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  1. mellor_21

    Best mountain climbing boots?

    Cliffs - Need a good pair of hiking boots for extreme slopes Hey all, Time for new boots! My last pair (La Sportiva) wore out after about 8 months of heavy use. They were pretty good, but I have the spare cash right now and want to try something different. I'm a seismic driller. I work 7...
  2. mellor_21

    hard to get ahold of dealership?

  3. mellor_21

    WTB Mystic near Utah, $5,000-$10,000

    435 201 4625 [email protected] Modded or original are fine, I plan on modding it though. I won't turn it down just for having high mileage.
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    mods please delete .
  5. mellor_21

    centering a non-original engine

    anyone know any good write-ups on how to center an engine? i'm working with a 2.2TII out of an 87 dodge csx and putting it in a 76 fiat x1/9 (fwd engine in a rear engine rwd) so i'll be making custom mounts but i'm not quite sure on all the little details that go into centering it. thanks in...
  6. mellor_21

    droid users, quick ?

    i heard that you can download school textbooks on your droids, is that true?
  7. mellor_21

    starting college.. dd suggestions?

    like the title says, i'm starting college next week and am looking for a dd while in school. what would you guys suggest? i have a season ticket on trax so i wont need to drive to school, just to work and wherever else. also i don't know what my income will be yet cuz i'm waiting to see what...
  8. mellor_21

    FS 77 F250 $1100 SLC Utah

    ksl utah 77 f250
  9. mellor_21

    dippers, in here.

    just wondering what you guys prefer to dip. i like cope long cut and green marlboro snus but i met a guy who got his from sweden and it was pretty good. also.. if you're not contributing to the thread in a positive way, please gtfo. we know it's going to kill us and we're obviously still doin it.
  10. mellor_21

    WTB '98 BAB Cobra Convertible

    trying to find one for under $10,000 i'll consider all offers, thanks! distance isn't much of a factor
  11. mellor_21

    help with sond id

    hey does anyone know the name of that song where at the first it goes "from the broken hills of mexico where we took the horses we stole to somewhere in the california mines where the gringos dig for gold" ? its called the banded waki or somethin but i don't know how to spell it. if anyone knows...
  12. mellor_21

    buying gold, bars or coins?

    read somewhere that coins are a better investment cuz bars need to be verified, thoughts? edit: and where exactly would you buy it? the mint's out of coins lol wtf
  13. mellor_21

    learning programs

    hey all, i'm going into some pretty intense schooling soon and would like to improve my memory, do you guys know of any programs or ways to do this that work?
  14. mellor_21

    c5 z06's

    hey i know there are a lot of z owners on this forum so... i might get an 04 black z06 next week, what are these cars like? how is the cost to maintain/upgrade? this one's mostly stock, what would be your first mods? what do you think they're value will do over the next while? and is there...
  15. mellor_21

    colorado people

    hey i'm moving to rifle tomorrow to work for around four months, what is there to do out there and is there anyone nearby?
  16. mellor_21

    moving to rifle, colorado for work tomorrow

    anyone nearby pm me with your number
  17. mellor_21

    awesome vid!!!

  18. mellor_21

    next car?

    in about a month i'll be ready to get a new car, by then i'd have enough to finance a termi or buy the 5.0 outright (close to, at least) just wondering what you guys would get, the 5.0 would be cheaper overall but the termi would be more badass. and i'm falling more in love with the z's every...
  19. mellor_21

    91 zr1

    another post got me interested in these cars.. anyway, do you guys think this is a good deal? as in a car that'll hold value, be reliable, and overall fun? plus how is the aftermarket for these? its not bad, but more hp would be nice :banana: 91 zr1 sorry, i wasn't sure if this should go...
  20. mellor_21

    price check '57 bel air

    my dad is looking to sell his 1957 bel air two door post, the body is rust free but the car is short the drivetrain and the interior is trashed, i'll have pix tomorrow i was just wondering if anyone on here could give us a price range to shoot for?
  21. mellor_21

    growing taller?

    i'm 19 and 69" 160# my brother is 26 and 73", which is about where i'd love to be anyway, he says he hit his growth spurt about my age so my question is, is there anything i can do to help it along? say certain work outs or diets? i already have a decent workout to stay in shape but nothing...
  22. mellor_21

    just bought an x1/9, suggestions?

    hey all i just bought a 1976 fiat x1/9 and i'm planning on swapping a dodge 2.2T into it i was wondering if anyone had any experience with these cars and knows what i should watch for? and if anyone knows any good setups for them? here's some pics =)
  23. mellor_21

    how much trouble is GM in?

    GM splitting in half it says after all of this they STILL might need 30b.. how much ARE they going to need?? someone rich needs to just buy a couple factories and dealerships and start they're own brand.. **** you could do THAT with 30 billion!
  24. mellor_21

    kid walks to soccer, neighbors call cops

    kid walks to soccer... :dw:
  25. mellor_21

    future of electric cars?

    warning, long read electric cars for all and another, this one is a video the skateboard