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    Vaccine safe for elderly?

    I saw where Hank Aaron received the vaccine on the 5th and died today. I've also heard of nursing homes giving the shot and then having increased deaths. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    Android Isse

    So I just received an android update an now when I hit the close all apps its not going g to the homescreen. Instead it shows this. Any ideas? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    The Hunt Movie

    “The Hunt” follows 12 conservatives who discover they have been kidnapped and brought to The Manor, a hunting ground where liberal billionaires pay top dollar to hunt them for sport. Hilary Swank plays the founder of The Manor, while Betty Gilpin plays the leader of the hunted as they fight back...
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    Thoughts on DCT

    I've been thinking about the DCT and have started to think it might be not only faster but fun to drive with quick manual upshifts and downshifts. Just curious other than performance what are the thoughts on driving fun vs a manual. Anyone have experience with a DCT on a performance car. My...
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    Clutch petal hard to push

    I've got a 2014 GT500. Clutch was replaced 20k ago and was easy to push at first. About 5k miles ago I noticed occasionally it was harder to push. Last 100 miles it always hard. Any idea what this is? Cars not fun to drive currently. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Michelin PS4 FYI

    Michelin just told me more sizes are scheduled to launch in July. 295 35 20 and 275 40 19 included. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Check engine light help

    So 2 codes pop up, P0111 and P0443. I reset the system and they came back. Just cruising it won't happen. It will pop back up under a hard pull. Any ideas?
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    Michelin PS4

    I wanted to try the new MPSS replacements coming out but don't think the 295 35 20 will be offered. Any others looking at this? I think March is scheduled for release in the US.
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    Sparkplug Blew Out of Head

    So I went through the drive through to get a burger and when pulling back onto the road I heard a noise, the engine was running rough. Pulled directly off the road and shut the engine off. Opened the hood and saw the sparkplug cover pushed away from the engine and noticed a plug at an angle...
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    WTB Corsa Xtreme Axle Back For 2014 GT

    WTB Corsa Xtreme Axle Back For 2014 GT
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    Firefox Patch Notice when on this site?

    I have gotten routed to a Firefox Patch several times from this forum. An exe downlod box will pop up. Anyone else getting this, looks suspicious. I've only seen it from this forum. It seems this is some form of advertising Malware, admins might need to look into it.
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    Scammer Retaliation

    I'd like to setup an automated call back that changes my number every 100 calls to make scammers have to get a new number. Anyone seen a program on the net to do this? An option is sending test messages in rapid fire till the scanner has to block me. That's why I want an auto spoofing change...
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    Second gear synchronizer

    Anybody had a synchronizer replaced? How much would this cost? I'm going to get a new clutch and tob at the same time.
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    Sending Amazon video to my TV using my Android phone

    When I watch a YouTube video I can hit an icon to send that content to my smart TV. I would really like to be able to do this with Amazon video as it's easier to find the show I want on my phone than using the TV interface. Is this possible? I would think Amazon would have this, but I'm not...
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    Tire Width Question

    One question, the section width on the Yokohama V105's which I'm considering, are 12.4 even thou the tread is 10.7. The MPSS's which I'm running now, have a section of 11.9 on a 12" tread. Is it possible the additional section width on the tire will cause an issue with the fender on my GT500...
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    Best body shop Huntsville Al

    Well, a time has arrived when my GT500 needs body and paint work. Who's the best in this area? I'm sick.
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    Comcast Complaint

    So I've got Comcast and use the Xfinity website to filter content. You select free and the damn results are not all free. I realize they want you to pay every penny possible but it's very aggravating. Anyone else have this issue? I guess I'll go ahead and write some hate mail for them to weed...
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    Wobble under hard acceleration

    I've noticed wobble during hard acceleration only periodically and just wondering what you guys thought. I'm not sure it's something I can make happen it sometimes happens if I start off when exiting a curve with heavy wheel spin, when it hooks up i get the osculation. I keep my car in the...
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    Relocation Bracket / LCA Assitance Please

    OK, I now have the Ford L Springs installed with the Michelin 275/295 Y105 Tire Combo and BMR adjustable panhard. I'm getting used to the feel of the springs which might actually feel less firm than stock to me. I have noticed a slight reduction in acceleration grip and on hard launches a...
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    Invalid Http Request Header

    There are a couple of websites that I get this error message on, I can't for the life of me fix it so I can load the page. Invalid Http Request Header Any Ideas on how to fix this? One of the site was just posted...
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    Suspension Opinions

    I've thought about the following setup for my street driven GT500. Steeda Billet LCA's Steeda Adjustable UCA FRPP Boss 302s Relocation Brackets Steeda Adjustable Panhard FRPP Lowering Springs. What are your opinions on this setup? Would I be making a mistake? The other option...
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    Tires and Suspension

    Ok guys, I need new tires and am fixing to order them shortly, probably the Michelin's 285 back / 275 front. I figured I should do some suspension work at the same time. My goal is to lower the car a little but not introduce annoying negatives. I have always thought I could just add the FRPP...
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    Replacement Steering Wheel Spoke

    Not sure that's what you call it, but one of the spokes on my steering wheel got scratched somehow. I'm pretty sure they are some kind of cover. Anyone know the part# for them?
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    JLT Carbon Fiber Intake and Bob's Oil Seperator For Sale

    I have a JLT carbon fiber intake with the clamps for sale. Has about 3k miles on it. Just decided to keep the intake stock. $150 I also have a Bob's Oil separator, passenger side with the standard hoses and also the upgraded hoses and fittings. The separator and fittings are the black ones...
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    Miles to empty way off after computer reset

    To fix a stutter I reset my computer and it worked like a charm, however the miles till empty reading is way the hell off. I'm resetting it one more time to see if it corrects itself. Anyone seen this?