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  1. aaron97

    The Search for a New Daily Driver.

    So I will be moving this winter to South Korea, where it rains and snows quite a bit. I am currently in the EU in a RHD country, so I wont be taking my cars from here, and will need a new car for Korea. I’ve lived in Korea before for over 4 years, and I had a Wrangler 4-dr Rubicon, and that was...
  2. aaron97

    Doing the Garage next week, but got epoxy questions.

    I am finally going to get a small break from the middle-east, so i wanted to try and get some things done around the house while i am home. I have been looking at garage floor epoxy coatings for a while now, but in about 99% of the pictures i see, the owners of expoy'ed garages just park their...
  3. aaron97

    Vortech V1 S-Trim Fuel Requirements?

    I am about to install a Vortech V-1 S-Trim with the Aftercooler and a 3.12” pulley. I already have a BBK 255lph In-Tank fuel pump, 42lb. Injectors and adjustable FPR. I am getting it dyno tuned along with a SCT-5. My question is, will the BBK 255lph pump be enough to support the current set up...
  4. aaron97

    Any Cobra/Mustang people in Guam?

    I'm looking to possibly get a transfer to Guam and i am considering taking the Cobra, but i just wanted to see if there was anyone here that is currently living in Guam and to get opinions on whether or not i should take the Cobra. With typhoons and all that stuff... Here's a little...
  5. aaron97

    1997 Mustang Cobra, $10,000obo

    1997 Mustang Cobra, $10,500.obo I am selling my 1997 Mustang Cobra, its Pacific Green. Looking for $10,500 obo. Its in Phoenix Arizona and i will be listing it on AutoTrader shortly. Looking for local sale or local pickup. The Odometer stopped working a year ago at 96k, so i was estimate...
  6. aaron97

    Looking for stock parts in Phoenix area...

    Does anyone in the Phoenix area have a stock Air Filter housing with the snorkel lying around and want to get rid of it? I need one for my '97 Cobra and I haven't been able to find one in the junk yards. Thanks.
  7. aaron97

    Want to buy a 1996 Cobra Export (Gulf Spec?)

    I've been trying to find some info on Exported '96 Cobras, I haven't really found any info on Cobra's but i see that GT's & V-6's got fender flares and yellow turn signals in the rear. I am trying to find some more info on '96 Cobra's that might have been exported. I found one here for sale...
  8. aaron97

    IMRC Rebuild Kit for '96-'98 DOHC Motors.

    IMRC Rebuild Kit for '96-'98 DOHC Motors. $40.00 Shipped This is a set of Bearings and O-Rings to replace the cracked, leaking or seized components on our '96-'98 Cobra DOHC 4.6's. I rebuilt my own Cobra's IMRC's but in order to get the stuff I needed, I had to order in bulk, so I...
  9. aaron97

    Looking for shop in Phoenix for retune.!

    I am in need of a shop in the Phoenix area that can retune my '97 Cobra for IMRC deletes. I believe the IMRC bearings are leaking and causing P0171 & P0174 codes and I really need to get the car smogged and registered. Here is the link to what's been going on...
  10. aaron97

    Troublesome Trouble Codes... P0171

    Okay. Here is the car, its a '97 Cobra with o/r x-pipe, MIL eliminators, flowmasters, 4.10's. Other than that its pretty much stock. I bought it a few months ago from a friend. Its got 95,000 miles on it and wasn't taken very good care of, but the price was right. The CEL has been on from the...
  11. aaron97

    Pic's of my '97 Cobra.

    Thought I'd share some pictures of my '97 Cobra. After polishing with Turtle ICE. But before i installed the 17x10's on the rear. And before i put new emblems on he fenders (someone stole the originals).