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  1. Ryan2KRedL

    Rise of the General Lee - 1969 Dodge Charger SE

    Enjoy if you are a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard.
  2. Ryan2KRedL

    TTSaleen's 2003 Terminator Cobra Virtual Walkaround, Driveby, In car - For Sale!!

    I list all the mods, history, and give a full virtual walk around of the car and my 5 years of ownership. The only reason I consider selling is to build a car that my dad and I were going to do together before he passed away earlier this year. So if I pursue that project, it will be in memory...
  3. Ryan2KRedL

    Dynoed the Mach 1 - Did you guess the correct hp?

    789 rwhp 720 rwtq Little VMP 2.3 is done! Time to upgrade!
  4. Ryan2KRedL

    Swapped mufflers on the Mach 1 - Quieter = Better.

    Video on my Mach 1 and swapping the Magnapacks for their standard muffler to tone it down some. Enjoy. Also closest guess to my next video of my dyno numbers will get a free T-shirt. Ryan
  5. Ryan2KRedL

    Bagged 1950 Ford F1 with supercharged Coyote swap - HRDTIMZ

    Here's a 1950 Ford F1 that Caleb is finishing up for a local guy in NC. Check it out with the Coyote swap with the TVS supercharger. Truck also has a 6R80 transmission and 9" rearend.
  6. Ryan2KRedL

    Mach 1 gets a T-56 Magnum - removed the 6R80

    I install a T-56 Magnum into the Mach1 and talk about why I removed the 6R80.
  7. Ryan2KRedL

    Engine is out of the TTSaleen..............

    After 12 years I figured it was time to pull it and freshen it up. This video will be boring for some, but for everyone else you can see what it takes to pull the engine outta this car.
  8. Ryan2KRedL

    I ride in the EgoCrushr - Twin Turbo Cobra

    I ride in the EgoCrushr Twin Turbo Comp Orange Cobra. Only 1 GoPro camera during this excursion so you get mostly in-car. Warning - It's a 12 minute video and has LANGUAGE not safe for work. Includes bonus footage from Spoold Media from some street racing a couple years ago with my red Cobra.
  9. Ryan2KRedL

    The Mach 1 lives again!

    Warning - It's about a 23 minute video! LOL. But it captures a recap of the build, my 1st start up, the dyno session, and my drive around and overall check of the car. If you watch it all, then enjoy! Thanks! Ryan Cliff notes - VMP 2.3 supercharger Built 4.6 Ported heads Custom Cams E85 6R80...
  10. Ryan2KRedL

    Installed engine into Mach 1 plus 6R80, Kooks exhaust, UPR k-member

    Installed the engine into the Mach 1 along with 6R80, Kooks exhaust, and UPR k-member.
  11. Ryan2KRedL

    IRS Swapped back into the Terminator

    After having a solid 8.8 in the Terminator since 2017, I put the IRS back into it. I have big plans for my Mach 1 so the solid 8.8 was a better choice in it now. The process of swapping the rears from the Mach to the Cobra The test drive with the IRS equipped Terminator
  12. Ryan2KRedL

    My 2003 Terminator Cobra - Kennebell Dyno and Drive

    Don't post much about this car lately as my TTSaleen and my current Mach 1 build project take aLOT of time and effort. But here it is with my recent 2.6 Kennebell swap (from the Mach 1) as the VMP 2.3 is going on the new engine build for the Mach. Enjoy. Ryan
  13. Ryan2KRedL

    Testing out the 2-step from N2MB

    Finally got the N2MB working in my TTSaleen. This is tied into my transbrake button. My video didn't show the latest picture with the 10k pull-down resistor on the trigger wire side. This keeps the wire at zero (grounded) until activated and makes the unit work properly for me. Enjoy.
  14. Ryan2KRedL

    My Video Review - Custom flags for the garage - Man Cave

    In this video I walk you thru my adventures in ordering custom flags for my garage. Includes the shipping delay and the overall quality of the product. Let me know what you think. Here's a link to the website where I purchased them - car flag-NFL...
  15. Ryan2KRedL

    New vid - TTSaleen on the dyno - RIP Keith Szabo - N2MB - CCRM

    It's been a while since I posted, so here's a video that captures a lot of stuff. I was sad to learn of Keith Szabo's passing. RIP to him and my thoughts are with his family. In this video you'll see my TTSaleen on the dyno. I talk about issues I had getting my N2MB 2-step to work and also how...
  16. Ryan2KRedL

    #BurnoutsforWyatt - My videos from Jan 19 2020

    Here's my video taken during our #BurnoutsforWyatt event held this past Sunday at Fastlane Motorsports. Sadly Wyatt passed away just a few days prior to the event, but all money we raised is going to his family (we mailed it out today). We never expected the type of turnout from the community...
  17. Ryan2KRedL

    The EgoCrshr - Comp Orange Twin Turbo Terminator Returns

    Follow Caleb on instagram - Egocrshr Quick back story - Built to run 1/2 mile events. 2 years ago, stock steel crank had enough when the car was pushing over 1500rwhp and moved around causing it to lose 2 rods at over 180mph in Indy at a 1/2 mile event. The resulting oil loss outta the block...
  18. Ryan2KRedL

    Detailed The Egocrusher at Fastlane Motorsports

    Caleb Skinner at Fastlane Motorsports has a new street car that he has been building. It's a 2004 Competition Orange Terminator Cobra named The EgoCrusher. The car had light scratches and a bunch of overspray and environmental fallout on it. I got the call to perform one of my details on it to...
  19. Ryan2KRedL

    Wanted - 03/04 Cobra intercooler reservoir cap - 10lb

    I am looking for a factory 10lb cap for my intercooler reservoir. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Ryan
  20. Ryan2KRedL

    Wanted - AUTOart Azure Blue Mach 1 1:18 Model

    Looking for an Azure Blue Mach 1 made by Autoart. Let me know what you've got. If in box that is fine, but not a requirement. Thanks! Ryan
  21. Ryan2KRedL

    Terminator dyno then street races

  22. Ryan2KRedL

    Quick burnout in my 03 Terminator

    Not gotten a lot of video lately of my Cobra, so here's a quickie I did this past Saturday. Winter mods planned are E85 conversion and more boost. Ryan