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  1. sniderboys23

    Just got a 2010 SHO

    Well just picked up a bone stock sho!!! Selling my gt. Feels real peppy. Can't tell if it can beat my gt or not. Loving it so far
  2. sniderboys23

    do most cobra guys?

    do the most of cobra guys not race other mustangs? i had a run in with an 03 04 around town and he wouldnt go for the longest time at our meets. then some of us guys finally got him to give me a run from a dig. i launch pretty good pull 2-3 cars but after he stopped spinning gained on pretty...
  3. sniderboys23

    3rd gear grinding?

    was wondering if anybody knew off the top of there head if they could help try and solve my car grinds everytime i go to 3rd? no other gear is giving me problems just 3rd?
  4. sniderboys23

    best 1/8 th time so far

    all right just had my car dynoed so figured would go out to the track and run it. my best time of the day was 8.96 with a 2.00 60' time. is this good with a near stock gt? i also ran a couple 9.0's
  5. sniderboys23

    WTB:X pipe

    i have around 75-100 bucks looking for an offroad x-pipe. perferablly bassani but ill take what i can get for the price.
  6. sniderboys23

    dyno numbers

    first time to ever dyno this car, and figured i should now that im starting to put mods on now ill have a platform to base it off of. what do you guys think? is this about what i should have expected froma just having gears,cai, and different injectors?
  7. sniderboys23

    question on sub frame connectors?

    ok a friend of mine has a guy that can weld my sub frame connectors for my gt. now its kind of like rebuilding and upgrading at the same time. he also welds the torque box and werlds plates underneathy for you to jack up the car with. now my question is does this procedure help that much? im...
  8. sniderboys23

    01 gt vs late model turbo'd 240 sx

    was on my way home from last night and was just trying to do the speed limit. when a dark car comes up on me fast. i was like damn let me get out of the way. so i start to get over and he does at the same time and almost nails me. so i said damn make up ur mind.:bash: so he gets up next to me...
  9. sniderboys23

    I got Killed

    first off i have an 01 GT: 3.73's,upgraded suspension work, and bbk cai. i see this blue evo coming up next to me, and think nothing about it.then i hear a horn.i look over at him and he says u wanna run em? so i was like sure. so he says lets do a 40 punch. so we hit it and its not to...
  10. sniderboys23


    do u guys give quotes on tires? im looking for a price for the nitto nttb 245/45/17's thanks
  11. sniderboys23

    01 GT=2 kills

    first off im at a light and i hear a rev. so i turn down my stereo to see if he would do it again. he did,and his car was a newer model BMW Z4? now i dont know if these things are fast or not. but i dint think he would punch it or anything just thlought he was reving for the fun of it. but the...
  12. sniderboys23

    New Baby

    Svt Posters have exciting news for you guys. my baby boy was born on Sunday morning.:rockon: we just brought him home today, and to make matters better, i get my 3.73 gears put in tomorrow. talk about a great weekend and week. not including the whipping the Cowboys put on the Titans.:pepper...
  13. sniderboys23

    installing gears?:

    anybody know of anybody who would be willing to install my gears for me? i have a guy that was going to do it for $125 but he is one of those guys who never does the job right. so im leary of letting him work on my baby!
  14. sniderboys23


    hey guys im getting 3.73's put in my 01 gt in the next couple of weeks. will this be a big difference? ive never had a car with gears? so was wondering u guys thoughts.
  15. sniderboys23

    can i beat an?

    mercedez clk430? i have an 01 gt with bbk cai,suspension work,mach 1 chin spoiler and royal purple oil with differential,and tranny oil.and dr nitto's the mercedes has no mods
  16. sniderboys23


    am installing 3.73 gears in two weeks. was wondering how much of a difference this going to make? thanks for the feedback.
  17. sniderboys23

    01 GT vs. 2000 Lightning

    well first off this is my father in laws truck. he has no mods on it. it is all stock. the mods on the GT that i know of are bbk cai and thats it. we went from a 70 punch. he had a half a truck on me till about 90 then i puleed about a car length on him so i only beat him by a car. so my...
  18. sniderboys23

    my first kill!!!!!

    well i got my first kill in my gt today. it looked like an 2000 gt but could not tell what mods he had, but he must have had exhaust that thing was loud. so we go from like 60 and i put about 2-3 car lengths on him to about 110-120 or so. then after i start slowing down i see a black evoV111...
  19. sniderboys23


    if i just bought a gt from a dealership whats the easist way to tell if its been modded. i mean like comp chip? and stuff. i know it has bbk intake but cant tell anything else?
  20. sniderboys23

    New Car

    well guys im upgrading from my slow escort to a mustang GT. was just wondering what kind of cars will give me a good run and who i should not try and mess with!!!! i know terminator's and ls1's for sure. but now i wont have a problem with to many ricers hehe.
  21. sniderboys23

    WTB 99-01 cobra

    im here in Texas and looking to buy a cobra within the next week. prolly after 4 of july. perferablly black or silver and not wanting to go over 16,000 on the price thanks.let me know guys.
  22. sniderboys23


    for a 99 cobra do u use 93 octane or can u use 87?
  23. sniderboys23

    2003 Ford Escort Zx2

    loooking to get what i owe and that is like 9400 right now. it has 57000 miles on it and is a 5 speed. it has some mods on it an they are... cai,cat-back exaust,kumho tires,b&m quick shifter,strut bar and 9mm wires and nology plugs. and it has been lowered. had a lady interested in it the other...
  24. sniderboys23

    Mach 1 Or L

    should i buy a mach 1 or a L, are they close in power? was just wondering some of ya'lls feelings on this?
  25. sniderboys23

    2003 ford escort zx2

    it has 54,000 miles on it. it has royal purple oil changed every 3,000 miles. it has cai,cat back exaust,b&m quick shifter,strut bar,nology plugs and ford racing 9mm wires, and its lowered also.i just bought some new kuhmos for it about a week ago. had a lady interested in it but could not...