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  1. Eatonualive281

    FS- Aussie Boss Intake. 2 step. Eboost2. J&S Vampire. And more!

    PRICE DROP! Hey guys! I'm cleaning out my garage and have a few things for sale... 98 Cobra Intake Cams- 220 03 Cobra 8 Bolt Crank- 400 Turbosmart Eboost2- 350 MSD 2 step for Mod Motor- 120 Aussie 5.4l Boss 260 Intake Manifold (complete with injectors, no TB)- SOLD J&S Vampire Knock...
  2. Eatonualive281

    Aussie Boss 260 Intake, Eboost2, J&S Vampire, Cobra Crank, 98 Cobra cams! FS!

    Hey guys! I'm cleaning out my garage and have a few things for sale... 98 Cobra Intake Cams- 220 03 Cobra 8 Bolt Crank- 420 Turbosmart Eboost2- 400 MSD 2 step for Mod Motor- 125 Aussie 5.4l Boss 260 Intake Manifold (complete with injectors, no TB)- SOLD J&S Vampire Knock Detection System...
  3. Eatonualive281

    SN95 SRA with Foxbody axles

    Hey guys. Ive looked around and cant find an answer for this. Have any of you that have gone SRA, went with Fox axles instead of sn95 axles to pull the wheels in even more? EX. Fox and Sn95 axle housings are the same width. The axles in a fox are shorter than an sn95 due to no abs ring...
  4. Eatonualive281

    FS: 9 Thread C Heads

    YET ANOTHER PRiCE DROP!! Hey guys! I'm selling a set of DB casting 9 thread C heads. These heads are getting harder and harder to find. The cam bores are in great shape. They cane off of an 04 Aviator. Thanks! Located in 12302. $600 Last chance to get these!
  5. Eatonualive281

    FS: 18in Saleen replica wheels

    Hey guys! I'm cleaning out more parts from the garage. I'm selling my set of staggered 18x9 18x10 saleen wheels. They were bought from American Muscle, and are in great shape. Thanks! $550 obo
  6. Eatonualive281

    FS WAP block

    Hey guys! I'm selling a used 03 WAP block out of my Mach 1. Ran fine. Bores are smooth and in good shape. $180 OBO
  7. Eatonualive281

    FS 03 Cobra C head

    PRICE DROP! Hey guys! I have an extra passanger side C head from an 03 Mach 1. It was taken off a running engine. 4 thread head. Ready to go! I need this gone asap! Thanks. $200 plus shipping
  8. Eatonualive281

    FS Aviator intake manifold

    Hey guys! I'm selling a complete 05 Aviator intake manifold aka "poor mans FR500". Complete with stock injectors, rails, and throttle body. $150 OBO
  9. Eatonualive281

    FS Valve covers and Timing cover

    Hey guys! I'm selling a set of Aviator valve covers and timing cover. $150 obo for the valve covers. $125 obo for the front cover. Thanks!
  10. Eatonualive281

    WTB: 96-98 cobra intake cams

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a set of 96-98 cobra intake cams! Let me know what you got! Thanks, Jeff
  11. Eatonualive281

    ISO: 4.6 to 5.4 4V Intake Adapter Plates

    Hey guys. Just like the title states... I'm looking for a set of 4.6 DOHC to 5.4 DOHC intake adapter plates! They haven't made them in a a while. Let me know what you got! Thanks!
  12. Eatonualive281

    WTB Stock MAF

    Hey guys. Im looking for a stock maf for a 99-01 cobra or 03-04 mach 1. Let me know what you have! THANKS!
  13. Eatonualive281

    WTB 24lb Injectors

    Hey guys. Im looking for a set of 24lb injectors. Let me know what you got! Thanks! Jeff
  14. Eatonualive281

    Looking for an Aussie Boss 290 Intake

    Hey Guys, I'm in search of an Aussie BOSS 290 (or any Aussie BOSS intake manifold) for my 5.4 project. Please PM me or reply if you have anything! THANKS!
  15. Eatonualive281

    FS Head Cooling Mod

    This is an older style head cooling mod. It comes with the aluminum head insert, brass fittings, small hose, and the aluminum T adapter. All you need are some clamps and some heater hose to connect the rear to the front. Make me an offer! Thanks!
  16. Eatonualive281

    FS On 3 Performance Coolant Crossover Delete

    I'm selling my On3 coolant crossover delete. It has about 200 miles on it. I'm going in another direction. This is the dual sensor kit and it also comes with a -6 fitting on the therm housing. 180 deg chevy thermostat included. Looks great. Works great. 200 shipped. Thanks!
  17. Eatonualive281

    FS Cobra Engineering Drilling Fixture

    Hey guys. I'm selling a slightly used cobra engineering drilling fixture. This is the reusable model. I bought it brand new. I've used it once. It comes with everything but the dowel pins. The drill and tap are still very sharp. Comes with the case. The pins can be puchased from cobra...
  18. Eatonualive281

    VMP Slot Style MAF

    Hey guys! I'm selling a VMP 5000 slot style maf. It works great and is like new. I have 2 of them and don't need this one. 150 shipped. Thanks.
  19. Eatonualive281

    FS: Weld Prostar Set With Tires

    Hey guys. I'm selling my set of prostars along with 1 inch front spacers and lug nuts. The fronts nuts are open ended and the rears are not. They are 15x3.5 skinnies and 15x10 rears. They are currently plasti dipped black but they are chrome. Fronts are MT Sportsman 26x7.50-15s and rears are ET...
  20. Eatonualive281

    FS: 2 Turbonetics 6165 Turbos

    LOWERED PRICE!!!!!!!!! $800 SHIPPED to continental US! Hey guys! Im selling my old set of 2 Turbonetics 6165 turbos. These puppies came with my Hellion Hellraiser turbo kit. They were used for about 8k miles on my 03 cobra. Never had any issues. 61mm comp wheels. 65mm exhaust wheels. T4...
  21. Eatonualive281

    FS: Hellion Hellraiser TT Hotside and Coldside

    $$$$$PRICE REDUCED!! $3500! Hey guys. I'm selling my Hellion Hellraiser TT kit coldside and hotside piping. The kit is still on the car and I've nevery had any issues with it. TURBOS NOT INCLUDED. Items included: -Complete stainless coldside. Intercooler. BOV. all clamps and couplers...
  22. Eatonualive281

    FS: Eaton Swap Kit

    Hey guys. I'm selling all of the eaton swap parts that I have off of my 03 cobra. This is a partial kit because It does not come with a supercharger, alternator, or heat exchanger. But those parts are usually upgraded anyways. This is the perfect deal for somebody looking to put a Whipple or kb...
  23. Eatonualive281

    FS: 2003 Svt Cobra Rods

    Hey guys. I have a set of Manley H Beams out of my 03 cobra. All of them came out in good woking order and have no damage. Complete set of 8. 400 shipped. Thanks! PM me for any questions. Jeff
  24. Eatonualive281

    FS: T56 Tranny. FRPP Big Bore Block

    Hey everybody. I'm selling my 35kmi used T56 out of my 03 cobra. It has a 26 spine input shaft and runs great. I'm also including the aluminum drive shaft, mgw gold shifter, used 03 cobra flywheel , and cover. $2200 or reasonable offers. I'm also selling my 3kmi used FRPP big bore...
  25. Eatonualive281

    FS- B Heads. Intake manifolds. 4r70w

    I have some extra parts lying around and need some garage space back. B Heads. 90k miles ftom a 96 mark 8. Full valve train including cams. $125 obo B Head valve covers non cop. Painted blue. $100 4r70w transmission. Stock converter. 90k 1996 mark 8. $200 Early lincoln mark 8 intake...