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    Need more Low

    Title says it. Looking for more low and not sure on what's best for what I want. I have the Eibach Sportline springs right now and they are good, just want to close up that wheel gap little more, but I don't want it slammed cuz I do DD my GT. Bagging it is too expensive right now and I'm really...
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    Anyone use Quad Tip exhaust? 11-12 GT

    So I've been looking at getting the magnaflow quad tips for my 11 GT for some time now but haven't really seen or heard anything on them. Anyone on here use them or have them? What were you're thoughts on them?
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    WTT: OEM grille w/ fog deletes

    Yo yo, so I have a OEM 11-12 GT grille with MMD fog light deletes that I'm looking to trade for a Saleen style grille! I'm driving from Nashville to Detroit right now as I type this, so if you're on the way and interested, I can meet up with you! Let me know if you're interested
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    WTB certain parts on my drive home from TX to MI

    Im looking to buy a few parts for my Black 11 GT while I'm driving back home to Michigan from Texas. Looking for: Front Bumper for 11-12 GT Window louvers Side scoops Aftermarket hood Saleen style grille (11-12 GT)
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    11-12 GT guys running nitrous

    Been lookin into slapping on a 100-150 shot. 100 is safe no doubt but not sure about 150. Looking to go with the nx or nitrous express plate system. Want to see some of the setups you guys are running and any advice to help me out. Also am looking to upgrade my clutch. Not sure really at all on...
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    Magnaflow Quad-Tip axlebacks for 11-12 GT

    Ive been looking and haven't seen really anything or anyone having these for the 11-12 GT. Anyone have them and did the trimming to the valance themselves. Been looking to get a set of these but want some feedback first. Pictures are very welcome also
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    WTB: 15x10 race stars

    Looking to buy just the 2 rear wheels and tires for a 2011 GT with brembo. Don't think the back matters but either way. Cash in hand of course. Located in San antinio.
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    WTS: Track Pack and FR500 wheels and tires

    I have the premium track pack wheels for my 2011 Mustang GT. 19x9 all the way around including spare. Pirelli tires in decent condition. Also I have my all black SVE FR500's 20x10 n 20x8.5 with Nitto NT555's. I want to sell the track pack wheels and trade or maybe sell the FR500's. Looking for...
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    Xbox One Cod AW

    Who all plays Advanced Warfare and is pretty decent and wants to run a clinic on some clowns? If you're down, post you're gamer tag and ill invite you
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    Quad Axleback exhaust for 11-12 GT

    Looking to buy axle backs that have quad tips that fit 11-12! Also the rear valance precut if available
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    Shifting issue. Need solution/ advice

    I have a 2011 GT with 6 speed manual trans. I have a issue where when I start my car in the morning and sometimes later in the day but usually the first start of the day, putting it into reverse and first gear is tough and have to kinda force it into gear. Not my hardest but definitely put some...
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    Wheels for sell or trade

    I have stock Track pack Brembo wheels 19x9 all the way around, All have pirelli p zero tires still on. Also I have SVE FR500 replicas 20x8.5 and 20x10 with Nitto NT555's 245/35/20 by 275/35/20. Fr500's are all black. I don't have pictures on my computer but have plenty on my phone, if...
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    2011 GT with Brembo brake suggestions

    So i ordered a set of front drilled and slotted rotors from StopTech and installed them a few weeks ago. At first they were fine and just made a little bit of noise and squeal. Now i am hearing little squeal but now when I brake decently hard my steering wheel shakes and vibrates and I can feel...
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    WTB: 11-12 GT quad tip exhaust

    Looking to buy the Magnaflow competition Quad tip exhaust! Also open to any other exhaust that has the quad tip axle backs that will fit the 11-12 GT. Let me know what you have.
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    WTB: 10-12 rear valance for dual exhaust

    Looking to buy a 10-12 rear valance for dual exhaust tips. I would rather buy a valance pre cut and trimmed rather than do it myself, but I can never the less. Let me know what you got
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    Pics of 2011 5.0

    Just a few pics of my 2011 Mustang 5.0, I have a dyno video but I can't seem to upload it Instagram: Tessmar_50h
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    WTB 03/04 termi in TX

    I am very interested in buying a 03/04 cobra. I am in San Antonio, Texas and would be willing to travel to YOU for the purchase if we got to that point. Really looking for a OW, TR, or SB. No higher then $23k and 50k miles i would say. Also, I would like to add that I have a 2011 5.0 that I am...
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    F/S - 2011 GT Premiem w/ Track Pack $19k

    Hey fellas!, I have a 2011 Black GT Premium with Track Pack. Brembo's, 3.73's. It has 58,xxx and has been well maintained. Mods:black with 20' FR500 10.5/8.5 with Nitto NT555's 245/275 (still have stock 19' brembo wheels) JLT CAI JEGS cat deletes Borla o/r x pipe Borla ATAK axle backs...
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    First dyne today

    Whats up fellas. So Ls X Force held dyno day at Lethal Perfomance down in Shertz, TX, which is just outside San Antonio. So anyway, Got 2 pulls out, 1st Pull: Max Pwr: 386 Max Torque: 367 2nd Pull: Max Pwr:388 Max Torque:366 All i have done to my 2011 Mustang 5.0 is intake, exhaust and tune...
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    Longtube header size; Advice

    Ok, so I've been trying to get my build ready for my 11 5.0. Ive came down to that I'm going to be running the Stage 2 intercooled P1SC1 procharger. Also ill be converting to E85.. Ill be running ARH long tubes with off road 3 in x pipe. I am not familiar with long tubes or headers at all even...
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    WTB 11-12 GT Front Bumper Cover

    Was driving to work this morning, when a mud flap off of a 18 wheeler smoked my car after a truck swerved to avoid it. I have a good size crack that I'm sure can be repaired but now I have a excuse to get a new one. Really looking for a different one other than the stock bumper cover, such as...
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    Shift Knob

    Lookin for a unique, awesome shift knob. Let me know what you got! Cash in hand
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    Feeler: 2011 Mustang GT Premium

    Hey fellas!, just putting a feeler out there! I have a 2011 Black GT Premium with Track Pack. Black on black with 20' FR500 10.5/8.5 with Nitto NT555's 245/275, JLT CAI, BBK cat deletes, Borla o/r x pipe, Borla ATAK axle backs, eibach pro kit lowering springs, BMR adjustable panhard bar...
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    WTB: 11-14 Trunk lid and 11-12 hood

    Looking to buy a 11-14 trunk lid either stock or GT500. Also would like to purchase a new hood for 11-12 GT! Lmk what you have
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    2011 GT brembo setup

    Hey guys, Im looking for new rims and tires for my 2011 GT. Would you guys out there with 2011-14's equipped with brembo brakes post up some pics and what setup you are running. Wheel size and what not. Thanks guys