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  1. crazyhorse06

    car haulers?

    Any of you have experience with car haulers. My brother in law and I are going to go in on one together. He wants it to haul heating/electrical supplies to job sites and I want it to haul my GT500 when needed. Any advice on size/features/brands? I have never used one before and don't...
  2. crazyhorse06

    SVT is Fine!

    Brad at TMS got a response from Ford about SVT. He mentions it in this thread. SVT thread here is the text of his post if you don't want to read the whole thing: I called SVT this am. They have consolidated the SVT, SVTOA and Ford Racing into one division.
  3. crazyhorse06

    Butt Load of GT500 info.

    475hp 475lb/ft leather dash and armrest and alum pedals are part of interior upgrade package. seats are black/red or black. colors are colorado red, white, ebony, tungsten, alloy, valencia, vista blue stripes are white, blue, satin silver, or tungsten. There are some limits on which colors...
  4. crazyhorse06

    New Inside Info

    From Brad at (you can trust this source): Update from the Inside The final GT500 will wear tape stripes because they look great, have a long life, and are much cheaper than paint. (The show car's stripes were painted.) The hood on this yellow car is the production...
  5. crazyhorse06

    Another GT500 Vert.

    Check this out: Shelby Legend Lime Vert
  6. crazyhorse06

    First Glimpse of the GT 500. It's Red.

    Check this out. First Glimpse
  7. crazyhorse06

    New York Auto Show Update.

    update. I called SVT and asked specifially about the NY Auto Show. The guy had no idea about it, but, offered to ask his PR guy. After about 15 minutes on hold, he came back and said the official word right now is that they "will be making an announcement at the NY auto show and that he...
  8. crazyhorse06

    Cobra Spy Shot

    I have a spy shot of what I think is the Cobra. I found it on the internet and don't see it on here. If someone wants to host it, I'll send it to you.