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  1. 95snoozer

    Kinda confusing: M6 or 6 series race.

    I was on the way home to pick up my girl for Vday dinner (late of course). There was a 6 series merging on with me into traffic. He seemed to be in about the same hurry as I, yet he was a little more risky with the tight lane changes. I am not one to dart in and out unsafely or cut anyone off...
  2. 95snoozer

    Kinda confusing: M6 or 6 series race.

    delete me
  3. 95snoozer

    Thats what you get for cheating! LMAO
  4. 95snoozer

    Video I put together for a friend (89 coupe)

    Video I put together for friend of 9 sec 89 coupe) would have liked to do more work but he didnt want much so I put something together in 5 minutes:) the car is sick 331 AFR 185s 2 stage dry shot 175 + 50 on 30 pound injectors 3 inch h with 3"...
  5. 95snoozer

    F4i vs H/C z28

    F4i vs z28 z28- H/C long tubes, lanes true duals with X, and basicly all suspension mods. 100 shot F4i - have no idea but its Nic's(00 z28 owner) bike and his buddy who races bikes is driving it. Same Z ran the D1R H/C 306 sn95 mustang i can post the link to that vid possibly if...
  6. 95snoozer

    SVT owner loses control

    Edited by L.L. Anymore of this sick, rude crap and you're history. That was way out of line boy.:nonono: :nonono:
  7. 95snoozer

    mustang vs. evo

    An old run of me and a local Evo... hope you guys enjoy
  8. 95snoozer

    95GTS vs 99 cobra

    from a roll GTS mustang vs. 99 cobra from a stop its not worth video taping:nonono:
  9. 95snoozer

    What springs for Ecam?

    I have the ecam and 1.7 cobra rocker arms. What springsdoes everybody use? Any body run stock springs? I had double springs but apparently they are too stiff.
  10. 95snoozer

    E cam with the 1.7 cobra rockers

    Who has run an ecam on the stock 302 with 1.7s? What valve springs have you run. Who ran them with stock cobra springs, or what springs did you use. Ive had a prob with my springs breaking. like one a month. and on this last bout SIX!!!!! I think its because i have too stiff of a spring. They...