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  1. 09Troublemaker

    FS: 2014 GT500 Coupe (3800 miles) Glass Roof,Recaro,Shaker Pro + Nav +CAMMED, Runs/smells like NEW!

    FOR SALE!!! MUST SEE: Offers 55k plus will be considered, NO TRADES please Thanks for looking!
  2. 09Troublemaker

    First photo shoot for Mag...teaser pics..

    Dude drove up from NJ on Saturday to shoot my girl. This pic was sent in raw form to give me an idea of flavor From my IPhone
  3. 09Troublemaker

    Thanks to BPS and JLT !!!

    BPS= did a great job polishing my blower and I love the polished Fuel Rails! Thanks Sylvain! JLT= great battery/brake/strut tower covers and the matte snake! Thanks Jay! Sorry about the quality of pics, wife is out of town with the good camera.
  4. 09Troublemaker

    Now That's Moving Out !!!!!
  5. 09Troublemaker

    Some nice Fords at yesterday's show

    Going home was a blast (4 of us) 3 GT500's and my bud's 08 KR
  6. 09Troublemaker

    True Forged does it again !!! Concave 11.5's with NO issues... Peak inside

    Toyo R888's 315/30/20 with Toyo T1Sports in 285/35/20 on 10 inch wheel. NO rubbing, NO modifications necessary... Steve, you da man! I'll get better pics tomorrow, getting ready for a wedding now..
  7. 09Troublemaker

    Hanging out with some cool Stangs on Sunday

    Dude lost his GT350 in Hurricane Sandy so he picked up this 14 SS
  8. 09Troublemaker

    ROYAL FLUSH ! = Mods...... ?

    Now that I have a few extra beans.... What mods should Santa bring..... Cams/Headers/Whipple, etc.... These beans will get me started And some pics of the moment :banana:
  9. 09Troublemaker

    If only it would just stay clean.....

    For those of you that own a black ride you know what I'm talking about. My bud told me tonight to grab some pics before she gets dirty so I did with my phone...
  10. 09Troublemaker

    Leaked photos of the 2015.....

    Not sure if it should go here 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked in December's Car and Driver Magazine Cover? 2015 Ford Mustang Leaked! 360º View and Full Details – News – Car and Driver
  11. 09Troublemaker

    F/S (soon) 2014 SVTPP Wheels and Tires

    OEM in perfect condition (they now have 130 miles) will probably have 300 miles when ready. Trying to get some T/F wheels made, still waiting on Steve to get back to me. Anyway, I hope to have my new setup on in about a month. $2500 if local pick up.. P/M if interested, thanks
  12. 09Troublemaker

    FRPP Springs are in and noticed this.....

    I tried searching this but came up empty. Has any one noticed these marks? Perhaps when the car is strapped down, they use this area while transporting.... Time to make a repair :nonono:Thanks Springs felt good with no significant notice in sport/norm mode. She only went down about...
  13. 09Troublemaker

    Window Tint = Much Better

    20% all around:beer: Springs next then some wheels..........
  14. 09Troublemaker

    Found this paperwork inside car??

    Finally opened the glove box today and found this..... What is it. Thanks!
  15. 09Troublemaker

    2007-2009 OEM Hood-Black/Alloy Stripe-Perfect Cond

    Local Pick-Up preferred $500- OBO Note: The folks that recently bought my 09 could not get this hood shipped with the car.... so now it's up for sale
  16. 09Troublemaker

    Just placed my 2014 order.. Is the Nav worth it??

    Never been a fan of Nav, not with this type of car anyways. However, since I ordered the Perf Pk/Glass Roof and Recaros... I thought, maybe I should get the Nav.... Thoughts... Please FYI- Black with Black stripe :banana:
  17. 09Troublemaker

    Jay Leno driving the 2013

    Not sure if this is a repost...... 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 & Boss 302 - YouTube
  18. 09Troublemaker

    Jay Leno driving the 2013

  19. 09Troublemaker

    RUN in with Vin Diesel today......

    So coming back home from the AHRC show today this comes pulling up next to me while doing 75... Once we get around the cars I hear him down shift so I dropped her in 4th. Next thing I know we're doing a buck 40 with him about a 1/2 car behind me. Once we got back in the legal range I...
  20. 09Troublemaker

    Not a Shelby.... but some killer mods & great dyno #'s!!!!

    JapaneseMuscle - Overnight Parts from Japan - YouTube
  21. 09Troublemaker

    I finally got off the fence and did a makeover/Pics Inside

    For me.... it was a big step since I really admired the OEM hood. But after 3 years of ownership.... I went with the Trufiber hood (S/S Style) with the vents painted Matte Black and all the stripes in Matte. Added the Scott Drake Billet Hood Pins. Bottom Line- I'm happy wih the new look...
  22. 09Troublemaker

    Pics-Thursday Night Get Together

    My LiL Man....... [[/IMG]