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    The pixar theory

    The Pixar Theory | Jon Negroni pretty cool read... everyone deep down is a pixar fan
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    So cal raptor for invoice?

    Anyone know any dealers in so cal willing to sell at invoice?? talked to a few guys and they are saying 5-8k over MSRP!!!!!!
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    Getting back into a L. Few Q's

    I sold my 04 lightning a few years back to get a house. i just got rear ended in my SVTF and he is not going to make it. I found an 03 black lightning with 15k miles im going to pick up. Mods will be hotchkins TVS.. valve body and electric fans and exhaust. i was going to go with LFP but i...
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    Got rear ended last night.

    Well there goes my 2004 comp orange focus. i was at a stop sign just starting to move out when a lady in a ford five hundred tried to drive right through my car from behind. car is going to be totaled out. still runs good though kinda sucks. R.I.P.
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    2012 focus ST

    anyone have any detailed specs on this car? i think it looks pretty sweet
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    just got the clutch replaced and i replaced the spark plugs a few ago the focus is running great since i got rear ended but its overheating again!!! the low speed fan isnt kicking on. i bet its that dam resistor thing again. does anyone know of a better fix. its the 2nd time
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    Help with Insurance. Hit and run

    I was rear ended last week in my Svtfocus and the guy took off. I have uninsured motorist and it says under my plan " uninsured motorist property damage $3500" can someone explain to me why the insurance company says they wont cover anything but my medical? mercury insurance FTL
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    Got rear ended last night

    Yup, got rear ended by a drunk driver in my 2004 comp orange And the son of a bitch ran!! :fm: so im looking online for parts i need a new trunk and rear bumper my insurance company said that since i dont know who did it it wont be covered under my uninsured motorist coverage?????? Ya...
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    for the StarCraft fans....

    battle report 2 enjoy! StarCraft II
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    little help

    what's up everyone my buddy has a 2007 mustang gt and he backed into my truck so he needs a new trunk i been looking online i cant find anything anyone know where i can find a replacement trunk? oem or aftermarket thx:beer:
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    need a new car, suggestions??

    well ill be needing a new car soon sold my lightning and gonna give my svtF to my dad i was looking at the mazdaspeed 3 i have a budy thats works for ford he said he could let me have a 09 for 20k out the door.... i've seen a couple 08 sti for sale >5k miles for 25k i need something...
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    no low speed cooling fan

    well today in the parking lot talking on the phone and i looked down at my gauges and my temp gauge was dam near in the red.... i pop the hood and notice the fans arent running i kick on the a/c the fans turn on and a couple seconds later its back to normal temp. guess ill start poking...
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    unlock sct xcal

    xcal 2 200 shipped about 15 months old bought from amazon racing :beer:
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    Fs. sct xcal 2

    250 shipped obo Unlocked about 15 months old bought from amazon racing
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    2004 parts for sale

    first off is a LFP TB black 250~ shipped SOLD about 20kmiles on it next is the sct xcal 2 250~ shipped unlocked from amazon i also have the stock valve body that was about 40k on it best offer i also have thr stock acc belt to who ever needs it brand new from napa :beer:
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    FS 2004 lightning

    2004 svt lightning black 75k miles 13k~ lfp throttle body w/ k& n intake chickeneers vb with morso trans pan tvs suspension + steering stabilizer lfp rear end girdle amazon racing tune bbk shorty headers flow master cat back [email protected] for pics :beer:
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    fs 2400 sct maf

    brand new anyone need one? make an offer
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    cooling problem??? maybe?

    well i was on the free way and i hit traffic no biggy well about an hour later i look at my water temp gauge and its hotter then normal well then all of a sudden my oil temp gauge peeks in the red then the water temp climbs well about 10 seconds later the water temp drops back to normal and...
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    dam rain!

    so i was driving my focus home last night and i saw a puddle i slowed down to about 5mph it stalls but starts back up and runs really rough and sluggish i make it home like half a block away i took it for a spin this morning runs normal untill i get to high rpm it hangs up at 5k-6k...
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    about to sell the L

    2004 lightning 74k miles its a toy i need to get a house this year hate to see it go 14k :nonono:
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    Left 4 Dead

    anyone wanna get in on some SVTp versus mode?!? steam id: cobra_302
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    heated seat botton

    pos broke and its stuck on... anyone have a part number or where to get one?
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    plug recomendations

    witch plugs should i get im leaning towards the ngk ir's i have a 2004 L 75kmiles stock boost cai , tb , shorty headers and cat back with amazon tune thx! and who has good prices on them?
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    if any one needs a new maf

    i have on for sale
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    sct 2400 maf FS

    i have a new sct 2400 maf for sale i have never even took it out of the box 210$ shipped