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    1998 Fuel Pump Help

    I'm Coyote swapping my 98 Cobra and I swapped in an Aeromotive Stealth 340 LPH fuel pump in my stock basket. That little black hose broke off during the install. What does it do? Do I need it? If I had to buy a new fuel pump I'd just go with a BBK 300 LPH drop in fuel pump. Thanks, guys. Sent...
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    FOR SALE: 98 Cobra Camshafts

    Stock 98 Cobra cams out of a 118,000 mile car. Located in North Jersey. Will ship, but I assume it'll be expensive. Asking $175. F6ZE-6A270-AB F2LE-6A272-AF F6ZE-6A271-AB F2LE-6A273-AF Sent from my SM-N986U using the mobile app
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    95 Style Radiator in a 98 Cobra

    I'm looking for a radiator with a pressure cap for my 98 Cobra. Does anyone make a 97 - 04 style 3 row radiator with a pressure cap? Or do I have to buy a 95 3 row radiator and figure out a way to mount my stock cooling fan? Thanks. Sent from my SM-N986U using the mobile app
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    FOR SALE: $1

    C Head Swap Parts: 03 Mach 1 heads with 98 Cobra cams, 99 Cobra Lower Intake Manifold, 98 Cobra Lid, and Adapter Plate All parts are in Northern New Jersey and I'm not interested in shipping right now. I will be in Carlisle, PA this weekend for the Ford Nationals if you want to meet there...
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    1998 Cobra Convertible Coyote Swap Journey

    Let me start this off by saying that there are a lot of different ways you can do a Coyote swap and the way I did it is not the only way. Do your research and decide what's best for you... I decided on going with a Gen. 2 engine because it's more stout than the Gen. 1's and the price difference...
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    98 Cobra Coolant Crossover TEMP Sensor Bung

    Middle of a C head swap. I'm not happy with the way my factory crossover came out after I modded it to work with the C head alternator bracket. Does anyone know where I can find the bungs for the second coolant temp sensor? This way I can buy a newer crossover and just add the bung. Thanks...
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    TR3650 Swap in 98 Cobra

    Dallas Mustang doesn't make the SpeedCal anymore. Anyone know where I could find one or another way for the swap to work? Thanks. Sent from my SM-N960U using the mobile app
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    I'm looking for a Dallas Mustang SpeedCal to install a TR3650 in my 98 Cobra. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N960U using the mobile app
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    C Head Swap Throttle Body

    I'm gathering parts to do a C head swap and I see that some people mention needing a 99/01 or an 03 - 04 Mach 1 throttle body, but some people leave it off their list of needed parts. Do I need a new throttle body? Also, I've been in contact with USMC53CHIEF about using his adapter plate, but...
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    T56 Swap

    I'm looking at a low mileage T56 from an 04 Cobra because my T45 has seen better days. It has a 26 spline input shaft and a billet retainer sleeve. It doesn't come with the bell housing or a shifter. Besides those, I have to buy an ER SpeedCal, clutch, pivot ball and stud, and a throwout bearing...
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    99 4V Cams - $150

    SOLD SOLD SOLD These came out of a 99 Continental. I bought the heads to do a C head swap on my 98. I was told the mileage was under 100,000 but I have no way to verify that. You guys know the specs on these cams. I live in North Jersey, asking $150. Thanks, guys. Part numbers: Passenger...
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    (8) New Boss 302/2015 Coyote Rods: CR3Z-6200-B

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Brand new from Tasca. One box is opened for pictures only. $185/shipped or $170 picked up from North Jersey. Great rod for a budget 4.6L build. They can handle 700 hp in a 4.6L and come with ARP style bolts. Save yourself $30 - $40. Sent from my SM-G935V using the...
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    98 Cobra Long Tubes and Motor Mount Install

    I do not have access to a lift. I'm deciding on dropping the K member and using a floor jack on the oil pan or just pulling the engine. What say you? Sent from my [device_name] using the mobile app
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    Who can read these names on my engine tag?

    Just curious if there was a list of builder names that are more legible. I already purchased a new blank tag and I'll scribe it myself when I build my engine. I can read the first name is "James" something and the second name is "RJ" or "DJ" something. It's from my 1998 Cobra. Thanks, guys...
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    WTB: SRA Catback

    I'm looking for a catback for my 98 Cobra. I'm going to order one on Friday when LMR gets them back in stock. If anyone has one for sale before then please let me know. Thanks, guys. I'm mostly interested in Mac and Flowmaster. Sent from my [device_name] using the mobile app
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    Meet Rachel - Crystal White 98 Cobra Convertible Build

    Here's a build/maintenance thread for my Crystal White 1998 Cobra Convertible... My name is Jay and I live in New Jersey. I've been a fan of Mustangs since I saw a poster of a white 96 S281 convertible. I've had four Mustangs previously, and Rachel is my fifth. I've always been hooked on the...
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    Water Pump Nipple, Heater Hose, and Passenger Head Fitting

    I have a 95 Mark VIII engine that I'm getting ready to drop into my 98 Cobra and I know the Mark VIII water pump nipple won't work with my 98 Cobra intake manifold and the heater hose won't line up correctly. I also have to replace the fitting for the heater core hose that bolts onto the back of...
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    Mark VIII Engine Going Into 98 Cobra

    My 98 Cobra spun a rod bearing and I just came across a good deal on a 95 Mark VIII engine. I'll keep my stock engine for a future forged rebuild. Anyway, I plan on using the Cobra cams, upper and lower intake, and the IMRC's (I don't want to delete them right now). Should I use my Cobra heads...
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    99 Cobra Shortblock in my 98 Cobra

    I spun a bearing on my original 98 Cobra engine and I found a good deal on a used 99 Cobra shortblock. I want to run my original 98 B heads, timing cover, accessories, coil packs, valve covers, and intake. Is that a straight swap? I thought I remembered something different about the knock...
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    AIR Delete on 98 Cobra

    I had no intention of getting rid of the AIR on my Cobra, but I recently found out that the FRPP shortys I bought won't fit my 98 unless I rework the hard stainless lines. So now I'm thinking about just getting rid of it. Is the only way to get rid of the MIL by using a tuner? I'm going to be...
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    Anybody from New Jersey in here?
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    Underdrive Pulleys?

    Looking for a couple bolt ons and I've always heard mixed reviews on them so I never bothered. Is anyone running them? Any problems? Any recommendations? Thanks.
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    New Cobra Owner

    Today I bought a completely stock '98 Cobra convertible with 118,000 miles and a rod knock. I'll get it delivered by Thursday or Friday. I've been mostly a 2V guy and I've had one 5.0L. I think I remember the weak points being the rods and pistons on these engines. I'll probably replace the...