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  1. KevGuillot

    2003 DSG FS in Tyler
  2. KevGuillot

    2003 DSG Cobra FS in Texas............

    2003 DSG Cobra with 31,410 miles on it. I put about 8-10 miles on it daily. Car is in Tyler, Texas which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes east of dallas and 1 hour and 30 minutes west of shreveport, la. Accessories - MGW shift nob, SS stainless steel inserts, mustang tuning floor mats, cobra id...
  3. KevGuillot

    Good deal on this terminator??? HELP PLEASE!!

    2003 Redfire cobra 15500 miles asking $25900 they bought it at an auction so im sure they got it really cheap. carfax found 2 things: Lien Record Reported to Autocheck Fleet and/or lease Record Reported to Autocheck here is my car: 2003 DSG cobra 30100...
  4. KevGuillot

    Anyone have JLP intake pics??

    Anyone have pictures of the JLP intake installed on a terminator? ive been looking for 30 minutes and cant find a single pic. also, will the JLP intake work if i get the LFP intercooler expansion box or is the intake box too big? thanks guys kevin
  5. KevGuillot

    my desktop......

    just made this new wallpaper for my desktop. just thought i would share. let me know what ya think........ too bad i couldnt find 2 good pics of a DSG cobra to put on there instead. we all know thats the fastest color ;-) . kevin
  6. KevGuillot

    speedometer acting up......need help!!

    Today is the first time this happened. Ill be going about 45 mph and then the speedometer just goes to 0. Then it will fly up to 20 mph and then back to zero and then just stay at 0 mph. Im about to reset the ECU and see if that solves anything but i was going to see if anyone on here knew...