and...
  4. 8oh4terminator

    Roush lower grille delete, brand new never installed 13-14 mustangs

    Selling my roush lower grille delete, install is just a bit more than I'm comfortable with. It's still in the box from American muscle, I'm looking to get $220 shipped and that includes PayPal and shipping fees. Best way to contact is text I don't check the website daily number is 8oh4 3eight1...
  5. 8oh4terminator

    20" Matte Black ZR Downforces 8.5/10" with Pzeros. Looking to trade for 19s

    Looking to trade my 20" ZR Downforce matte black wheels. Fronts are 8.5" wide with 245 Pirelli Pzeros and rears are 10" with 295 pzeros. I like the look of the 20" wheels but with my lowering kit they ride a bit too rough. I would like to trade for a set of 19" wheels with tires. Tires still are...
  6. 8oh4terminator

    OEM 13 GT Manifolds,Cats and H-pipe

    selling my factory exhaust off of my 2013 5.0, parts were changed with about 10K miles on them Exhaust Manifolds-$75 shipped Cats-$120 shipped H-pipe-make offer Paypal or pickup only idc about paypal fees ill eat that cost. I can send pics upon request, nothing bent or dented basically new...
  7. 8oh4terminator

    NEW Goodyear Eagle F1 255/45zr19 off spare Brembo wheel $50

    Like the title says im just looking to get rid of it because I have 20's now so $50 takes it, no plugs or patches. local pickup no shipping just north of richmond VA
  8. 8oh4terminator

    2013 GT Black 24K Miles, Slightly modded

    Hey everyone im looking to sell my 2013 GT and get back into an 03 Cobra. The car has 24,XXX miles on it and has a few mods that include: -Shelby style upper grille -Kooks LTs, o/r H-pipe and Shelby quad exhaust -GT 500 Rear Valence -20x9/10 staggered ZR downforces with 245/295zr20 Pzeros(...
  9. 8oh4terminator

    255/40zr19 Goodyear eagle f1 and 255/40zr19 Pirelli Pzero

    Ive got one Goodyear F1 and one Pirelli Pzero. both have about 100 miles on them. Looking to get $150 shipped on the Goodyear and $125 for the Pzero shipped.
  10. 8oh4terminator

    WTB: Brembo wheels and tires in good shape

    Like the title says im looking for a factory set of Brembos with tires and TPMS. Will pay for shipping if I have to but dont mind driving to get them. Im located in VA
  11. 8oh4terminator

    2013 5.0 Brembo coupe 22K Black,Forgestars,GT500 exhaust

    car is on ebay... Ford Mustang GT Coupe 2 Door | eBay
  12. 8oh4terminator

    19" Forgestars for sale less than 1K miles on wheels and tires

    Looking to sell my Forgestar CF5 staggered wheels. They are PERFECT not a single scuff or dent. Tires are basically new General G-Max 245's up front and 275s in the rear. Would be interested in trade for stock set of brembo wheels and tires + cash. Local pickup only, I will drive to meet within...
  13. 8oh4terminator

    Forgestar CF5 19x9/10 set with Gmax tires. Less than 1K miles!

    Wheels and Tires starting at $1500 are now on ebay! Forgestar CF5 19"x9 10" Staggered Wheels for Mustang with New General GMAX Tires | eBay
  14. 8oh4terminator

    Forgestar CF5 19x9/10 set with Gmax tires. Less than 1K miles!

    Looking to sell my Forgestar CF5 staggered wheels. They are PERFECT not a single scuff or dent. Tires are basically new General G-Max 255's up front and 285s in the rear. Would be interested in trade for stock set of brembo wheels and tires + cash. Local pickup only, I will drive to meet within...
  15. 8oh4terminator

    SCT SF3 For sale 2013-2014 GT

    Selling my SF3 that came with my 2013 GT. It is returned to stock but has AEM tunes loaded on it but I would not use them. Looking to get $200 for it. Heres the eBay link SCT SF3 2013 2014 Mustang GT aem Tunes | eBay
  16. 8oh4terminator

    HELP! 2013 5.0 Bogs down after I give it gas!

    Hey everybody I just had an issue with my 2013 5.0. I just got in the car and started it and had a slight misfire sound but the rpms stayed steady and then I pulled out of my driveway and when I let off the gas the car bogged wayyy down to like 250 rpm and ran like s*** and then cut off and...
  17. 8oh4terminator

    2013 GT Brembo pkg. 20K miles new Forgestar wheels and tires

    Im thinking about selling my 2013 GT with 20,500 miles. The car has 19" Forgestar wheels and General G-max tires all around (less than 500 miles on wheels and tires). Only mechanical mods are Kooks headers, lethal o/r H and factory gt500 mufflers. Cosmetic mods are Gt500 grill and rear valence...
  18. 8oh4terminator

    Stock parts, reische tstat and pulley removal tool

    Just looking to sell extra parts off my old cobra. Reische 170* t-stat NEW SOLD ZZ performance pulley removal tool for eaton m112 $60 shipped Stock pulley $20 stock shifter knob $10 stock size Dayco and Gates green stripe belts $30 each, and mustang grill emblem $10. Will not pay for...
  19. 8oh4terminator

    F/S Stock manifolds and H-pipe $200 shipped

    Theyre off my 2013 GT, were only on for 3 months and are basically new. $200 shipped I also have both cats but not completly sure what theyre worth pm a price.
  20. 8oh4terminator

    WTB Cammed C5

    Im looking to buy a lower mileage (under 50K) C5 with a cam and heads + basic bolt ons. NO RACECARS PLEASE! Any color is fine and coupes only. Looking to spend around 20K and im located in VA. I get on SVTP most everyday so post or pm me and I should get back to you the same day.
  21. 8oh4terminator

    2 Corbeau 5 point harnesses RED $200 and JLT high boost intake $100

    like title says Corbeau 5 point harnesses $200 +shipping 2 5-point Corbeau racing harnesses Red and JLT high boost in fender intake kinda rough shape I got off ebay $100+shipping JLT high boost intake for 03-04 cobra
  22. 8oh4terminator

    3.4 Whipple "Bambino" cobra vs modded r6

    Cobra is on 93 pump gas making 635rwhp on 18.7 lbs with 3.4 whipple and R6 has intake,exhaust, and tune
  23. 8oh4terminator

    My 03 cobra keeps breaking thermostats!

    Well Ive got a 3.4 whipple 03 cobra and right before I got home today the temp gauge started going up and I made it home to discover coolant EVERYWHERE yet again. I bought the car about 3 months ago and have already replace the thermostat twice and now im assuming I will have to replace it once...
  24. 8oh4terminator

    The infamous 755whp "Bambino" cobra is now tearing up the streets in VA!

    I just wanted to post an update about the sale of "bambinov8" 755whp cobra vert. I just received the car from FL here to VA last Sunday and I must say that the car and the previous owner, Joe, have been awesome! When I bought the car I had to get it tuned for pump gas because here just...