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  1. rthouck

    Supercharged '93 Cobra (52,895 original miles)

    ^^ Same question?
  2. rthouck

    For sale: Boost-a-pump

    I have a boost-a-pump (for supercharged applications). It was on my 04 Cobra before the duel pumps were installed. It looks great, I haven't tested it but it was still wired in the car when I got it. I'll shoot them an email over at Kenne Bell and find out how to do that so I can gurantee its...
  3. rthouck

    2004 Silver Vert w/ Whipple - NC

    I have a 2004 Cobra Convertible with 37k miles. It has a 2.3L whipple supercharger tuned for around 550 rwhp. I'm getting divorced and I need a vehicle that I can drive in any road conditions (rain, snow, off road, etc..). No more taking the wife's car on rainy days. Front tires have less than...
  4. rthouck

    Whipple Oil Change - low miles - Pics

    My car only has 35k miles on it but I don't know when the whipple was put on but it can't have to many miles on it (obviously less than 35k). I grabbed it from a dealer that buys nice cars when they hit auction cheap, and took it for (what I think was) a steal. Anyway point is.. this is the...
  5. rthouck

    Heat Exchanger Fans

    I've noticed a few people doing their own heat exchangers, I have an AFCO already so I have no need for that but I do like the idea of some fans. However the $300 + kit they sell doesn't really appeal to me. I've seen some various options for fans which range from the ebay cheapo's to the...
  6. rthouck

    Mach 460 stuff - Shipping only (minus head unit)

    This came out of my '04 Cobra Convertible. I have the tweeters, Front door speakers (I reused the insert they come in), rear speakers, don't have the rear tweeters (left them in unhooked), two rear amps (front was missing), and the headunit. I'd like around $50 or so for the headunit plus...
  7. rthouck

    WTB: Lunar Boost gauge

    As stated - looking for an Autometer Lunar Boost / Vacuum Gauge.
  8. rthouck

    WTB: Lowering Springs - Convertible

    As it says if you have IRS lowering springs for a convertible let me know.
  9. rthouck

    My Amplifier / Capacitor / Stereo Install

    Ok, so first off I'm not a stereo guy. But a year or two ago I got an old truck that only one speaker worked in, long story short I replaced the speakers with some mid level aftermarkets and loved having crisp, clear sound. Because of all the nightmares I've seen about working with the Mach...
  10. rthouck

    T5/45 shifter on a T-56

    I'm curious if anyone has held them side by side. I'm sitting here finding used t5 shifters on ebay and obviously t56's are much harder to come by but it looks to me like MGW's shifter are identical minus the base. Seems to me you could cut off the extra, drill two holes and and have the same...
  11. rthouck

    WTT/WTS Magnaflow Catback IRS

    Please delete. I'm just gonna keep it for me now. The 3" Flowmaster isn't popular enough to find a trade.