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  1. svtjackal

    Adam Carolla's carcast, featuring Matt Farah's 2010 raptor

    I just download it into my ipod I have not heard it yet but I tought I'll share with you guys it's usually a very good podcast Ford SVT Raptor | CarCast enjoy.
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    Lightning, TV sightings

    looks like today is the day for Lightnings making their debut on TV, first I was watching cash cab and out of the corner of my Eye saw this... then watching parking wars saw this with a guy yelling out the window "PPA sucks" does this trucks belong to...
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    internet car and truck of the year, place your vote.

    Awards are given out for "Car" and "Truck" categories. One award is given to each category for the winner picked by automotive journalist, and another award is given to the winner as picked by regular citizens. finalists as selected by the twelve person jury of automotive internet...
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    hotchkis TVS rear leafs, front springs and rear swaybar

    hotchkis TVS rear leafs, front springs, rear swaybar and QA1's I need to get this parts out of my garage, I had them on my Lightning for about 300-400 miles but took them off for a Air Ride technologies kit, they are in perfect conditions, I don't have the instructions but install is pretty...
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    wow!!! brand new 94 cobra vert FS

    any body want one? here is a link to the car on the dealer website
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    SAMCRO white L. for sale?

    I was watching yesterday's episode and spoted this about half way along :rolling::??::uh oh::coolman::smmon:
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    AirRide street challenge kit finally done.

    finally got the front shockwave air leak fixed, props to Darren at AirRide, one shockwave was leaking and he sent me 2 brand new sockwaves to replace both units in case the other shockwave was bad too:beer: sorry for the crappy pics I'll get better ones tomorrow after I give her a proper...
  10. svtjackal

    update on my airride install.

    finally got the rear 100% done but still waiting for my airpod, air fittings and air lines, I need my airlines so I can put the bed back on the truck, this waiting for parts is killing me.:nonono: front shockwaves
  11. svtjackal

    bed is off, just waiting for the UPS guys

    ok well, finally got the bed off and let me tell you what a pain in the arse, 2 bolts on the passeneger side where rusted solid and could not get them off so I had to cut the heads off with a dremel and that was a 2 day ordeal so today finally got the bed off and started cleaning the frame gunk...
  12. svtjackal

    Congrats to Andre on the new bundle of Joy

    I just wanted to wish the best to Andre and his wife Melli on the new arrival of their son Ben Wagenknecht, congrats Andre, hope the Baby and Mommy are doing OK:beer::dancenana::beer::dancenana:
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    our trucks look so ugly...

    Ok before somebody comes to my house and beats my ass, let me finish.:burn: our trucks look so ugly with out the bumper cover, I am getting repainted had some ugly scratches and rock chips that drove me crazy everytime I washed the truck so finally I am doing something about it.:-D...
  14. svtjackal

    more pics of the center console outside and sunny(ish) day.

    also a small vid after I was done wiring the "Rice" engine start button YouTube - recently installed center console and Ford GT engine start button
  15. svtjackal

    console and black carpet are in

    had a day off from work today so I went ahead and installed Eric's console, black carpet and the Ford GT start button on the dash I still need to wire it, as always pics don't do it justice and taking them on my tiny one car garage with junk on both sides doesn't help to get good angles, I'll...
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    one step closer...

    finally got done what I tought was the biggest hurdle on my Expy center console mod, cutting the stock seat, after months of going to hundreds of upholstery shops and always looking for the biggest shops and all of them looking at me like I am stupid when I told them what I wanted done or some...
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    busy day, Flowmaster to Bassani

    well, I could not take any longer so I took my Lightning out for the first time in 4 months and replaced my stock mid pipes and flowmaster catback with Bassani catted mid pipes and bassani catback, I tought the flowmaster sounded good but I was deadly wrong this thing sounds awesome now, it's...
  18. svtjackal

    ? for those that have done the Expy console mod

    I just bought a bottom part of a expy seat on ebay, eBay Motors: 97-01 Ford Expedition passenger front leather seat (item 270336999575 end time Jan-28-09 22:58:46 PST) is that all I am going to need to take to the upholstery shop to have my seat cut right? or do I need something else...
  19. svtjackal

    I just saw TMZ...

    And this guy Mathew Lawrence (guess he is/was a actor):shrug: being follow by the paparazzy and gets on a black ford lightning, I just thought I mention it maybe the guy is on here. I'll get a picture of my TV screen for those who care.
  20. svtjackal

    work place burn down

    north building of the plant where I work burn down on Christmas day at around 11:00 am, it was all over the news here in chicago, took 160 fireman and 5 hours to put out with all the BS going on, today is my first day off since and just able to post the pics sorry thay are kind of dark, there...
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    is Katy Perry...

    some friends and I where watching some you tube vids here at work and came across Katy Perry's performance at youtube live and we where discussing about her, I think she is smoking hot but some friends don't I was wondering what would the Guys at SVTP think about her YouTube - Katy Perry...
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    Something New from SVT Ford Racing is thrilled to give you a sneak peek of a new vehicle being developed by our SVT brethren down the street. We can't give you the specifics but we can show you video of a camouflaged test mule being durability tested. This is one specialty vehicle that is sure...
  23. svtjackal

    ? for somebody who knows about ford rangers

    a coworker just bought a 94 ford ranger and he tells me that the engine is a 4 cylinder but has 8 sparkplugs and 2 distributors, he says that one distributor has 4 plug wires going to 4 sparkplugs to one side of the engine and the other distributor to 4 sparkplugs to the other side of the...
  24. svtjackal

    bassani catback?

    I want to order a Bassani catback to replace my flowmaster and I have been looking around and some vendors have different pictures for the bassani. my questions is is there two different bassani catback kits for the lightning? I know they have a SS and a aluminized (BX) version of the...
  25. svtjackal

    new borla exhaust on my SVTF (vid)

    I was messing around with the SVTF on my way from work and took a small vid of my focus ,mainly the sound of my new borla catback. YouTube - SVT Focus with borla exhaust YouTube - svt focus with a borla exhaust going thru a tunnel