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    My 99 GT Photoshoot (Predatorbird's slightly looking better fraternal twin brother)

    Buddy of mine did a shot for me today here in cloudy South Florida lol. Kind of a spur of the moment shoot but I'm happy with the results. Hope you guys like the pics as much as I do. Btw, camera used was a Cannon EOS 40D.
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    looking for a video

    looking for a vid of a cobra at a track that screams and overtakes the camera car. I tried searching but no luck. I greatly appreciate it :thumbsup:
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    Wireless Network Help

    Ok So I have a Dell laptop that I've had for years and years and never really had a problem until it started giving me crap the past year. Instead of repairing an old computer I got a new one for christmas. It's a Samsung Q430-JU01 Notebook. Features Windows 7, Intel core i5 processor, LED...
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    Photochop Request

    Sooo basically I suck at Photoshop and I'm really curious to see what the RTR wheel would look like on a New Edge/Terminator. Can somebody help a brother out? :shrug: :beer: RTR Wheel: on this: (sry 32V10TH for stealing your pic haha)
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    Ferrari Cavallino @ PBIR

    Anybody plan on going to this? One of my best friends works for Ferrari and said they're flying in 3 F1 cars from factory to be there for the track event including about 2 other F1 cars already scheduled to appear. I know I'll be there! :banana: Details: The 19th Annual Palm Beach...
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    Double Din Conversion Install help

    Ok so I've got my Pioneer Avic X910BT wired up and working in my 1999 GT but I'm trying to figure out how to make it secure considering I'm going from a dual single din to a double din. I know there's lots of people who have done this but nobody has really shown or said what they did to support...
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    In Orlando

    So I'm in Orlando for the weekend. Anything going on or does anybody know places to watch tomorrow nights fight?
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    Gymkhana 3 Part 2: Ultimate Playground

    DC released the newest installment in the Ken Block Gymkhana 3 series today featuring the Ford Fiesta. All I can say is I want one after watching this lol :burnout: 4TshFWSsrn8
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    11th Annual Steeda Stampede October 16th, 2010

    Any members here planning on going? Steeda announced its annual cruise-in/car show/dyno day/shop tour and more. Check out the official info after the jump... Steeda Autosports is proud to announce the 11th Annual Steeda Stampede! Annually one of the biggest events that we host at our...
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    So I wrecked my car today

    On my way to work tonight and lost traction on an off ramp turn doing about 45 mph. I hit a side barrier concrete wall which ripped off my front bumper and flipped my hood causing it to crack my windshield. :( Luckily I'm fine and no injuries. Airbags didn't even deploy. I had it towed to my...
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    Gymkhana 3 Part 1: The Music Video

    I know I know, Ken Block and his Gymkhana vids have been beaten to death here and around the internet, but this is more of a music video than a Gymkhana run. Apparently this is Part 1 of Gymkhana 3 that DC released today. I'm a fan of The Cool Kids so it was a surprise to see them in this. I...
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    Pioneer Avic X910BT

    Ok so I'm looking to put in a nice in dash screen with navigation and all the bells and whistles. I've narrowed it down to Pioneer's Avic X910BT. I've always like the Avic D3, but finding one in good condition at a decent price is a bit hard to find. Not to mention the D3 is a little outdated...
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    Top Gear USA

    It's official guys. Looks like History Channel picked up the series and they have a new sneak peek for the show. I personally think it's gonna suck. The chemistry with the hosts didn't seem to be there. But I do like that they'll be using more American cars we're familiar with for challenges and...
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    New Update

    Hey guys, for those who don't know I took an alternate path regarding the 03/04 Cobra spoiler. It's a replica based off the factory molding, just doesn't feature the 3rd brake light. There's a lot of negativity towards this spoiler because it doesn't look like it should and I agree. As happy as...
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    Lebron flipping out on Cleveland Fans

    Friend showed me this and made me lol G7xlzLOZH5c
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    Guys with 03/04 Front Bumpers

    Hey guys, I've got the bezels and fogs for my Cobra bumper but I need some help with the hardware. I'm looking for a good type of bolt to use to hold in the bezels and fogs. I ordered all my parts from Tousley Ford and Steve informed me there was no specific hardware included when I pruchased...
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    Pic Request

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pic of an 03/04 Torch Red Cobra. The picture only shows the front fascia and half of the car. It's a professional shot with a black background. Not sure if it was a promotion pic or not but I googled it to death and can't seem to find it. :shrug: Any help would be...
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    Revolution Performance

    Anybody down south here have any experience or heard a good word about them? I'm looking for a local Mustang shop and stumbled onto this place. Just curious if anybody knows about it. Revolution Performance - Leading The Way!!!
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    Looking for wheels

    Hey guys, I'm looking to find a set of 18x9/18x10 Black FR500's. Could be new or used, so if you guys know of a set for sale give me a heads up! Thanks :beer:
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    Cobra sighting today

    Saw a white 03 cobra pulling out onto 84 in between University and Davie, where Signature Grand is, with black chrome FR500's. Is this anybody's car on here or anybody know who that is?
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    Quick Question

    Hey I recently bought some 03/04 fog bezels from you, they fit perfectly but they don't stay in. Do I need certain hardware for this or is that part of the fog lights that holds it in? Thanks!
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    Frozen Crossing: Modern Warfare Tribute

    Found this today and was impressed compared to some other fanmade stuff that's out there. Since it's a popular game and I know most of you play, I figured I'd post and share this with you guys. Hope you like it YouTube- Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (A Modern Warfare Tribute)
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    New updates for my GT :]

    Just got her back from paint and body today. Gave her a quick wash and snapped some fast shots. Not the best quality pics I know, but just wanted to share for now until I can get some professional shots done. And I've got the hood vents, fog bezels, and chin spoiler coming soon so don't worry...
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    Let's see those Build Plates/Plaques

    Looking to see what kind of plates/plaques you guys run on your cars or trucks. Could be custom or factory and doesn't have to be limited to Ford, Cobra, etc. Engine bay or interior, doesn't matter! All are welcome! :beer:
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    Playstation 3 PSN Error

    For those who own a PS3 and aren't aware yet... Taken from IGN PlayStation 3 Suffering From Widespread PSN Error [Update] February 28, 2010 - SCEA is looking into widespread reports tonight of PlayStation Network login errors causing many left unable to play games, and even lose trophies, on...