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    Turbo Mach 1 vs Nitrous/Cam G8 GT, Turbo 5.3 350Z & KB 416 C6 from digs Mach's first time trying to take off from a stop outside of 3 passes at the track with this setup. G8 had VHT down for his run but he said he had more nitrous to put to it, and he didnt have a progressive controller like I thought he said he had.
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    Turbo 04 Mach 1 vs Turbo 5.3 350Z vs TVS GT500 vs GTR vs 351/Nitrous Fox Turbo 04 Mach 1 vs 07 GT500 with TVS Turbo 04 Mach 1 vs Turbo 5.3 Swapped 350Z Turbo 5.3 350Z vs TVS 07 GT500 Turbo 5.3 350Z vs Bolt On 2013 GTR Turbo Mach 1 vs Nitrous 351W 93 Fox Body
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    68 Mustang with 427 Windsor & Nitrous vs 06 Evo on 30 PSI Quality isnt the greatest, it was dark as shit out there, good comparison between motor and nitrous though. Evo requested roll, he wouldnt do dig with the Mustang because he was worried about breaking the transfer case or something...
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    68 Mustang w/ 427W vs 93 Fox w/ 357W & Nitrous, Turbo 5.3 350Z vs STI & 14 5.0 Edit: Forgot, the Coyote is a 3.31 car, he had a passenger, forgot somebody snuck off in his car before we wheeled out 350Z owner has been working on this car FOR YEARS. It used to be a built 350Z motor, vortech & nitrous, then a...
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    Hellcat vs C6 Z06, GTR vs Whipple/Cam C6 vs N20 427W 68 Mustang vs Cam/N20 ZL1 Camaro 2015 Hellcat Challenger 6 Speed vs Bolt On C6 Z06 68 Mustang with Dart 427W/Nitrous/Solid Roller vs ZL1 Camaro with Cam/100 Shot/Converter Bolt On GTR @ 18-19 PSI vs Whipple/Cam C6 Grand Sport Bolt On GTR @ 18-19 PSI vs Nitrous Dart 427W 68 Mustang
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    Twin Turbo Auto C6 LS3 vs Vortech C6 LS3, 408 LSX Swapped 240SX vs C6 Z06

    No Fords this go around :(
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    68 Mustang w/ Dart 427W/N20 vs Cam/150 Shot 05 GTO, 408 Swap 240 vs N20 GTO & 12 5.0 408 LSX Swap 240SX vs Cam/150 Shot 05 GTO Vs 2012 5.0 GT 68 Mustang w/ Dart 427W vs Cam/150 Shot GTO 68 Mustang w/ Dart 427W on Nitrous vs Cam/150 Shot GTO
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    96-97 Cobra LLX4 Computer, MSD Tach Adapters, 96-98 Motorcraft Cobra Coils

    LLX4 Computer out of 1996 Cobra. Was flash tuned by Brooks Speed, so something will have to be done to use it in another car. $30 SHIPPED MSD Tach Adapters off of 96 Cobra, part number 8912, works on 96-98 modular cars and possibly other years as well. Previous owner had an MSD Dis-4 Box on...
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    72mm Turbo 04 Mach 1 vs Bolt On C6 Z06 :pop:
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    960 RWHP Procharged C6 Z06 vs BMW 1000 & CBR 1000, Bolt On C6 Z06 vs Cammed LS3 C6 The bike run was kind of a cluster****, it was supposed to be the vette vs the CBR as soon as the CBR got lined up the Vette was supposed to get the hit, the BMW joined in on race. The C6 Z06 vs LS3 races were interesting, the Z06...
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    Metco 6LB Lower Pulley Setup, VegasBaby Oil Separator, New JLT Budget CAI, Predator

    Used Metco 6LB Pulley Setup SOLD! VegasBaby (from Lightningrodder) Oil Separator SOLD! JLT Budget CAI, brand new, $100 SHIPPED
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    Two NEW Chrome 99-04 Centercaps and 1 NEW Black Cenercap, NEW Black Lug Nuts

    Things left over from my friend's 01 Lightning he has since traded in. Pair of brand new chrome centercaps, $23 SHIPPED for the pair One brand new black centercap, includes two new emblems, had a pair but one of the tabs on the back broke off of one, $13 SHIPPED Complete set of brand...
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    2003 Cobra DSG, Pullied, New Paint, Brembos, FTBR Bushings, CHEAP! NW Florida area

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    Looking for a white 94-95 Cobra or a White/Blue/Yellow 96-98 with a built shortblock

    Looking for a white 94-95 Cobra with black interior, or POSSIBLY a white/BAB/Yellow 96-98 car with a built shortblock (blower a plus). I really do not want a stock shortblock modular car. Looking within 600 miles of 32533. Might also consider a white or yellow with black interior 94-95 GT with...
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    67 Camaro w/ 468" LSX vs 2010 GTR w/ Built Motor/Cams/AMS Alpha 9 Turbos

    468" LSX 67 Camaro vs Built/AMS Alpha 9 2010 GTR - YouTube 67 Camaro with 12.5:1 468" LSX/TCI TH400 vs 2010 GTR w/ Built Motor/Cams/AMS Alpha 9 Turbos/No Passenger/S4S Trans :banana:
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    468" LSX 67 Camaro vs 347/TT 93 Fox Notch & TVS GT500

    468" LSX 67 Camaro vs Twin Turbo/347 93 Fox Body & 2011 GT500 w/ TVS Blower - YouTube 67 Camaro with HKE 468" LSX/Mast Heads/TCI TH400/Pump Gas vs 2011 GT500 w/ TVS Blower Swap @ 20 PSI vs 93 Fox Coupe w/ Dart 347/Twin Turbonetics 66's @ 6 PSI/TH400 GT500 spun, hit limiter and hurt...
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    468" LSX 68 Camaro vs Cammed/Pullied CTS-V, Turbo 03 GT vs CTS-V & Viper SRT10

    SONG IS NOT WORK SAFE (Biting Elbows - Bad Mofo) 468 LSX 67 Camaro vs Cammed CTS-V Wagon, Turbo 03 GT vs CTS-V & 04 Viper - YouTube 2003 Mustang GT w/ On3 Gen 1 76mm Kit vs 2004 Viper SRT10 2003 GT w/ On3 Gen 1 76mm Kit vs Cammed/Pullied 2012 CTS-V Wagon 67 Camaro w/ 468" LSX vs...
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    1/2" Hubcentric Wheel Spacers & Koni Quad Shocks for sale

    Hubcentric SOLD! Pair of Koni Quad Shocks. These were on my 94 Cobra, they were removed after my friend changed wheels on the car. Will fit 84-04. $50 SHIPPED
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    One LARGE (GT500?) Cobra Emblem and pair of 94-04 Cobra Fender Emblems FS

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    68 Mustang w/ Dart 427 Windsor vs 11 GT500 w/ Posi Port

    68 Mustang w/ Dart 427 Windsor vs 2011 GT500 w/ Ported Blower & Upper/Lower Pullies - YouTube 68 was supposed to be on the bottle, but it didnt come on, guess the micro switch isnt hitting with the new carb he put on. :shrug: Rematch soon!