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  1. hyvltge

    WANTED: WTB Blowfish Front Tow Hook

    Let me know if you have one.
  2. hyvltge

    TVS Supercharger with 2.4" pulley

    As pictured, TVS Supercharger with 14k miles on it. Price is $1500 and buyer pays shipping and fees or send a label for shipping. Any questions let me know. IMG_0086 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0082 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0081 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_0080 by Mike Smith, on Flickr...
  3. hyvltge

    WTB Whipple

    As title states looking for a Whipple, 2.9 is preferred for ease of install. Blower or kit, let me know what you have.
  4. hyvltge

    2011 Grabber Blue GT500 Photoshoot

    Performed paint correction and polish on the new to me GT500. Performance mods are in the works, but I did get it tinted, installed an axle back and a True Fiber carbon gurney flap. _MNR2349 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2347 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2342 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2326...
  5. hyvltge

    My new to me 2011 Grabber Blue GT500

    So some of you may remember me and some may not. I sold my 2012 Grabber Blue GT500 some time ago and started looking for a replacement almost right after. Years later one became available so I flew out to CA from AZ and picked it up. I plan on doing a similar build to my last, but won't shoot...
  6. hyvltge

    WTB 13-14 Tails

    Let me know if you have some for sale. Thanks
  7. hyvltge

    2012 GT500 - Kona Blue with Red Stripes, VMP 800 kit, suspension upgrades

    I recently purchased this vehicle and since then, unfortunately, have had an unexpected career change that will take me out of state for some time. I do not want to put the miles on the car and it makes zero sense to let it sit. Therefore, it is up for sale. A lot of the details below are...
  8. hyvltge

    2012 GT500 Grabber Blue with white stripes

    Listed for sale is my 2012 GT500, Grabber Blue with white stripes. It is garage kept and has never seen inclement weather in its life. Currently it has 91xx miles on it and will change, but not significantly. I am considering selling as I just don’t drive the car much anymore. I work 50...
  9. hyvltge

    Clutch change with long tubes?

    Has anyone ever performed a clutch change with long tubes installed? I have Stainless Works in my 12 and am looking to upgrade the clutch, just wondering if it will clear without interference. Thanks in advance for your assistance and info.
  10. hyvltge

    5.4 heads on 5.8 block?

    Any issues with running the 5.4 head on a 5.8 block? Thanks in advance.
  11. hyvltge

    19" True Forged Chicanes with Tires For Sale

    Up for sale are my True Forged Chicanes. They are 19x9.5 19x11, 3 piece in brushed aluminum with double tinted clear, polished lips and GT500 centers. TPMS and lugs with locks are included as well. Tires up front are GY F1 in 255/40/19 (tons of tread left) and the rears are ET Streets in...
  12. hyvltge

    New shoot with new wheels, Grabber Blue GT500

    Finally found someone who had 13-14 base wheels at a realistic price. Installed and time for a shoot. Feedback always welcomed. _MNR8955 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR8945 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR4638 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR4666 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR8972 by...
  13. hyvltge

    Coolant and Intercooler Tanks and Stock Heat Exchanger

    I have an LFP Intercooler Tank (used), a Moroso Coolant Tank (New) and a stock Heat Exchanger (pic to follow) for sale. LFP = $150 Shipped Moroso = $110 Shipped HE = $60 Shipped IMG_1473 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_1472 by Mike Smith, on Flickr IMG_1470 by Mike Smith, on Flickr
  14. hyvltge

    WTB 13-14 Base Wheels and Tires

    What do ya have?
  15. hyvltge

    Illuminated SVT Door Sills

    Purchased these from Shelby as take offs and then sold the car. $75 shipped to lower 48, you cover PP fee. Door sills by Mike Smith, on Flickr
  16. hyvltge

    2017 ZL1 footage
  17. hyvltge

    SCT Tuner unmarried

    From my 2007 GT500. $275 shipped to the lower 48. _MNR2537 by Mike Smith, on Flickr
  18. hyvltge

    2012 Grabber Blue GT500 rig and static images photo shoot

    Here are some new images of my 2012 Grabber Blue GT500 with a 2.9 Whipple, True Forged wheels and full Stainless Works exhaust. Feedback always welcome. _MNR2424-2 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2373-2 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2391-3 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR2357-2 by Mike...
  19. hyvltge

    Bassani 3" stainless exhaust from stock manifold to rear tips with high flow cats

    Bassani Full Stainless 3” exhaust with high flow cats. Kit is used, but in great condition. All clamps, bands and bolts needed to install this system is included. I also labeled each part for easy assembly upon arrival as it will be disassembled for ease of shipping. I was told this was for...
  20. hyvltge

    72lb Injectors

    As stated, 72lb injectors for sale at $400 shipped to lower 48 and you cover Paypal fees. I purchased these used and I had them flow benched, metered and adjusted prior to installing with my 2.9 Whipple. Any questions let me know. _MNR1969 by Mike Smith, on Flickr
  21. hyvltge

    Complete, used FRPP 2.9 Whipple kit

    As title states, Full FRPP Whipple kit for sale. This kit is used, I am the second owner and when I received it the kit had 1800 (+/-) miles on it. When I received it I noticed the fluid was a “rust” color and asked Whipple about it. They suggested the unit be sent in for eval and upon...
  22. hyvltge

    Grabber Blue Shelby Images

    Here are some images I took of my new (to me) Grabber Blue Shelby. I am so happy to finally have the color combo I have always wanted. _MNR1711 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR1717 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR1707 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR1701 by Mike Smith, on Flickr _MNR1696...
  23. hyvltge

    Grabber Blue side window louvers, Ford OEM

    Have a set of perfect Grabber Blue Ford side window louvers. $100 shipped to lower 48....?
  24. hyvltge

    WTB 13-14 Tails

    Let me know if you have some available. Thanks!
  25. hyvltge

    2007 gt500

    This Ford Shelby Mustang is a 2007 GT500 with roughly 29k miles, 5.4 SC engine, 6 speed, leather interior and has the following features: 2.6 Pulley C&L Cold Air Intake Mach 1000 Stereo Upper adjustable control arm and mount Drag radials MGW adjustable shifter "Medium" tint all around plus...