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  1. 03cobra#694

    Redeye Challenger Dyno Results 93 Octane.

    Some members have never been to an English class. I need to see if we can get a new rule for hammering the English language. Fixed the edit and quoted as well.
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    Prices these days?

    Check around and see what they're going for.
  3. 03cobra#694

    FOR SALE: 2013 Shelby GT500 4000 miles

    Good luck...
  4. 03cobra#694

    High or Higher End Cookware?

    We use our air fryer all the time. Wings, chicken of all sizes, fries and veggies. Haven't tried pork or steak yet. Salmon for 15 minutes at 350* is killer.
  5. 03cobra#694

    AT&T pop up

    I haven't got hit with any of these either, yet..
  6. 03cobra#694

    AT&T pop up

    You're the special one, that's why.
  7. 03cobra#694

    High or Higher End Cookware?

    No lie, tasty damn things, tender as hell and so easy to cook.
  8. 03cobra#694

    I just ordered a 2023 Genesis G70 3.3T. I'm psyched!

    Mine hangs on the 3-5 shift when it's cold. Not outside cold, but when I first take off after starting it.
  9. 03cobra#694

    Wednesday Joke

  10. 03cobra#694

    Tuesday Joke

  11. 03cobra#694

    FOR SALE: Gen 4 Whipple 2.9 Crusher set up - Central NC $4300

    Did someone from the site buy it?
  12. 03cobra#694

    Garage Floor

    Like Bob said, me too. This stuff is awesome. I was sick of having to re-stain it all the time, and it was slippery.
  13. 03cobra#694

    FOR SALE: Gen 4 Whipple 2.9 Crusher set up - Central NC $4300

    We don't delete or move threads. This way they're there for future reference with prices and stuff.
  14. 03cobra#694

    2024 U.S. Ranger Raptor Shows Exterior Changes From Global Counterpart

    Needs some pepper to go with that salt.
  15. 03cobra#694

    Rivian's slow death has commenced

    If you aren't doing at least 5 over, you'll get run over, or shot.
  16. 03cobra#694

    The 10-Year Old Battery in my SVT Lightning Finally Died | What Killed It???

    Batteries have got stupid pricey.
  17. 03cobra#694

    Taking Down Facebook a Few Notches

    Never happen, way too big.
  18. 03cobra#694

    Iron Fist, Lead Foot (SVT Community Book)

    1:47 AM. @Wings65288 get busy here.
  19. 03cobra#694

    FOR SALE: Gen 4 Whipple 2.9 Crusher set up - Central NC $4300

    He had another thread selling this that got moved to lala land because it didn't comply. What Leo said.
  20. 03cobra#694

    X-pipe or H-pipe on 03-04 Cobra and why?

    The sound, no rasp or drone.
  21. 03cobra#694

    High or Higher End Cookware?

    Is that the same as a skirt steak, semi thin and long? If so, they're awesome, but hard to find in the stores.
  22. 03cobra#694

    Monday Joke

    Hahaha, I've seen those.
  23. 03cobra#694

    Current New Vehicle Market

    Mach 1, not E.