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    2019 Mustang GT superchargers

    Has there been any discussions about supercharging(or similar) for the 2019 GTs? I don't see how on a static compression 12/1 engine. Any thoughts?
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    Kooks Long Tubes Install

    Hello all, I am installing Kooks long tubes on a 2004. I also have JBA shorties. I have everything off, exhaust, trannie and bellhousing out, motor mounts out, etc. I know you're supposed to remove the steering shaft. I have the 13MM lower pinch bolt off, as well as the 10MM under the dash. I...
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    Looking for experts on T-56

    What is the best way to reinstall the guide plate, detent ball and spring? The case in on, the tailshaft housing is off, as well as the shifter, and flat plate on top. I saw the zip tie info, but I don't see how that can help. That assembly, the ball, guide plate, spring etc, all have to go in...
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    Vacuum Hose

    I am hoping one of you may know where this hose goes. It connects on a vacuum port on the intake, drivers side, in back of the supercharger. It goes towards the firewall, then drops down by the bellhousing....but where? What could require vacuum down there? It's the nipple on the right, and it's...
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    Responding to an email of someone replying to a forum I'm watching.

    I get emails about the subject above, which you know. When I click on the name of the person, or SVT Performance, it takes me to the appropriate forum(I think) but I can't always find the person I'm looking for. Any suggestions, other than "hunt and peck"? On another subject, and I hate to...
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    I have an 04 Termi. The trans including bell housing, motor mounts, and all the exhaust is off. How difficult is it to install the factory exhaust, or short tube headers, in this condition? Thanks in advance for your help! Sent from my 2PS64 using the mobile app
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    Priming a 2004 Terminator

    Hello All. I hope someone has a good suggestion for my issue. I have a 04 Termi, that has unfortunately sat without the transmission, and worse off, without being run for over a year. Has anyone successfully primed any of the modular engines, and moreover, are they sure there was no bearing...
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    What's the best way to prime a Termi that has been sitting for about 2 years. I just can't tear it down anymore. It was only needing a TOB. Sent from my 2PS64 using the mobile app